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I said it once but my comment was apparently removed. 

Previous ban from another server seems completely unrelated and should not be brought up. It would be like saying Korvic shouldn't be admin because he got banned from lotc. 


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5 hours ago, Tide said:

I said it once but my comment was apparently removed. 

Previous ban from another server seems completely unrelated and should not be brought up. It would be like saying Korvic shouldn't be admin because he got banned from lotc. 


As I requested, I wish for people not to bring up this point again because you are providing nothing new to the report, the opinion on the matter is clear, this should not be accounted for his report.

I will however remove the link from the report.

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This report that has the following players involved in it (Severus__Snape, samsam58, Founder_Yuna, ElvenMommaHacker, _Twi, Dream___, Sphookas, DjCrips, and Hoster102) is extremely flawed in content as it has multiple things that are taken completely out of context and is willfully misleading the readers of this report. In this post, we shall be discussing how this report misleads people into believing that unstoppablesauce lied to Mystery about having done a reclamation event when he had been told that he had and would be doing a reclamation event - Rendering this a miscommunication between staff members and a player; We shall discuss how this report misleads people into believing that unstoppablesauce had harassed members of the Lost Fables community constantly even though he had simply been debating and even apologized when he found himself in the wrong; And we shall discuss how this report misleads those who read that unstoppablesauce had meta- gamed against Eliana, or _Twi, even though he has evidence that he acted against Eliana was due to the fact he knew that Hoster102’s Demonkin was a Demonkin. These misleadings by this report is the reason that I oppose this report and is the reason that the reader of this post should also move to oppose it as well.


Let’s begin with this report misleading people into the belief that Mystery had been lied to by unstoppablesauce, instead of the actual situation that was a complete miscommunication on all sides. This is evidenced by the fact that unstoppablesauce had been in an event at the ruins of Calois (which is now the ‘region’ being reported), yet even before that there was quite a small amount of occasional RP here and there for that location by the region group of what is now known as ‘Hughcraft’. A global message at one point was done during this by Lugh_ and due to the lack of anything else being emoted in the area, it was assumed that it was and had officially been claimed by the region group. 


Another player, perikilis02, came by no more than perhaps an hour or so after the initial event, after others were presently RPing out in the area, and claimed that it was their territory which resulting in a fight breaking out to contest the true ownership of the area, ultimately leading to two characters dying as a result of this. Combined with the emotes of the DM, Lugh_, and with the player conflict having seemingly ended for the time being, there were grounds to believe the land was “settled” by the region group known as ‘Hughcraft’. Later on, when reached out to by Lugh__, unstoppablesauce was told that he needed to do a claiming event there, where he then reached out to Event Team for said claiming event - Which led to ET becoming involved and doing two events for the area - Both for claiming the area. As a result, we cannot take this report’s argument that unstoppablesauce had lied to Mystery as anything but a falsity, being representative of a miscommunication between himself and the Event Team Staff. However, this report attempts to declare that this situation is something more insidious - Something that will be shown as a trend within the report as we continue this post.


Secondly, we shall discuss how the out-of-context pictures attempt to mislead the reader that Hughbert had harassed members of the community - Sphookas, Althea, and func_soap - being the main two examples of this. Let’s begin with the Sphookas’ harassment, where we can put to rest the argument as a result of revealing the full context of the conversation - A debate which had taken place during the raid of Rhosland on August 9th, 2020. If we look at the screenshots provided by the report in question, we can see the following quotes during his discussion with Sphookas by unstoppablesauce, “You keep saying a lot of “well in the future I will'', but you don’t.” This is followed by, “This is straight up manipulation. You say you would change, or get better, and don’t even really seem to put forward the effort for it.” These are not the words of a man who is declaring himself as hostile, these are the words of a man who is saying that if you are not working yourself to do better but say that you are, that you are being explicitly manipulative to the people you have said it to. 


Furthermore, if we look further through the logs of ‘Hugh Extras’, we find that unstoppablesauce’s words are a man who is frustrated with the “track record of “raiding” in the last 20 hrs, I anticipate nothing but the worst. I sure hope Sphookas isn’t handling it.” Out of complete and utter context, we consider that his words are toxic as a result of us having no idea about Sphookas’ handling of prior events to these wordings - Which resulted in a raid that was voided after the handling to the displeasure of both the groups of Rhosland and the Cult of Goz-Bog. This leads to the realization that the argument is that the toxicity and harassment that is seen on these screenshots are taken out of context and in the middle of a highly heated debate. Now we turn to the screenshots with unstoppablesauce calling someone a race-traitor, where the full conversation makes it clear that unstoppablesauce was joking.




To begin with func_soap’s issue, we should state that unstoppablesauce was obviously concerned with func_soap’s debate which he took as pedophillic in nature - Which when disproven, unstoppablesauce did indeed apologize in public, which is shown in the logs. Once again, this report willing misleads people into believing that all these comments were made at random intervals, instead of showing the full context: Where Sphookas has shown himself unable to perform to the tasks at hand during the raid - to the irritation of unstoppablesauce; Where Althea was joked with in the Rhosland discord and the joke was taken out of context; and where unstoppablesauce brought up someone he saw as a pedophile and promptly apologized when he was proven incorrect. Not only that, we see that this particular report is attempting to moderate a discord server that Korvic has responded to as, “Political views posted in non-official LF Discords are for that Discord to handle. While we try and offer support to those Discords, it's unreasonable for us to demand moderation status- and furthermore- demand that all players follow a rigid political mindset. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however if it comes to a point of toxicity/harassment/illegal actions, then, and only then is when rules can extend to any medium. Basically; don't try to force your political opinions on others on LF, no matter how strongly you feel about them.” As a result, we cannot take this report’s pictures from a non-Lost Fables official platform as anything but decidingly attempt to moderate other platforms of Lost Fables.


Third, let’s discuss the metagaming incident between unstoppablesauce and the characters of _Twi & Hoster102. This metagaming incident is actually not as it is depicted on this report, as unstoppablesauce’s actions are premeditated by the fact that he knew that Hoster102’s character was in fact a demonkin, resulting in him reacting to that when he saw _Twi’s Empyrean character with him - Believing that _Twi and Hoster102’s characters were working together. As a result, this isn’t a metagaming incident, it’s an rp incident coming from unstoppablesauce knowing both of the characters in roleplay - And moving to attack. Something that is unreportable.


To conclude, this report is negligent in two factors: Context and truthfulness. This report uses screenshots that are taken out of context and seem like shocking and toxic behavior - And when placed in context, they are understandable behavior. This leads to a lack of truthfulness on the behalf of the people who made this report is a result of them doing performing this lack of context, which results in me asking that the people who read this report, and this essay, oppose this report aswell.


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The bold hurts my eyes. x.x
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To note, Sandman reached out to me so we might talk over VC to better discuss our points, myself and him came to a resolution over VC. 

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12 minutes ago, Pup said:

As I requested, I wish for people not to bring up this point again because you are providing nothing new to the report, the opinion on the matter is clear, this should not be accounted for his punishment.

I will however remove the link from the report.

Gotcha. Just wanted to say it again, as you hadn't made that point at the time of my original response. Which was removed. Sad face. 

Anyways, all good my guy. 

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57 minutes ago, Wizry said:

This report that has been made by Severus__Snape, samsam58, Founder_Yuna, ElvenMommaHacker, _Twi, Dream___, Sphookas, DjCrips, and Hoster102

This report wasn't 'made' by everyone listed. The names listed on the front page are players involved, not credits for co-writing. As I stated;


On 9/6/2020 at 7:21 PM, _Twi said:

I'd like to point out I didn't aid in the making of the report and I didn't contribute to its writing. Respectfully, I'd prefer to stay out of any possible drama. Thank you.

Please refrain from bringing up points about me that are not relating to the original issues in the topic if they are apart of an 'ongoing issue' being looked in to on a separate report. As I said. I didn't contribute anything to this. Thank you.


Edited by _Twi
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11 hours ago, _Twi said:

This report wasn't 'made' by everyone listed. The names listed on the front page are players involved, not credits for co-writing. As I stated;


Please refrain from bringing up points about me that are not relating to the original issues in the topic if they are apart of an 'ongoing issue' being looked in to on a separate report. As I said. I didn't contribute anything to this. Thank you.


Edited to make it clearer to the reader. Thank you for the comment so I can correct this mistake.

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Noting, I will be retracting the Eliana Meta Game from this report, I heard conflicting information regarding the situation and when I went to check on it before including it, I couldn't find anything official regarding it, this was due to a glitch. I discussed with the moderator recently who handled the situation when time zones permitted, as it has been already dealt with there is no need for it to be brought up again, my apologies.

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  • Technical Lead


11 hours ago, Pup said:

Noting, I will be retracting the Eliana Meta Game from this report, I heard conflicting information regarding the situation and when I went to check on it before including it, I couldn't find anything official regarding it, this was due to a glitch. I discussed with the moderator recently who handled the situation when time zones permitted, as it has been already dealt with there is no need for it to be brought up again, my apologies.

So given the Winter Elf Hut Fight already had punishments dealt for @Sandman, Eliana issue has been dismissed against @Sauce, then the only issue that remains is the handling of 'Hughcraft', which I replied to earlier given my current understanding of the situation.

On 9/7/2020 at 9:09 AM, Korvic said:

The logs shown here do not show @Hoster102's reply to the matter (or lack thereof). He very well could've replied stating that he was in RP, however if it's true that @Hoster102 did not reply, I agree that @Sauce worded it poorly when he moved to @Tha_Mystery_Man. As for @Tha_Mystery_Man, while his reply last time was lackluster, the error did fall on not checking the status of the claim event. From what I've been informed after spending almost 24 hours total investigating this issue alone over the span of a week, the claim event was to be a week-long prep for the large scale attack to be received.

After the end of the week-long prep, the temporary fortifications that were made were to be completely erased after the completion of the claiming event, regardless of how much or of what material the defenders used. This has been completed, and the terrain left was ported to the build world under a standard build implementation. A large portion of this issue is simply due to lack of communication on what the situation was in logs, and person to person. It took far longer than it should have to get the full story of what happened, and that's likely what caused a fair amount of confusion from all sides. I've had lengthy discussions with @Tha_Mystery_Man and @CheeChar regarding the situation, and I'm going to be harping on it once more tomorrow at our senior staff meeting to ensure that not only them, but everyone understands what the issues were.

All said and done, the Hughcraft region was completely erased, and they had to pay for a new build implementation just like every other settlement has, the claim event itself was the only major hiccup that was involved.


On 9/7/2020 at 12:05 PM, Hoster102 said:

On that matter I was contacted and asked to help with a region, not much detail past that. I was irp at that time and told him I'd respond when I was out of RP. IRL situations came up in which I had to leave rp early, and when I came back the situation had been handled afaik. I believe what @Pup was elucidating at was that supposedly @Sauce was hinting that I was avoiding handling matters for him due to ooc reasons? I don't know if that's the case though the SS of his response suggests he thought such. I personally never have had qualms handling tickets when I'm available.


As @Hoster102 confirmed, he was in RP and did say he'd get to it when he could. No malice seems to've taken place in that interaction, just impatience. While @Tha_Mystery_Man setup the region without a second thought, that does not fall on @Sauce as that information should have been double checked and not just glossed over since it seems that he was under the impression he had done a claim event and was to do another in a week with temporary fortifications. That's an issue that @Tha_Mystery_Man has been harped on by me, and is continuing to get harped on by me and a fellow team leads. Furthermore dishing out proper training to the Event Host who was handling the matter is definitely in order.

At this time I do not see any remaining issues in the report that have not been addressed. This seems to be some huge kerfuffle due to not talking to the other party and spreading rumors from everything I've been presented thus far. While @Sauce still has not responded directly, simply talking it out has yielded closure on many of the situations already. Please please make sure to always try and discuss with the opposing party regarding the situations with an air of uncertainty. Often times we come to a judgement and try to ask leading questions- even subconsciously- in order to further what we have in our heads. Going in with an open mind that you may be mistaken, or someone who informed you about something might've been mistaken will help yield more friendly interactions and nip these issues in the butt before they get out of hand to the point that people are upset.

Unless there is any remaining evidence regarding harassment, illegal, or excessively toxic activity that hasn't been presented, then this report is likely to be closed relatively soon. @Pup


EDIT: We've also received two sensitive reports regarding @Sauce's harassment that we will be taking into consideration alongside the current evidence.

EDIT 2: Since the sensitive reports involve people I'm close to I'll be stepping aside from being the main contact from here on out. @Tha_Mystery_Man will be the primary contact regarding them to ensure no accidental bias takes place on the matter, and upon reviewing my previous posts will also be the one to deliberate on the Hughcraft situation in full this time around to provide a full statement on the matter and his steps going forward.

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I am aware of how the current, outstanding issues are not that of the original, yet I am going to go ahead and address some of the more important points regardless. This response should go over some of the other things which have been said either for or against me.


Regarding any concern of “murder hoboing” or general IC aggression:

            I hold no real bias against anyone in this debate and I would like to state that any and all forms of aggression expressed throughout roleplay have only been fueled from roleplay with the characters involved. I sometimes will stretch my frustrations into OOC depending on what it is that someone does and how sensitive any individual might be to myself. Of any player character deaths which have come as a result of my character acting, they have only been made as a result of in character goals, which will be explained below:

  • A player character (demonkin) was attacking a child, the demonkin was engaged. One player character died.
  • A player character (human) was enslaving IC friends and some of their companions (or so people were told), seen to be in some sort of alliance or tolerating relationship with powerful demons, and they were engaged. Two player characters died, one being a suicide. Two six+ hour long raids happened.
  • A few player characters (snow elves) threatened a group significantly stronger and larger than them, while dangling survival/salvation over their heads, as they had been actively trying to relieve Anoma from the eternal winter, they were engaged. Two player characters were killed, and one of which was found to be abusing permissions at that time to metagame, and was punished. Yet with everything of that RP taken into consideration, and with what has been said, it was clearly expressed that the necromancers and undead that were killed was (in the eyes of the elves) a bad thing. Which is quite understandable, given the other IC elements involved with the tribe.
  • A player character (Rehk) said that some land was his, and refused to leave, and was killed.

    None of the fights, the deaths involved, or any of the engagements have been built upon the ideas of that I enjoyed going around killing players, or anything similar to that. I myself have read and seen a lot of information related to that being shared around and I try to address wherever it is possible, giving out as much information as I can and explain it in my own perspective. My character, and the characters around them, are often more assertive and unwilling to allow what they see as unjust and this stems from the RP which has happened over the course of more than just a few months. 
It should be noted that this issue I have only been addressed by one individual, at least directly, though the information was all second hand. 



Regarding an individual’s own tone:
            It is very frequent that my tones are interpreted incorrectly, either in game or on some other medium for communication. I have always been an honest individual and never has it been my intention to come off as ‘incendiary’. Never has it ever been the purpose to try and cause mischief; Personally I do not feel inclined to ever do malice and I usually go out and address it in a blunt manner. An example of this would be the open dialogue shared between myself and others over the matter of when the Snow Elves attacked members of a party who had taken action to end the Bitter Cold/Winter, and wound up liberating the Fae Court of Winter or whatever it is referred to. Some go out and claim it to be some sort of unwarranted attack on the side from the human group but in reality it was the humans defending themselves and then taking action against those who were legitimately occultists for the God of the Undeath/Bitter Cold, that were dangling survivability straight above their heads, and saying that their “cultural site” was destroyed or hurt, when the extent of the damage happened to be a singular latch. This is an explanation of my side of the story as a result of the truth being required for a viable solution to be created for both sides.

            I have rarely been reached out to by any other players, let alone any staff members, outside of Lugh__, Korvic, and on the occasion: Mystery and Sphookas. Frustration which had been voiced to leads or team members was either previously validated or not brought up, however I will go ahead and clarify that the last time my voice was even remotely raised was several weeks ago with the argument of @Sandman’s powergaming somehow deserving a week long temporary ban, when it seemed totally and completely too aggressive, resulting in my surprise in the matter - Nonetheless, it was solved priorly by parties involved. 
Even when presented with discussion or even arguments labeling me as some sort of caustic individual who apparently disrupts the staff teams, I simply speak and type civilly until they just stopped discussing the topic. Anyone can raise/drop arguments or proposals to me as they seem fit. I do not demand for immediate responses, constant discussion, or anything unreasonable, I merely present my arguments and wait to be disproven - And openly admit to whenever I am proven to be in the wrong. I am aware that my naturally blunt demeanor has caused a degree of surprise or even mild shock from a few, but in nothing is it my intention to come off as some vile individual looking to somehow cause great distress. 
Furthermore, if any individual does not want to hear of it, they are more than welcome to simply say to me such. Other instances involving other individual moderators are based on other factors involved, but a general sense of distrust does exist. Being that this is another issue, I am more than happy to sit down with Mystery or whoever else I need to, and speak about it.



The region itself:
           I take full accountability on not comprehending the entirety of the reclamation events which had occurred, and for having a hand involved in the miscommunication with it. I thought that a whole other event had been a reclamation event, when it was not, and mixed in with the player versus player conflict which followed (where two PCs ended up dying, one later revived). It was due to this for why I messaged Mystery to originally set it all up. Since then, we have had several intense events happen there, two of which being near-impossible reclamation events and one where total annihilation of our main encampment was. For people wanting to claim that there was nothing of the sort, they are misinformed. As far as I am concerned, this issue was also handled with Mystery’s response to func_Soap’s original thread on trying to report Faltane and Achilleon.



Regarding the logs taken out from the old Rhosland Discord:
            As has been clarified several times by now in this thread, no discords for factions/settlements/groups can be hounded on by moderation team or used for actual reports outside of what variables they have already determined. Wizry has put it simply on his response to the thread itself on the problems that things taken out of context pose, if you have not read this already then I would highly recommend that you do. It should also be noted that, when it was first requested, memes were stopped from my own individual end altogether. Secondly, she never posted a warning about her wanting the Rhosland discord moderated in the past, and in fact moved to delete messages on the same day she posted the warning, and even later on after that day:





            As it currently stands, the Rhosland discord appears to have been either deleted or a good amount of its members were removed from it. If there is further concern or any sort of issue to be taken up with any content on any medium, then I will go and address it. Seeing as how there are not any outstanding problems or concerns with this section, I will merely move onto the next area.



Regarding the situation of Eliana/Twi’s character:
This was already something which had been explained to a moderator and an administrator before, and I will not mind bringing it up yet again. The entire situation itself is a combination of events involving in-character disapproval of Empyreans (specifically, those who are or have been problematic either for Gaians or characters which are played by those within the faction of the Order of Achilleon itself, or in other guilds/groups), combined with genuinely RPing to find solutions. Not only was Wolfgang himself told of the fact that an Empyrean was actively trying to “help” a demonkin (perceived as totally evil, an antithesis to what the Order/beliefs of Sequestus have been largely based on due to IC events and interactions with both DMs and players), but that this was also the same one who seemed to be suicidal (which another Empyrean already was). In their defense, they labeled others as lesbians and blood mixers, as the IC topics at the time of the discussion were precisely that. Later, Wolfgang was told by Vestele herself about how apparently there is more than one corrupted/demonic entity presently involved in the lighthouse itself. Furthermore, he and others have been repeatedly informed that no Demi-Celestial, primarily the Empyreans, are able to take up action even against their own kind if they are to become corrupted or actively do wrong. This goes against the character’s own principles of morality and not only maintaining accountability but acting when and wherever it is possible. Actually going out and doing something, such as fighting corruption through violent means, as he has yet to experience any true methods of pacifistic purification.

If there are logs to be taken into consideration for absolutely anything, then it would be found around the date of 8-19-2020, and in the evening for EST, as those are when my screenshots were saved to my computer. Due to other sensitive information in these screenshots, and wanting to lower even the smallest chances of accidentally/genuine metagaming, I could present them to the moderating parties of this entire thread without any difficulty. 


If there is anything else which needs to be addressed, either by staff or other players, I am more than happy to discuss either in voice or through DMs on the forums or on Discord. This response is not meant to be interpreted as some personal attack, it is providing information and perspective to the situations themselves.

Currently played character:

 The Paladin.

 Leader of the Order of Achilleon.

Message me if you're interested on joining, or want more information!

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Just going to add onto this that Rhosland disc had an "NSFW" channel for dark humour and "unfitting" jokes. Dream themselves said that's what the channel was for.

Edited by Tide
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  • Event Lead

Hello everyone, I’d like to thank everyone who stayed relatively well mannered throughout the existence of this report. I want to first apologize for the delay in this report, alongside this forum post there was a lot more that needed to be investigated in relation to the sensitive reports brought up. Moving onwards I’m going to work to address every problem which was discussed. Some of my points may seem repetitive due to having already been addressed by Korvic, however let us get into it.



Lost Fables does not have the moderation, manpower, authority, or want to enforce the rules of nation discords. People are free to their own comedic senses and political spectrums. For reference the Lost Fables mediums include only the main MC server, wiki, forums and our official discord. Moderation issues of personal discords are up to the specific owners of those discords to deal with. As long as an issue does not escalate to harassment or illegal activities, we do not punish people for what they may say/post.


The RP for unstoppable’s character's distrust and dislike of Empyreans, as well as the RP leading up to the lighthouse encounter seems perfectly valid. For future cases of metagaming do keep in mind to actually discuss these situations with the suspected party beforehand. In my experience, most forms of metagame are quite accidental, and/or can be nipped in the bud immediately by just simply asking questions towards the suspected party.


As the moderator over part of the situation (until I tapped out for the night and handed reign over to Sphookas) I can say that there was no real issue of meta throughout the entire first half of the encounter. All actions were valid to the characters involved. The biggest problems which seemed to be brought up are the specifics of meta involving Hugh and Shadow and the ice bomb.

Due to the way that the issue was tossing hands, and just general confusion, this whole thing was handled very poorly staff and player-side. The report for issues 125-130 in screenies is stated quite egregiously. Upon closer inspection and discussion with other parties I’ve heard conflicting stories, statements, and other such. The tracking of movement alongside emotes as well as a lack of proof bouncing across many other variables leaves a very undefined amount of sustenance to the report. A moderator involved in this Winter Elf Hut situation already looked into this issue and gave Hugh a verbal warning for possible metagaming, and due to the sketchy nature that’s all that will be applied.

As for the issues of 63-66, 67-70, 82-86, 92, and 95- this is what I see as my personal biggest problem with the report involving both @ShadowsE and @Sandman. The quips, words, and lack of cooperation alongside showing weapons is an ABSOLUTE no-go. I will come back to this at the end of the report in The Verdict


This issue was already addressed in func’s report however let me double over and just say that this was a problem of miscommunication on my part, as well as a failing of the region rules put into place. At the end of func’s report I noted that there would be a change into the way that settlement claiming as well as land reclamations would work. These updates rules have been posted by Sphookas, and can be found here: https://www.lostfables.net/topic/939-region-rules/

I would like to apologize to all the people affected by the miscommunication. There were a series of mistakes involved staff-side, however after a rather magnibly hard reclamation event in order to make amends, the issue moving forward is fixed and shouldn't be seen as illegitimate. Alongside such, the magnitude of what qualifies as a ‘success’ in a reclamation event has now also been changed in relations to issues brought up. If you have a problem with this verdict, please do PM me directly. There are a few problems I’ve seen brought up in relation to the Calois ruins and RP revolving across them that I don’t mind clearing up in PMs, however they will not be included in this response in order to keep this issue concise, and due to its all around irrelevance to the people in specific being reported.


I do not have permission to read this report. Due to the nature of dynamics on other RP servers I believe it to be quite irrelevant to the Lost Fables discussion. LF is a clean slate for a lot of people, and we as a community should respect that. Unless for egregious reasons such as pedophilia or other illegal activities, previous issues will not be looked into.


There are some abrasive remarks and harsh tones in these screenshots. A large portion of them appear to be him expressing his distaste for the moderator team involving raids, which is rightful. Others appear to be jests, or snipped memes which are plastered along. There are a small few that I would consider on the tinge of harassment/bullying due to the context behind them, however nothing terribly egregious.


As I already stated, @Fooldudeyour response here has nothing to do with a report. Your words have nothing to do with the actual report proposed by Pup. If you have a problem with DanCan’s rulings I would suggest you bring it up to his upper management (Team Leads, Mod Managers) or submit a formal report on the matter. That being said, consider this an advisement to keep possible responses to a report in the future relevant to the conversation in the report.


The ideal of harbouring too much IC aggression is not a problem. It is a character, they can be as much of an ass as they want. It wasn’t brought up in the main report however I figured I'd touch on this topic since it was brought up in Hugh’s response. If there are concerns of bad villainy RP (reminder villainy is subjective) then do bring it up with moderation members. This is aimed at both sides of the report, and anyone possibly reading.


Alongside this report, as stated by Korvic there were two reports brought up by 3 different people unrelated to this public report which stated harassment. While we give our word for sensitive reports to try to keep the reporter out of the line of fire as best we can, it does cause some issues with verifying information, as speaking to the accused on specific examples violates what they stand for, by definition. That said, there were instances which I gauged as treading too far. I am a thick skinned individual, but there does come an instance where we must remember that when riding the line between blunt honesty, and flat out insults and harassment, one is likely to fall on the insult and harassment side at some point. Feel free to PM me directly @Sauce if you have issues with this bit, there will always be flak which comes from Sensitive Reports - however, for the anonymity and safety of those submitting the report, it is a required step.

While this does make it impossible to defend, we've taken measures to ensure that there's as little missing as possible, and even still, is taken with a grain of salt. For example, all Sensitive Reports, to have evidence considered, must include full screenshots from start to end, with overlap in between in order to fight off the possibility of cherry-picking.

With that all being said let's get into - 


The Verdict

@ShadowsEwill be receiving a formal warning for toxicity and abrasive behavior. Taking the steps to apologize to Founder_Yuna is a good start, however this will be cataloged for future reference.

@Sandman has already been punished with a ban in relation to possible meta/powergame by a different overseeing moderator. Alongside this though he will receive the same formal warning for abrasive behavior, mostly for a clarification as to what I believe to point out as the main issue of the Winter Elf Hut fight to be.

@Saucewill be receiving a 5 day temporary ban from the server due to the cases of toxicity and the magnitude of bullying presented in the sensitive reports brought up against him. During this time we advise that you reflect on your treatment of other people, and consider avoiding conflicting situations if you feel yourself resorting to insults or harassment.

I would like to note that at the end of the day, powergaming and metagaming issues are almost always misunderstandings. There are so many things in CRP or RP that can be seen as subjective, especially when it comes to the mixture of combat alongside reality vs fantasy. There will always be arguments which transpire involving people trying to point out the ‘most realistic’ course of action in a CRP or RP encounter- however we must always remember that there are always factors we could possibly be missing when we make an emote for our characters. Almost all actions could be argued to be a plausible path, it is our job as RPers to work to craft the narrative which makes the most sense and stays the most enjoyable for all people involved, rather than focus on simply ‘trying to win’. This issue involves more than those directly part of this report, and not any one person in specific.

That all being said, we must always remember there is a line in which we must see the people on the other side of the monitor as people, rather than objectives. I don't believe that any specific party involved in this report truly meant long lasting harm, however it’s good to have these discussions so that way we can move forward as a community. To the people involved who were warned, you can assume that any further one-sided harassing toxicity towards community members that is brought will lead to a much harsher punishment should it happen again any time soon.

And to the people who were not included in this report yet have shown toxic behavior throughout and towards players of the server by proxy in some of the screenshots shown and listed involved in this report, let this serve as a reminder to be excellent to one another.

Feel free to PM Mystery#1104 on discord with any questions or concerns, thank you for the patience in this report as it came to its conclusion.

Report Closed.





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