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A Tale of the Beacon of the Sea


A fleet came from the jungle isle yonder. So fondly called the Land of Storms, a collection of islands populated by the Maksha Beastfolk due North-West of mainland Anoma, the trade fleet Beacon of the Sea sought to make landfall to investigate the foreign invaders of the Old World. These Maksha had heard myth and legend of exotic otherworldly bald-bodied men and women, dull of ear and sharp both, and quick to the blade over the song of tongue. Unequivocal aliens to the lands of Anoma, the Maksha sought to understand these creatures, their purpose, their goal, and their history. Plus too, perhaps they knew the silver-mouthed dance of bartering.




Shortly after stocking and setting sail to the Western Seas the frigid waters of mainland Anoma became known, acting as a barrier between the isle and the plains beyond. Swathes of ice barred the ships from the coast, and even worse, a known beast circulated the sea here against the Land of Storms. A monster of the deep, it was a great behemoth who had felled ship after ship, fleet after fleet in these local waters. Many-a-Maksha had been lost to the sea creature, and the Beacon of the Sea was yet another which made its final stretch in battle with the colossus. Beastfolk weaponry was nothing other than toothpicks to such a monster, and in little time did it make easy work of the Makshan vessels and their weak bulwarks. 


The trade ship 'Firedancer' was one of which remained last. Commanded by the merchant captain and noble Mane of his Pride Therkul, Haskir 'Shadows of Moonlight', he sought to preserve his crew more over than the countless relics and gold-plated artifacts manifest in his ship's hold. Enduring of the cold and the battering beast's onslaught of bloodlust hunger, he crashed and beached his vessel upon the ice stretching the ocean. Here his vessel broke through the frosty shelf and sank, and with it the great reliquary within -- devoured by the sea, and lost to the dark ocean floor below.




But in light of the fallen, his crew had survived. His First-mate Muja, and crew Kai, Kato, Yavu, R'azirr, Kaktimani and others, had all disembarked on the few rafts that lined the ship's starboard and portside flanks. It was brief time before they landed upon the ice sheet with little to their name, the wreckage and lives of a fleet behind them lost forever. But mainland Anoma was ahead, and into the plains did they go -- lost, but ever-curious, compelled to make their landfall to investigate and understand these creatures of the Old World. Certainly, they hoped, this was not the New.


They were bitter-cold, but Autumn had just begun. Parsha was where they would head and call home.


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