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Trigamar's Constructed Golem Application

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1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!)

Kettle (KETL)

2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!)

Kettle is the work of a Karmeny who needed someone to take care of his adopted daughter. He led a very busy life, and with a toddler, he was unable to meet the high standards of job. Thus, he began construction on a small Golem, one to take care of his daughter while he was busy with his work. However, the project, at the time called KETL, was halted when he fell ill, and was unable to work. Now, his almost twelve year old daughter was his caretaker, balancing the funds he had saved in reserve between meals and medicine. Many times, she considered selling KETL, but could not bring herself to get rid of what would have been her caretaker. The Karmeny died, and his daughter sent to an orphanage, carrying with her only KETL, and her fathers notes on the subject of constructs. It was there that her father's work was completed, the child finishing constructing the body for the golem. But there was just one more issue. The child could not figure out how to inscribe the runes that would grant the being sentience. Frustrated, she threw the golem onto the road, and onto a particularly grumpy Karmeny. The Karmeny grabbed the construct, stomped into the building, up the stairs, preparing to draw his blade. Though before it even left its sheath, he stopped Inside the room the golem had come flying out of, was a small child. He looked at the worn notes of golem construction, saw the child's tear streaked face, and took into context the fact that the building was an orphanage. The Karmeny was grumpy, but he felt a soft spot in his heart for the child, and stomped out of the room, carrying KETL with him. The Karmeny set to work on inscribing the runes that would give the golem sentience. It took a year and a day, but at the end of it, KETL was a fully functioning constructed golem. The next morning, when the child woke up, she was shocked and delighted to see the figure of KETL cooking breakfast in his stomach-oven. However, the child had become warped and twisted in that time, demanding much from KETL, rudely expecting the Construct to serve her without question. KETL did as he was commanded, but he had been designed to take care of the child, not to serve her ever whim and will. He grew fed up with his poor treatment, performing tasks more and more mechanically, until the child grew angry with him. She shouted at him to leave, and this pained KETL, for he knew, deep in his artificial heart, that he was meant to be this child's caretaker. Nonetheless, he left. He stood up and walked away.

Now is the time to mention how KETL was made. His very being was designed to serve, bearing an oven where a human's stomach would go, and a small cavity acting as a stove top above that. Where the pads of his fingers would be were indents and his fingertips looked to be small blunted spikes, much like a sporks. KETL's hands could be rotated three hundred and sixty degrees, so as to feed one liquids or solids, but never sharp or fast enough to cause much more pain than discomfort. Behind his eyes, tiny candles could be lit, so that he could illuminate a book or story. Please note that these extra appendages/features do not increase strength, speed, deadliness, and other such things, only being function as services. Indeed, KETL is built to serve, not to do heavy lifting or to fight, his only purpose being to act as a servant. On his back there could be found a few things, a compartment so as to store lute strings, and something that resembled a lute, built into him. Of course, KETL's arms were capable of reaching behind him and playing the lute, a rather complicated mechanic, and one that is clumsy, unable to swing a sword to any great effect or other such thing. (Expanding on this- KETL is built to babysit, all of his functions serve absolutely NO PURPOSE IN COMBAT. In combat he would be about as useful as his namesake, a tea kettle. He cannot use his spork-fingers as blades, they are blunted, and he cannot use his oven-belly, unless his attacker sticks his hand in it, which is the fault of the attacker. His arms being able to reach behind him are unable to bend so as to attack, only being able to reach enough to play the instrument on his back. The light emitted from his eyes is dim light, one block directly infront of him. The light emitted from his stomach- When lit- is dim light in a two block radius.

His poor treatment scared him, saddened him. His purpose, his very reason for existing was to serve, but how can one serve a cruel master willingly? KETL decided to find a new master, for if he was made to serve, what else should he do? It could take many ages, but he was prepared. He traveled the lands for many ages, stowing away when the time came to travel to Anoma, and has been wandering since. Having yet to find a master, he is quite tired of his search.

3. Character's Purpose: (This is what your character seeks to achieve!)

He seeks to serve, as that is his purpose, and without it, he has no direction.

4.  Write a small scenario for how your character reacts to one of the following circumstances, and what ensues:


4a. It is night, and you're leaving a tavern by the docks. A man bumps into you, and you feel his hand at your pocket.


4b. You come upon a burning building, and you can hear the sounds of someone shouting from within.

KETL stops, turning his head towards the building. He stands there for a few seconds, debating what course of action to take. Eventually he decides to continue on his way, he has no connections to whoever is inside the building, so why bother.

4c. You come upon an overturned wagon in the road, with a pair of bandits looting the unmoving bodies of its previous owner.

KETL halts, debating whether or not to drive of the bandits. Slowly, he turns and marches off the side of the road, hiding from the bandits. After all, you can't serve a dead man, and he wouldn't want to serve killers.

4d. Awaking in the middle of night, you find yourself covered in blood.

(Golems have no need for sleep.)

5. Character's primary axis of morality: (What is the most important thing to your character?) 

KETL was made a care taker and a servant. He will execute most commands given by his chosen master, with the exception of committing harm to others knowingly unless well deserved, with the exception of children. No amount of non-magical persuasion could cause KETL to take any action that would harm a child knowingly.

6. Is your character a good person?

That mainly depends on his chosen master, but most of the time, yes, as his core values do not align with theft, murder, or other such things.



1. Why do you want to play an application race?

I haven't been very active on LF, and would like to be more involved with it, so I'm trying to create a character that can reinvigorate me.

2. How long, and through what mediums have you been roleplaying?

Around two years, through Minecraft and D&D. I have also written a few short stories relating to fantasy.

3. Summarize the lore of the specific species you are applying for. This answer very important, tied only with character question number four. Answer with care. 

Constructed Golems are artificialy created beings, usually made to serve a particular purpose, such as heavy lifting or fighting in wars. Rehk-Ur also use Golems as signs of wealth, covering them with gold and jewels. However, Karmeny are the most commonly found producer of Constructed Golems, as helpers or warriors. Some Golems are sentient, others are not, depending on whether their creators creates them to be such. Golems can be twice as strong as humans, with the exception of Natural Golems and Golems created specifically for war, which can be three times as strong. Constructed Golems also boast certain tools and/or features that enable them to better perform their tasks. For example, KETL was designed to be the ultimate babysitter, capable of cooking, feeding, and entertaining. Golems constructed for war might have blades in the place of hands or firearms built into them. A newly-made Golem, given sentience, knows the language of its creator, basic math,  and some amount of skill relating to its purpose.

All Constructed Golems have a core thirty centimeters / one foot in diameter, which glows brightly and is roughly as durable as quartz. If destroyed, the Golem will instantly die.

A Constructed Golem's tools must not be too complicated, and must reasonably fit into the Golem's torso/arms. i have carefully planned out every aspect of KETL, so do not worry about it all fitting.

Starting with the head, two candles are inserted into the skull, in an area behind the eyes. The eyes themselves are lenses, letting light to shine through them. A flap allows the candles to be replaced when burnt out. The candles produce dim light for one block in front of KETL. A small mouth underneath the eyes leaks the excess wax and serves as what a mouth generally serves as. However, his sense of taste has been removed, so as not to cause disgust when the wax drips. This limits him from tasting anything, be it food, clothing, plants, or other such things. His torso is a more complicated thing, his core being placed in the middle of the pectoralis major. In the space where the stomach would be is a very small oven, capable of being lit and cooking food in. This serves no purpose in combat. This requires wood to burn, and emits dim light two blocks in front of KETL. This is not capable of cooking food larger than half a foot or six inches in any direction. His belly-oven heats a small stove in between the core and the oven, which is extremely small, barely being able to fit a frying pan. This cannot fit anything larger than an average frying pan. On his back is a small compartment, capable of holding a few lute stings, and a structure similar to a lute built into his back. KETL can play this lute with minor proficiency by rotating his arms to pluck/strum the instrument. The ability to rotate his arms serves no purpose in combat, being too clumsy to swing a weapon. The lute cannot be played while the oven is lit. His arms are fairly normal, doing normal arm things, besides being able to rotate so as to play his back-lute. His finger pads are indented to serve as spoons, and his fingers are built with blunted spikes, much like sporks. His hand can rotate three hundred and sixty degrees, enabling him to feed a child. His legs have no special features. He stands at a height of 4'6'', allowing room for all of these things in an incredibly compact design.

Golems typically have the same mindset and goals as their creator, as they were made to serve that purpose, that is their very reason for existing, and are very impressionable when they are first made.

Round two, Electric Boogaloo!
I'm trying this again, as I do want to redevelop interest in LF, so here we go.

Thanks for your time, let's see how this one goes.

- Trigamar

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Edit 1 - Fixed spelling of a single word.


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Pretty based tbh, I like it. (this could be the most wholesome thing ever i fuckin' love it)


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Don't be afraid to hmu! I need friends.



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