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Rules Revamp

The rules have been revamped! Please be sure to read over the new rules. Not reading them does not give you immunity.

The Gate Still Stands

The Gate of Talidur stands mighty and tall, unmoved by the new settlers of Anoma.

Mines Overhaul

The mine overhaul has been released! Be sure to make a global ticket to request yours to be upgraded if you've still got an old mine.

Region Rules

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Region Rules

*Glossary at the bottom if you are unsure of roleplay terms


A region is classified as any land or structure in which players have laid claim to through a claiming event, or reclamation event. This can be settlements, outposts, houses, boats, caverns, sewers, ect.


  • A region must be earned through a claiming event or coup.

In order to have a claiming event, you may first scout a region. This may be done through contacting a member Event team. After ‘scouting’ the area, you may proceed to try to lay claim to the area by partaking in a battle against its original flora, fauna and other risks. These will be RPly represented by a member of the Event team. 


Both scouting and claiming may be done in the same event. 


  • RO is tied to RP leadership. The RP leader(s) of a settlement are considered the true holder of the region. 

The rank of RO is tied to the persona. Therefore, their removal from the government or their death may also lead to the removal of the permissions. To become an RO, the player must have a persona with RP reason to be tied to the governance of the region, and the consent of an existing RO.


  • You may not claim an event site as part of your ‘Region’, unless otherwise specified. 

Event sites within a player region are still considered distinct from the player region. As such, breaking and entering rules still apply to region members interacting with the event, subject to moderation.


  • Per persona, you may only own at most 2 personal regions.

All regions but Settlements are considered personal regions. This includes personal properties, personal outposts and mobile regions. You may choose how to assign these personal regions.


A settlement is a gathering of players who have built structures on the same region. This may be a large camp, cavern system, sewers, ect. They are mostly consisting of towns, cities or nations.


  • A region can be larger than 50x50, and must have at least 12 vouchers to be considered a settlement.


Each player has one voucher that they are allowed to assign to a settlement/region. They can reassign this at any point of time they would like to do such.


  • Settlements may have a singular mine, either within them or within an outpost.

No settlement may have two mines. For a settlement to have a mine, they must be a distinct settlement, not a branch of another, larger settlement. Although a mine may be in a settlement’s outpost, there may only be ONE mine, between both settlement and outpost.


  • In order to warclaim a settlement you must first destroy any outposts between your base and theirs that wish to contest.

Outposts are primarily designed as an outreaching arm of a settlement, acting in defense, early detection, etc. In order to reach a settlement to actively warclaim them, you must first be able to destroy their defensive positions in your way. 


  • There is a limit of one settlement per player.

If you are RO of a settlement, you may not own a personal region on the same Persona that you are RO on. You may only own outposts or mobile regions directly connected to your Settlement.


RO personas are allowed to join/contest others’ government or RPly come into leadership, if there is proper RP reason supporting their ruling. If it is found that players are attempting to bypass this rule by OOC means they will be subject to punishment and removal from the region.


  • Any region connected to a settlement adds to a settlement’s size during reclamation events.

This includes outposts and mobile regions. This is only applicable during reclamation events. This will act as one broad reclamation event for all regions connected to a settlement, and as such will increase the difficulty of the reclamation event.



Outposts are small regions with structures that can be used for toll booths, forts, watchtowers, mines, and more.


  • Outposts are defined by two different categories. 


Personal Outposts: A personal outpost is considered to be a region that is equal to or smaller than 50x50, that has received 6 valid vouchers. These are meant to be precursors to settlements, and can be seen as villages or hamlets. 


Settlement Outposts: A settlement outpost is considered to be an outreaching region of an already established settlement. These outposts do not require vouchers, however, they must be property of the RO’s of it’s settlement, and are subject to lesser raid cooldowns. 


  • Players may only own one personal outpost per Persona.

Outposts from different personas of a single player cannot be connected to one settlement. For example: Persona 1 owns a settlement named Bredan. Persona 2, owned by the same player, cannot make an outpost for Bredan.


  • Settlements may have multiple outposts, provided they may IRPly defend them and provide the necessary materials to build them. 

Outposts connected to a settlement must have RPly valid cause to be built. This may be watchtowers, guard posts, lighthouses, etc. 


  • Personal outposts may not have a mine.

Settlement outposts may have a mine, if they wish to move their original mine from their main settlement to their outpost. This is permitted as long as that settlement only has access to one mine in total. 


The players will have to pay the material cost for the new mine.


  • Settlement outposts may be raided once every 24 hours.

If an Outpost is razed to the ground, the owners are not allowed to build another outpost at that location, or within 100 blocks of the location, for 72 hours. 


  • Personal Outposts may be raided once a week. 

Small 50x50 or lesser regions are considered hamlets or villages and as such have increased time limitations. As such, cooldowns for village raids are one week.


  • Attacks from Warclaims may be launched from an outpost connected to the attacking settlement.

This requires the proper rp to move the equipment and gathering forces to the desired outpost before launching the attack. You must still address any enemy outposts between your starting point, and the outpost you are moving your forces to.


  • At any time, a Personal Outpost may be upgraded to a Settlement.

The voucher system will be activated immediately, so the required number of vouchers must be attained before the relevant deadline, regardless of when the upgrade occurred.

Personal Regions

Personal property is a small region, structure or house that is not associated with a settlement.


  • Personal regions include Personal Properties, and Mobile regions. 

A player at one time may have up to TWO personal regions on a persona, with a maximum of FIVE personal regions across ALL personas. 


  • Personal properties are a region that is smaller than 25x25, and do not require vouching.

This is for an individual player, or a small close knit group of players like a family. Personal properties are not to be treated as outposts for all rules considering them.


  • Personal properties may not have mines.


  • Personal properties may be raided once every 48 hours.

If a Personal property is razed to the ground, the owners are not allowed to build another at that location, or within 100 blocks of the location, for 72 hours.


  • At any time, a Personal Property may be upgraded to a Personal Outpost.

The voucher system will be activated immediately, so the required number of vouchers must be attained before the relevant deadline, regardless of when the upgrade occurred.

Mobile Regions

Mobile regions are structures that RPly move about the map while remaining owned by its Region Owners. These structures may be wagons, ships, and possibly airships


  • A Mobile region is defined as a region encompassing a structure that would move from place to place.

This includes but is not limited to; wagons, ships of various sizes, carts, nomadic encampments, etc.


  • Mobile regions don’t require claim events or reclamation events in order to remain mobile.

Mobile regions below the size of 30x30 do not require claiming events. 


This is subject to change if you settle within a Hard or Extreme area of difficulty, or linger within an area for one month without moving.


Boats larger than 50x50 require claim events. The region for the boat may not claim anything more than 5 blocks outside of the boat build.


  • Mobile regions may not start above 20x20.

This includes animal pens, portable farming equipment, the cart itself, and any tents or temporary housing structures. 


The only exception to this is for temporary housing structures, carts, and wagons. For each unique player owned structure after the first, the region may grow by 5x5. Mobile Regions may not exceed 45x45 at maximum. 


This does not apply to ships.


Activity Vouchers

As a form of check for passive activity, each unique player is entitled to a voucher to indicate their support for an area’s maintenance.


  • Vouched settlements reset monthly. To vouch for a settlement, fill out the form supplied [Here]. Vouching requirements are below. 


- Settlement Voucher Requirement: 12

- Personal Outpost Voucher Requirement: 6

- Personal Region Voucher Requirement: 0


  • Attempting to falsify your vouchers using alternative accounts or inactive personas is prohibited. 

Attempts to do this will result in a warning. Further attempts will result in a 2 month voucher blacklist. You will be unable to vouch for any settlements for the entire 2 month duration, including the voucher submitted in the month of the offence, and one month afterward.


  • A Player may, in the last 3 weeks of a month, have their voucher validated.

The player must make a Moderation ticket requesting they have their voucher checked. They must also then inform the moderator which region they wish to give their voucher for, which should then be logged. Requirements for settlements and outposts are listed in their respective areas.


  • A Player may earn up to two vouchers a month, and may spend those vouchers across all accounts and personas. 

A player must log at least 7 hours of activity in the week preceding the person’s validation check to earn their vouchers.


A player may also participate in Activity Events to earn vouchers without the activity requirement stated above, though they may receive no more than two. You may participate in additional activity events without punishment, however you will not earn additional vouchers.


This system is subject to change, and is only temporary to bridge between the time of posting and the release time of a more thorough system. Announcements will be made if the hour requirements or voucher number requirements change.


  • Regions requiring vouchers have their status checked in the week preceding the final day of the month.

During the week, region vouchers will be frozen to allow for the counting and checking of regions.


A failed region downgrades to the lower type, with collapsed mines requiring half of the cost to repair and any structures outside being ruinified after a month. This allows for a successful month following the downgrade to reclaim the land lost.



Coup Guidelines

A coup is an organized internal conflict that aims to depose the current head(s) of a government and replace them with other member(s) of the community. 


  • A coup must have moderation oversight before the events take place.

  Contact a moderator with your coup details.


- What is the goal of this coup?

-What is your Rp reason for this coup? (This can be just being a thief or villain) 

- How many people are coming along, and who? (provide IGNs)

- What time and date?


  • A coup needs valid rp reasoning behind their actions.

This includes the offensive party having the support of a significant portion of the playerbase’s IC personas, RP actions that sway the citizenry against the current government, an usurper claiming the throne, ect.


  •  A coup may only occur within a 5 hour window of said settlement’s peak time. 

This means 5 hours prior to the beginning of a settlement’s peak time, and 5 hours after the conclusion of a settlement’s peak times


  • You may utilize outside forces in a Coup.

Outside forces are allowed to participate in the aid of either side, but they may not represent over 25% of their total forces.


  • Regions may be couped for inactivity.

If all of the RO’s of a region have been offline for a month, or haven’t interacted with the region for a month, then a coup may be done, even by outside forces. Priority will be given to members of the region who wish to do such. (Possibly require a claim event with ET.)


General Commands

These are commands that a region owner has access to that are vital to know for a settlement to be successful. Members of a region have permission to place and break blocks. 


  •  /rg addmember [Region Name] [MC Name]

This command will allow you to add players to your region, enabling them to be able to break blocks or manipulate your build structures. 


  • /rg removemember [Region Name] [MC Name]

This command will allow you to remove players from your region, disabling them from being able to break blocks or manipulate your build structures in any way. 


  • Removing Region Owners.

To alter a region owner on a region, a Moderator must be contacted. This includes adding new region owners or removing old ones. Adding and removing region owners is subject to Coup Guidelines as stated above. 



RP = Roleplay

CRP = Combat Roleplay

PVP = Player Versus Player

LF = Lost Fables (Name of our Server)

IRP = In Roleplay

OOC = Out of character

RO = Region Owner

RO’s = Region Owner’s

Rg = Region

MC = Minecraft Name

Heya, it be Le Sphookas!

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I am reachable in game as Sphookas, and on Discord as Sphookas#6272

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