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Accrayer's Withered Application

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1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!)

[Spring Elven Withered] Talinor (Last name is Silentbreeze but he does not use it, explained in backstory.)

2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!)

The spring elven domain of the old world is known to most to be rather tame. Peaceful and tranquil to those who wish it and vicious and unforgiving to whom that wrong the land and elven people that reside in it. On a grim day of clouds and bitter cold an event would take place within the domain, surprising those who have not seen such a thing. A spring elven couple were due for a new baby boy to arrive into the world, the family that Talinor was to be born into where making preparations for the gift of life that is to come. As the birth commenced something strange would be noticed. Upon touching the newborn elf a warm perhaps light pain would be felt when he was held, as well as the baby's skin to be more pale-ish than the average. Druids of the group would fear the worst telling Talinors mother that her child may have been born demonic or something in that sort. Fearful but hesitant to outcast her baby, his mother would keep him, hoping that this strange anomaly is only temporary or she could help him. The group that was to celebrate the boys' arrival treated him with distaste as they knew he was not natural. Because of this his parents would hide him away or more so keep him locked away in his room in the tree like house the spring elven people were known to reside in at times. Talinors childhood would be rough, the constant pain and uneasy feeling of his curse would take a toll. Prone to short bursts of anger built up from the miserableness of his own body. When allowed out of his room to eat or wander the house he would take out his anger on his parents. Into his early to late teens the elven boy finally breaks, unable and new to the natural demonic power that he was born with would lash out, demonic flames bursting from his palm to engulf his room then entire home, both his parents would reside in the house at the time. Like a bonfire the tree home would be set ablaze. The fire would take no affect on him but he would watch his mother be scorched by fel fire. That day would be rather traumatizing as he did not act in malice towards his parents but didn't know how to control what he was born with. As the news spread of the horrific event the domain he resided in would not just treat him with distaste but sheer horror and hate. Shunned, Traumatized and feared Talinor would be forced out of his home and separated from his people forever. Forced to live in cold and harsh caves hidden from the outside world his hatred would not burn even more so brighter like the fiery blood that he possesses. Now as an adult the pale, reddish eyed, frail like spring elf would hear a rumor on the horizon. Now and then he would visit small towns to grab supplies, his torn and ragged robe covering himself. He would hear two human guards speak of a land that is soon to be settled … Anoma.    

3. Character's Purpose: (This is what your character seeks to achieve!)

Talinors motives are hard to track. Sometimes his anger takes over making him pursue foolish ideals. But of recently and with age he is starting to master that, allowing for him to focus on other motives. A noticeable one would be his hatred towards his own kind. Vengeance for the malice that his people showed him throughout his childhood and teenage years. But most of all regret for his sheer lack of control which led him to burning his home down including his parents, people who didn't see him as demonic and or unnatural. He wishes to embrace his curse and to not hide anymore, hoping for something new in the land of Anoma.


4.  Write a small scenario for how your character reacts to one of the following circumstances, and what ensues:


4a. It is night, and you're leaving a tavern by the docks. A man bumps into you, and you feel his hand at your pocket.

*As the man bumped into the rugged robed elf the elfs head would twist, a look of distaste would appear as a noticeable expression to the thief. It is clear that the withered noticed him, the man clenching his teeth as at the sight of the unnatural like being a nervous expression would slowly follow up as now the elf would begin to speak to him* “I do not take kindly to thiefs, perhaps if I looked rich then it would be excusable.” *The elf would then spat, the thief now being able to clearly see his figure under his robes. Red glowing eyes, pale like skin, perhaps even horns….?* “I uhhh… I swear I was nae tryin’ to steal from you mister… I didn’t mean no harm..” *The thief would exclaim as he stumbled over his words. Suddenly the elf would reach out his hand to place it on the man's cheek tilting his head, a spark of flame starting to cover his palm* “I think you knew what you were doing.. Nonetheless I forgive you..” *The pale elf slightly smiled as he would singe the man's cheek with very minor fel fire* “Next time I will not be so forgiving..” 

4b. You come upon a burning building, and you can hear the sounds of someone shouting from within.

*The Withered elf would be walking along a road somewhere near a village. He  would notice smoke, taste the ash in the air as coming up on his right would be a burning estate. The screams of what seems to be a child and mother in the building, various beams crashing down which would add to the horror full scream. The elf would look away as he got closer, seeming agitated by the screams of the pair. Lost memories of his past would flow through the pale elf as the picture of his parents being burnt alive being still fresh in his mind. He would sigh as he began to walk over to the building, closer and closer to the flames a man would notice the elf, a bucket of water in hand trying to douse the flames.* “What in the name of Sequestus are you doing elf!?” *The withered giving no care for the man's words as he would step into the roaring inferno of the burning home. Walking towards the screams he would find a mother and a child, the heat and main fire of the blaze about to overtake the pair. Talinor would see the sheer fright in their eyes as the elf walked towards them. Taking the woman and shoving her out the window as he realized he could not carry her from the flames. Next lightly sprinting out of the falling apart estate. Simply walking past the baffled man as he continued on his path, robes and the like still mostly set ablaze.*

4c. You come upon an overturned wagon in the road, with a pair of bandits looting the unmoving bodies of its previous owner.

*The pale elf would stumble upon a rather gruesome sight. Bodys would litter the road with an overturned wagon and a few horses littered with arrows. Bandits and looters would be around the bodys, picking clean any valuables and anything useful to them. As he walked by the ash on his robes still fresh for his last encounter, even more rugged than before. If the looters did not notice the elf or simply did not care for him the withered would simply walk by, not giving a care.* 

4d. Awaking in the middle of night, you find yourself covered in blood.

*Talinor would suddenly awake in his makeshift bed that he was made for himself in a cave. A pain like usual would cause him to randomly wake each night, unknown to him his curse would be eating away at his very soul. As he peered down to his clothing singe marks of fire and a few splatters of blood would soak himself. Turning his head to inspect the cave to how this happened. He lightly shrugged as he held his hand on his arm, his fiery skin groaning in short spikes of pain. He would think to himself ‘Perhaps I didn't scrub my clothing from the following day .. I must do so in the river nearby if I’m to be allowed entry to grab bread..” he’d think as he fell back on his back, shifting in different sleeping positions while looking up to the cave roof. Unable to fall back asleep for an hour or so.* 

5. Character's primary axis of morality: (What is the most important thing to your character?) 

Chaotic neutral - Chaotic Evil. This would depend on the temperament and his current mood. The most important thing for my character is to learn control, and to seek out more information of what he truly was.

6. Is your character a good person?

Not really, if it benefits him or he wishes to learn more, some kind of agenda with the situation that he could save someone to where people might think he is good.



1. Why do you want to play an application race?

I want to add a little flavor into my experience on Lost Fables. I also believe that I can provide some interesting RP interactions with my chosen race and even some player storylines. 

2. How long, and through what mediums have you been roleplaying?

Have been rping on minecraft for around 6 years now, I can't remember.  SWTOR for around 3 years and WoW for around 5 years. 


3. Summarize the lore of the specific species you are applying for. This answer is very important, tied only with character question number four. Answer with care.


Demons are known to have a corrupted presence to them, leaving a form of corruption in the area that they reside, killing crops and even corrupting infants that still reside in a mother womb. Well the withered are the result of a demonic presence that corrupts them while they reside in the womb. Withered are born with demonic like qualities, the blood that resides in them is boiling hot as they hold a natural ability to control the destructive fel magic because of the sigil of wrath. The appearance of a Withered depends on the base race that they come from but all withered share similar demonic qualities. Glowing eyes of unnatural color like red and orange. Frail and withered away hair or just simply the lack of pigment. Their physical strength is greatly less of the species that they once hailed from as the constant use of magic and the ich they have for it makes them very frail as well as age much quicker then normally. As they grow in knowledge of fel truths demonic scripture begins to arise on their bodys. A well learned withered will most likely be covered in scripture. Just like half bloods Withered are despised as they hold traits of demonkin, although they are not actively hunted unlike the demonkin that corrupted them. With the desire to use the magics that they were cursed with and the sheer destructive nature of the blue fel magic Withered will be casted out or even killed during the early days of childhood. In addition to the corrupted magics that they are born with, the destructive truths that they hold have a lasting affect on their aging. Withered will age 70% faster then their base race. Lastly at birth the sigil of wrath would be marked on them, allowing for them to become Fel-Slingers, able to learn other fel truths the sigil hinders the use of any other type of truths besides fel.  Fel-Slingers call upon the burning wrath and magics of the once but now fallen titan Aggromaraphar.  His burning rage and desire for vengeance has no bounds as all that he has is time being locked away. His Fel-slingers that bear his mark are representations of him on the mortal world, his way of bringing destruction. Withered are a special case, not much is known to the reason they are born with his mark as non withered must go through excruciating trials to obtain it.  Spending essence is not as simple as "Just expending essence" but it calls upon by the vessel that holds it at the very energy pool of ones veins with a burst of a fiery inferno. This may cause great effects on a mortals mental and physical wellbeing.  The more you call upon the bloodburnt titan the more and more the temperature of your blood rises and handicaps arise with the more essence that is spent. With 5 - 20 essences spent within 24 hours each having effects upon the slinger that expends the essence. On the topic of Fel flame it is known that its a more toned down flame compared to true fire, yet do not be fooled.  Fel flame is so hot that it can melt through metal, earth and stone as well as not leaving normal scorch marks but a blue-ish purple residue with demonic scripture. Fel flame does not spread normally then nautral fire, even if landing on a thatch house it would not erupt in flames because of the blue demonic fire BUT would catch on fire as the sheer intensity of the flame would cause a domino effect, creating non magical fire and spreading. Once receiving the mark either birth in the withereds case or marked by completing trials the fel-slinger would start off at rank 1 (Basic caster) and able with time progress up to a (Master Caster) with each rank allowing for difference fel truths and a greater pool of essence.  Different array of Fel abilities that can be mastered through the ranks such as in the beginning the creating and ignition of free form Fel flame, not combat uses. A continues stream of fel flame when concentration is maintained at rank 2. Following to the next rank of 3 the slinger would gain abilities to protect and enhance physical defense and offence. And finally the slinger at the peak of power and mastery being able to call upon a dome of fel flame to protect whom that is inside of it, so on and so forth. 

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Accrayer, your application is pending. You’re so close! The following are changes you need to make before you are accepted;



The following changes must be made within the next 48 hours. If you fail to make these changes, your application will be denied. If you have any questions or need any assistance, you may contact me at the following locations; Discord: MagicTurtle#9888, Forums: blackhand7 


Feel free to join us on our Discord [here]. For more information on server lore, click [here]

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  • Event Lead


Accrayer, your application to play an Withered has been accepted! You have proven that you meet advanced roleplaying standards and have a solid grasp on the lore of Anoma. Congratulations! 


If you need any help or have lore-related questions about your new character’s race, you may message me in-game /msg Tha_Mystery_Man on Discord Mystery#1104, or on the forums Tha_Mystery_Man


Feel free to join us on our Discord [here]. For more information on server lore, click here:  https://wiki.lostfables.net/index.php/Fel-Slingers

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