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Rules Revamp

The rules have been revamped! Please be sure to read over the new rules. Not reading them does not give you immunity.

The Gate Still Stands

The Gate of Talidur stands mighty and tall, unmoved by the new settlers of Anoma.

Mines Overhaul

The mine overhaul has been released! Be sure to make a global ticket to request yours to be upgraded if you've still got an old mine.

Heartesy's Unique 'Failed' Darkspawn App

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1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!)

Ka’ge (KA-SHEY)

2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!)

It was a moonless night. But it was not a peaceful one. 

Ka’ge would wake to see his entire room around him was set afire, the bright flame catching the eyes of those who were even miles away, he didn’t have enough air to scream, and yet he could hear screams not all that far away. “Mother..” He managed to cough out quietly, his heart beated uncontrollably, the simple human looked around in fright, before looking up to his window as he tumbled off his bed, he banged at the glass until it shattered, he jumped out of the building, falling a long ways before he finally landed flat on his back.

"Save.. Me.."

As he landed, he heard a small ‘crack’, and to his dismay he found an overwhelming agony falling over himself, unable to move. He laid there in shock, wheezing and coughing, but as he laid there in pain, he felt a cold hand being placed upon his shoulder, before the man was slowly dragged away from the brightly burning home. He swore he could see the fire flickering away from him as soon as he was touched, almost as if it were being moved.. Upon being dragged, he looked up to see who it was that was dragging him. To his surprise there wasn’t just one person.

Three people in masks.

It was strange, but Ka’ge had not enough breath in himself to protest, he could barely speak, and he assumed his legs, and maybe even an arm was broken, he couldn’t move at all. He slowly closed his eyes, the man unable to stay awake in the conditions.


“Everything is so dark.”


“It’s so quiet.”


“It’s cold.”


Ka’ge blinked, slowly opening his eyes upon the Old Lands, he was confused, jumbled memories of a life he couldn’t remember living, he looked down at his hands, they were completely black. He furrowed his brows in confusion, attempting to wipe whatever this substance was off, before his hand met with his own skin, yet there didn’t seem to be any texture. It felt as if he had just wiped his finger across perfect paint, and it was completely devoid of any and all color, with a fog like substance emitting from it, gently flickering as he would wave his hand in front of his face. He shook his head in disbelief pressing his hands against his face in confusion, before standing up, he smiled as he saw the light of day at a window across the room, he moved to look outside the nearby window, but as he stepped into the light he would let out a screech of overwhelming agony, the man stumbled back quickly as his heart raced, he only wanted to see the sun. What was going on? He attempted to take time to assess what the hell was going on in the situation before he looked at his now missing toes, as they slowly began to regenerate. He stared at this in confusion, before shaking his head. He didn’t have time for this.

His eyes drifted up longingly towards the window, before he shook his head, as his toes finally regrew, he would stand, looking around.

“Mother? Father?” He asked, into his seemingly empty house. It looked different then before.. Had they rebuilt it? How was he here? He couldn’t completely recall the events of a few nights before, but he knew he should’ve been dead. Was he dead? Is that what this was?

Little had the man known, he had been ‘dead’ for hundreds of  years. He was one of the many failures of a Darkspawn made by Zyzrasil, and yet, it seemed he wasn’t too much of a failure at all.

He could be more so considered.. A ‘Happy Little Accident’.

As he exited the room, he would stop at the threshold of the door, hearing voices downstairs he smiled, beginning to move quickly down the steps, but to his dismay, these.. Were not people he recognized. They had been staring at the stairs for quite a while, when they heard the agonized scream, they knew something wasn’t right. But as they saw him, their faces filled with pure terror and confusion, they began to visibly tremble, some of the people there even stumbling, or falling from their chairs, one of them pointing and screaming, “Wha-What.. What is that horrid thing!?”

Taken aback by being called ‘horrid’, he would stumble back, the same fear and confusion came across the man as he would slowly seep into the floor, his form washing into the shadows, no longer a silhouette.

 It seemed as though since the family wanted him gone, they let him do so, scrambling out the house quickly soon after. He would move within the shadows up the stairs, his silhouette like form slowly being regained as he grabbed a fairly large cloak with a hood, and upon more search an old mask from some type of play or show, he placed the mask upon his face, finding other dark clothing to cover himself so he could safely traverse in the daylight. He didn’t hold any remorse for stealing from the people, he could barely understand who he was, or who he had been, and instead of bothering to help the confused being they simply pointed and called him horrid! He scoffed at the thought, taking a small dagger off the table and smashing the window with it, before swiftly climbing out, and running, nowhere specific, he just wanted, he needed, somewhere to go. He was pleased to know he could still be around torches, they slightly bothered him, but it seemed to not be as much of a deal as the sun.

He found a small Inn at the edges of the Old Lands, it was getting dark and he yawned, moving inside the tavern to sit down quietly, attempting to think but the only thing that came to him was a name.


He blinked, whatever, or whoever this name belonged to was at the tip of his tongue, yet he couldn’t understand who. He looked over at a person filled table a bit away from him, he slowly de-materialized into the shadows, moving over to them, curious as to what they could be talking about. He didn’t understand how he could do this, it seemed to come.. ‘Naturally’. As he moved over to the group, he stopped, simply quietly listening to them. 

“Did you hear about the New Lands?” The first man asked, the small dwarven woman across from him raised a brow, “New Lands..? No, it seems I have not, what of it?” The man looked at her in awe, shaking his head, “Do you live under a damn rock woman!?” The woman would raise her finger to speak, before shaking her head and rubbing the bridge of her nose, “Anoma! You haven’t heard of it? Everyone is going there, moving from here, do you think we should go? You know.. Start over!” The woman sighed, shaking her head, opening her mouth to continue speaking.

Ka’ge however, had heard enough. He swiftly moved away from his spot, and out of the tavern, slowly materializing back into his physical form, he yawned, looking around. Something strange he noticed, was it should’ve been slightly warm, yet he felt nothing. It was only cold. However, he didn’t have the time, nor did he care to think about this.

He heard ‘everyone’ was going to Anoma, maybe he would have a better chance of finding someone like himself there. Maybe even a way to get to whoever this ‘Zyzrasil’ is. And off he went, escaping place to place in the shadows, before soon he found himself on a boat, to the New Lands.




3. Character's Purpose: (This is what your character seeks to achieve!)

Find out who ‘Zyzrasil’ is, and what he wants.

Understand what happened to himself.

4.  Write a small scenario for how your character reacts to one of the following circumstances, and what ensues:


4a. It is night, and you're leaving a tavern by the docks. A man bumps into you, and you feel his hand at your pocket.

The shadow would stop, before swiftly turning and grabbing the man by his collar.

“Do not attempt such acts against me, fool. May the fishes enjoy their dinner.”

He lifted the man to be inches away from his face, lifting his mask for the man to see. The man screamed in pure terror as he saw the Darkspawn’s face, shaking his head while kicking and punching, as if he were a toddler being pulled to bed. The shadow couldn’t help but smirk, he was beginning to like this ‘horrid’ face of his.

He then dropped the traumatized man into the water, wiping his hands before fixing his mask, turning on his heel and trotting away in a light stepped matter.

4b. You come upon a burning building, and you can hear the sounds of someone shouting from within.

He tipped his head at the loud screams from the building, but as he attempted to near it the overwhelming pain and annoyance of flames became too much, he shook his head, a gentle fear came over him, before running off with quick stepping to find someone else who could help, though by the time they got back it seemed they were likely too late. Despite not knowing this person, he felt a distant memory return to him, his eyes watered as he looked back up at the now fallen house of ashes in shame that he could not save who was in there.

4c. You come upon an overturned wagon in the road, with a pair of bandits looting the unmoving bodies of its previous owner.

He looked curiously at the bandits, letting his form slowly fade into its shadow like state as he seeped onto the ground, travelling to the shadows to slowly materialize in front of the bandits, the tall man stood completely, removing his mask as he would simply state


His voice echoed throughout the wooded area, as they looked up to see the shadow’s face, an overwhelming tenseness fell over the bandits, they scrambled to their feet as they would run away in pure terror.

He simply laughed, letting the now trauma-riddled bandits run away, and for some reason, he found it in himself he was beginning to slightly enjoy seeing the look of pure fear and terror upon their faces. He however, had mixed feelings over that matter.

4d. Awaking in the middle of night, you find yourself covered in blood.

The shadow looked down at the blood, confused as he knew it wasn’t his own, he felt no pain anywhere, whose blood was this? He looked around in the darkness to see if anyone was there, sighing for he also knew he wasn’t going to be able to sleep here. He furrowed his brows and sighed, quickly gathering his things before opening the door to quietly leave the inn, and find somewhere more safe to sleep.

5. Character's primary axis of morality: (What is the most important thing to your character?) 

To find someone else like him, and understand why he was ‘created’ in such a way.

Find out who ‘Zyzrasil’ is, and why he can remember this name so vividly unlike his other memories.

6. Is your character a good person?

For now, but this can be easily changed depending on who he gets involved with.

He slowly will get the urge to begin stealing and other murderous or villainous acts, being a Darkspawn, but until then, for now he is fine.



1. Why do you want to play a unique race?

They seem fun! I’ve always played on races based on other peoples lore, but I’ve always had endless ideas of my OWN for types of races, or ideas to add on existing races, in general more to play. I love to make characters, or unique races in my freetime, so I thought I might as well use/share some things I’ve made, or thought over!

2. How long, and through what mediums have you been roleplaying?

A couple years(I forgot the specific number), through a little D&D, MC RP on things such as Elysium, LOTC(Redacted), fnafsisterserver(We don’t talk about this one), and also a bit of cringy highschool rp that didn’t last long, I also roleplayed on plot based servers like IDMC, and eventually came to LF after hearing about it from my friend Josey. (J0S3Y)

(I just copy and pasted this answer from a different app of mine, no need to redo it again!)

3. Give a description of the lore for your unique race, and explain how it fits into the overall lore of the server. This lore should include why your species is so rare.

Ka’ge, was originally human. But upon being at the brink of death, he was brought to The Chapel of Deceit by the Three Prophets, thus being morphed into a Darkspawn, however this was during the rather early ages for the Darkspawn, and seeing as he couldn’t tolerate light well at all, he was soon tossed away, ending up in the mortal realms, however he stayed ‘dead’ or more so ‘asleep’ for many years.


With that out of the way, Ka’ge does not have many of the abilities of his more ‘perfected’ kin. The only ability he does share with his brothers is ‘Return Unto Death’, however he is unaware of this ability until he likely meets another Darkspawn, or even encounters one of The Three Prophets.

His form is much more humanoid than his kin as well. Using his own past form in life, not having the usual wraith appearance, a strange fog emitting from the body of the Darkspawn. He is still devoid of color, his form completely black, his eyes being a bright white color.


One With the Shade

This ability allows Ka’ge to morph into a shadow, flatly on the ground.

His speed slightly increases while he is in this form. (From 10 to 12)

This ability takes three emotes to be casted fully.



This ability can be stopped, but he must be interacted with physically. Ex:

Ka’ge’s form would slowly begin to shrivel from it’s silhouette like body, a dark essence beginning to surround him as he would slowly melt into a much darker form on the ground, however, as a small girl ran forward and went to mess with the strange dark essence, his form would abruptly stop this event, and swiftly materialize once more, he stared down at the girl in mild frustration, though she simply looked up at him curiously, beginning to tap the mans dark clothing curiously.

Other things such as thrown items, (Arrows, sticks, rocks), can also interrupt this.

Light affects him twice as much in this form.

He can still speak in this form.

He may NOT physically move/interact with anything in any way in this form.

He can not go into closed off areas. (Closed doors, windows, etc. To open such things, he would need to materialize once more.)

Going back to his physical form can not be interrupted.


Face of the Terrors

This ‘ability’ moreso causes a large amount of stress, and traumatizing fear for anyone who witnesses his face. If stared at long enough, the person would likely have recurring nightmares for about two IRL days.

Those who witness his face have the immediate reaction for the need to get away. For this to end, they must be at least 15 blocks away, and his face is no longer visible to them.

For Empyreans, or anyone with resistance to fear, they would not feel complete overwhelming fear, but still to an extent rather a harsh unsettling feeling.


This cannot cause PTSD.

Characters affected can attempt to resist the fear by rolling a d20, if they roll 15 or over they will be able to resist for 10  emotes, before having to roll again.

This does not work against other Darkspawn.


Blessing of Strength

Ka’ge is 1x stronger than an average Gravician. (His base race)


Curse of the Light

Ka’ge is much more affected by light, however a thick layer of clothing can avoid most problems. Spending more than a minute in Bright Light can severely damage him, eventually even causing limbs to be severed by the light.


Dim light sources such as candles, and or torches cannot be used for harmful effects towards Ka’ge.


Shadows Cloak

Spending time in complete darkness will make any wounds previously inflicted on him begin to heal. Severed limbs will require him to be in complete darkness for a day. Small cuts would take about 20 minutes, larger wounds would take an hour. 


He can gain injuries just as an average human, with a large disadvantage to flames and light alike.











“Why, you seem as if you’ve seen a ghost, Gaian.”

"Death is not scary, it is where you end up in death. That is terrifying."

"Life is but a walking shadow."

“Who is Zyzrasil? And why is he in my head. Tell me, tell me what you know.”

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  • Event Lead

This seems like a major skirt around the point of Darkspawn, which is that you're suppose to earn them by going through the trials in game. I'm all for unique beasts, but they have to actually fit into the proper lore and not just be written to be immediate killing machines. Making a unique race which is just immediately better than everyone else is not a good start to creating these apps. - I do truthfully like the writing, and conceptually it's a decent premise but this is something so far in the reigns of lorebending that's it's at the point of physically breaking. Lemme explain.

15 hours ago, sleepyhailey said:

Ka’ge, was originally human. But upon being at the brink of death, he was brought to The Chapel of Deceit by the Three Prophets, thus being morphed into a Darkspawn, however this was during the rather early ages for the Darkspawn, and seeing as he couldn’t tolerate light well at all, he was soon tossed away, ending up in the mortal realms, however he stayed ‘dead’ or more so ‘asleep’ for many years.


With that out of the way, Ka’ge does not have many of the abilities of his more ‘perfected’ kin. The only ability he does share with his brothers is ‘Return Unto Death’, however he is unaware of this ability until he likely meets another Darkspawn, or even encounters one of The Three Prophets.

His form is much more humanoid than his kin as well. Using his own past form in life, not having the usual wraith appearance, a strange fog emitting from the body of the Darkspawn. He is still devoid of color, his form completely black, his eyes being a bright white color.

This feels like an intensive stretch. The entire point of the Prophets is that they were the experimental fuckups, and that made them literal demigods. The notes of the god messing up and then throwing away the creation doesnt exactly make sense.

This isn't even vaguely a Darkspawn by this point, it's basically just a spectral dark human who has magical truths, revived by Zyzrasil for (x) reason. It gets rid of the point to try and go after these things IRP on the server if you can just make an app and skip past it rather quickly. 


I do however like the writing and general format, while i'm going to be denying this for now unfortunately, feel free to PM me directly at Mystery#1104 if you're interested in stuff in that own vein, or just forum PM if you're unable to.

Though, this app is-


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