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Rules Revamp

The rules have been revamped! Please be sure to read over the new rules. Not reading them does not give you immunity.

The Gate Still Stands

The Gate of Talidur stands mighty and tall, unmoved by the new settlers of Anoma.

Mines Overhaul

The mine overhaul has been released! Be sure to make a global ticket to request yours to be upgraded if you've still got an old mine.

The order of the Undeath.

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The Zealots of the bitter cold.


Underneath in a distant Town in the midst of the faint wind, long cold corridors adorned with various tombs and carvings; A group of religious forsaken lies. Occultists of some sort who have devoted their lives to Covrudurth. Libraries which hold information about the Undeath, the ice, and the tundra and the like. Underground churches, ritual covens - places where they are often present in the corridors of the hypogeum! Only the whispers of the champion, the truth of the necromancers can be audible echoing across the obscured place.

Such Zealot group is divided into hierarchy/roles, and at the same time they follow the will of the tundra, all guided by the same goal.

From the most studious and religious to the most violent and burdensome role (if not a cultist, simply help the group without getting too involved):


ArtStation - Undead priest, Artur Zima

The Clergy

The strategists of the group. A group of people whose the usual group style is long robes, masks and such. Those are the priests, and the clerics/crafters who will try to stay away from casual violence, and their main purpose will be to protect and keep/gain any information concerning the undeath dragon, and whatever may be useful. And of course, it will also be to organize religious events, sacrifices. And perhaps over to the higher ranks they will get what's called truth, and be gifted from the champion of the dragon, or the dragon himself.

The Holy roles:

The damned stand ready by ZafNova on DeviantArt

Acolyte: The acolytes are the recruits of the clergy, people novice with religion and such. They will be the ones who bring items unto the higher ranks for crafting, sacrifices and the like. Their job is mainly as stated, is  about crafting(Alchemy etc...). And gather informations/items to bring them unto the clerics or high clerics. Thought they won't be allowed in the deep of the library, due to being considered not fanatics enough of the religion.


Jaedus | Ivory Mask by gavinvalentine on Newgrounds

Cleric: Clerics are chosen by the high clerics. They are the elite ones of the clergy, those who have access to the deeper information within the Hypogeum. They are second in command, and mainly the guardians of the relics, books and the like. And they are the ones who have chosen to leave everything behind to continue believing in the undeath dragon more passionately. And they aren't allowed to read or use them, unless a high Cleric does agree with it.

Undead Priest | Undead art, Undead, Priest


High Cleric: Members of the council, leaders of the group. The most highest and wiser, those who have been gifted by the dragon, or his champion. Considered to be the "Minds of Covrudurth". Their main task will be to manage the entire clergy, to make sure that everything is in its proper place, including books, relics. And choose, the clerics. They're all allowed everywhere within the group.


The order of the bitter cold.

They are the warriors, and the paladins of the Hypogeum, those who wield swords, and are the first to enter into a fight. Whether it is to defend one's own comrades, or to force the will of the dragon. the cold-bringers of the champion.


Skeletal hordes of the forgotten realm's foot soldiers. | Skeleton ...

The foot soldier: Simple guardians of corridors and rooms. They are the ones with less importance,
yet who don't want to get involved too much in war, and manly remain quiet within the Hypogeum.

The squire: Squires are the people chosen by the knights, whose will be trained to become skilled warriors, and be the people on the front line. They don't really matter in a high-manner, but they can give orders to foot soldiers.


Pin de Jeremy Sheldon em Álbum Aleatório 12 -- Black Wolf -- Let's ...

The Knight Beings who can command even clerics, and they too are closer to command due to the fact that the grand knights choose them. Some of them can be undead, gifted the dragon/champions even. However, they have the ability to pick a Squire, and train them to become future knights. If you wish to become a knight, you'd need to be useful unto a grand knight. And aren't allowed within the most deep side of the library.


Deathknight | Warcraft art, Death knight, World of warcraft

Grand knightThey're the overlords of the Hypogeum, part of the council, and the most skilled warriors. Even gifted from the dragon or his champion. Their leadership is much more valued than that of a high cleric, as they are considered "The armor of Covrudurth". Their task will be much more important, to keep both the orders under control, and to choose knights, and if a squire is ready to become one or not. So to make their job easier. And they're allowed everywhere within the group.

The cold ones




The True Dragon. The one whose  the group manly  worship, considered the most altruistic, and the most ferocious of the gods. But at the same time adored. By his will the people within the group will have (it is not obligatory, but it goes against the group if not done) slaying every blooded, demon on sight. Due to them being seen like a sin under the eyes of the order, and the dragon.

Dungeons & Dragons Monsters: The Undead II (inspirational) | Dark ...

The Champion of Covrudurth.

An undead made entirely of pure wicked, shadow. The closest being of the dragon whose the group can achieve to see from time to time. The champion was the one who blessed the first grand knight of the group, thanks to him the group exists. Due to being part of the dragon, and the Messiah, the emissary. He is regarded as a deity descended unto Gaia.  The one who give tasks unto the group.


OOC: Might add something else later, however it is a group of occultists. In mind we would have event-lines and further events to do, everything is still in WIP, even the build. but I am ready to listen to advices and help is gadly accepted; Everyone can enter, though, not blooded or who worship Lacerta. Not public information, but merely a ooc post to recruit (Fooldude#7120) Contact me on discord if interested to join or just for more informations. We're a secret group, and not the classic 'deus vult stab stab'. We're more involved with necromancy, undead and so and so...(Also sorry for my grammar).

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