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Professions Update: New Token System

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Professions Update: New Token System


Hello everyone, Dimitri here with an important new announcement. So far, our server and community has been doing well, and I know a lot of you are enjoying things so far (at least I hope). Because of this, we like to always try and ensure that our quality of gameplay reflects how we want our community and server to be. Lately, however, we’ve noticed some problems with our current system that we’d like to address and fix: The Professions System. As we all know, the current system can be very taxing and tiring, for both players and staff alike. The wait for creating items can feel like an eternity, while the staff teams get piled with more and more requests, it can be overwhelming. That’s why my good friend MagicTurtle (A.K.A. Blackhand7) and I have created a new system that we hope will not only solve most of the issues the current system faces, but also provide a better gameplay experience for our playerbase.




Out With the Old, In With the New


As it currently stands, there are a lot of issues with the current system that need to be dealt with. The entire purpose of our new system will be to abolish the issues we face, and replace them with better, more optimized methods of professions and crafting.


Some of the problems with the old system are as follows:


Incoming Market Flood

 - With our current system, it states that the higher tier craftsman you are, the more items you can produce. With time, this will lead to a flood of mass produced mastercraft items. For a number comparison, in under 2 months, there would be 313 Artisan items and 340 Mastercraft items from three smiths alone. This would not only allow the entire server to have rare, overpowered gear, but also make the meaning of Mastercraft redundant, as it would become a common everyday item that even the peasants could own. Not only would this hurt the players, it would hurt the smiths who grinded so hard for this gear as well, as it would eventually become almost worthless given the sheer amount of it. This was one of the most outstanding issues that we found within our old system, and the new system aims to remove it completely.


“Platinum Spam”

 - In order to get exp, under the previous system, players were heavily  encouraged to use the rarest material possible for as many crafts as possible, even if it made no sense whatsoever rply for them use. A deluge of platinum condensers, platinum infusers, even platinum anvils and blowpipes were made, solely because players wanted more exp and the system encouraged them to use platinum. This has been amended in our new system, and will make materials like iron and steel, of which most irl weapons were made of, more commonly used.


Staff Overload

 - As more and more smiths level up to the higher tiers, with the old system they were able to produce more and more high quality items. This led to an overload of requests to deal with on the staff end of things, bringing the time it takes to actually make an item to a painstakingly slow process.


More Focus on Grinding, Less on Roleplay

 - The previous system was heavily grindy, and encouraged smiths to make their maximum amount of crafts every day, or risk falling behind, not getting enough exp, and not being able to compete with other groups who had smiths that grinded it out. In the new system, your amount of crafts is assigned on a weekly, rather than daily basis, which will hopefully make the system feel like less of a grind.



The New and Improved System


Tokens are our new system for handling the amount of items that players are allowed to make under the professions system. Each player, based on their skill level, has their own unique amount of tokens per profession which reset weekly, and may be used to make items in said profession. The token cost of each item depends more or less on what they are trying to make, the quality that their item will be, and the materials they use. The quality and rarity caps currently present in the professions system will remain in place, this ONLY affects the amount of items a player can make. With this system, we plan to not only fix the addressed problems above, but also provide a more roleplay friendly experience.


Here are some ways our implemented Token System fixes the issues of the past:


 - Players won’t be incentivized to min/max with things like platinum to powerlevel, as those materials now require more time/effort to produce.


 - This system cuts down almost entirely the previous ways of smiths mass producing high quality and rarity items, forcing them to either focus their efforts on making a quality item, or mass producing cheaper ones. 


 - Higher level smiths producing fewer higher quality items will greatly reduce stress on the system, making it easier for staff to handle tickets and allows them to handle tickets quicker, which in turn makes the process of crafting faster.


 - Mastercraft smiths can no longer make a full suit of mastercraft plate and a mastercraft sword over the space of a single day.


Player Guide


When coming up with the new Token System, we tried to make it as optimized and clean as possible, while making it easy to learn and use. As such, the way we’ve set up the system is rather simple and easy to use. Players get tokens on a weekly basis, based on their specific rank in their craft. You can use the tokens in order to produce items of differing qualities, the costs changing depending on the rarity/quality of the craft.


As seen above, these are the tokens you receive per profession on a weekly basis. These tokens refresh for everyone each Sunday at 11:59 PM EST. These tokens are professions specific, meaning you can only use your alchemy tokens for alchemy, smithing tokens for smithing, etc. This prevents abuse of the system to rapidly level up more professions as you reach higher tiers. In addition to this, tokens do NOT stack, so you’re unable to save up tokens for a few weeks and mass produce mastercraft items during times of war. Next, let’s cover the costs of tokens for each craft.


Token Cost Rarity:

(When using multiple ingredients, the rarity of the highest involved material alone is counted for token cost)




Shown in the table above is the costs for each depending on the highest rarity material used.


Token Cost Quality:




When combined, the cost of the rarity and quality will be the total cost of the item produced. However, it can cost more, depending on any special modifiers. The special modifiers for each profession are as follows:

















For Cooking, there are no additional token costs. Instead, each craft done with cooking receives a -10 to the overall cost, as cooking is a relatively easier crafting that’s more passively focused. For example, if the total calculated cost of a cooking craft is 50, you subtract ten, making the final token cost 40. To counteract exploitation of this, if an item costs 0 tokens to make you will not receive experience from the craft. The -10 effect, in order to allow people to level up, may be voluntarily opted out of. 


As a side note, you may notice changes on the wiki, as well as the google form needed to make the actual crafting request. The wiki has been changed to more accurately represent the new system, and the change made within the form has been added so players can add the rarity/quality of their craft, for ease of staff.


Crafting with Friends


With the new system comes some fun new features. Now, we’ve decided to implement cooperative crafting! This new co-op system encourages players, either a master and apprentice, or two players of equal skill to work on crafting together. Not only does this promote roleplay inside the professions system, but also benefits the players with leveling. When two craftsmen work together and produce an item, the cost of the token amount will be split between them, however each will receive the FULL exp from the craft, as if they had done it alone. This means there are no negative effects to working with one other craftsmen, as we like to encourage players to create roleplay with each other even with things such as professions. Now, if more than two craftsmen participate in any given item, the token cost will be split equally amongst them, as will the EXP, the total experience being equally distributed among those involved. For example, a craft made by 5 smiths that gave a total of 50 EXP will result in 10 EXP for each smith. Finally, if one craftsman in a group craft is a higher level than his/her compatriot(s), the quality and rarity cap is equal to the average of the group’s, rounded down. (I.E., if a mastercraft smith and a novice smith were working together, they could only make up to fine quality items and work up to wondrous materials) If making a group craft, please, in your crafting form, put the names and usernames of everyone involved with the craft so we can give them their deserved credit.



Updates to EXP and Level Requirements


With this new update, items will obviously have a lot more value, and as such won’t be produced as often as with the old system. To remedy this so that the process of reaching higher tiers in professions isn’t at a snail’s pace, we’ve patched the EXP you receive from each craft, and modified the requirements needed to reach new tiers in each profession.


EXP Updates:




 - Common = 4 

 - Uncommon = 8 

 - Rare = 12 

 - Wondrous = 16 

 - Mythical = 20 

 - Legendary = 24 




 - Cheap = 4 

 - Adept = 8 

 - Moderate = 12 

 - Fine = 16 

 - Artisan = 24

 - Mastercraft = 32


Tier Leveling Requirement Changes:


Novice: 0 

Apprentice: 100 

Adept: 450 

Journeyman: 1000 

Master: 3500


With these changes, we have made it so you earn more EXP per item crafted, as well as made it easier to reach certain tiers, so new craftsmen don’t get stuck or discouraged from participating in crafting.



Final Word


That wraps up the details of the new Token System update for professions, I hope you’re all as excited as we were to finally get this out. The professions have been a hassle for quite a while now, so everyone who worked on this is quite proud of the work we’ve put in. A big thank you to MagicTurtle for doing most of the technical work for creating the system, and to Mystery for helping with the Wiki sections. I’d also like to thank the Senior Staff and the Lore Team for their support on this, it has been in the works for a while now. Finally, my biggest thank you is to you all, the players, who have loyally stuck with us during our progression on the server. We couldn’t do this without all of you. If any of you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this update feel free to contact myself directly on Discord at Dimitri#1911, or contact MagicTurtle on Discord at MagicTurtle#9888. This has been Dimitri signing off, I hope you all have a wonderful day. 🙂



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