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TaraJess's Dolphinfolk Application

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(I have a screenshot of Mystery saying I could do this. Blame him. :D)

1. Character Name: Ser Snorts III

2. Character Backstory: 

It's a cruel world for a dolphin.

Snorts III Was born in the northwestern sea off the coasts of Anoma. He was born into a fairly small pod of dolphins which consisted of his mother and two other dolphinkin. It was a proud line of Snorts. Their pod often fished close to the shore, safe from the dangers of the deep sea nearby. This pod would also spend time on the beachside, rarely straying far from the homey warm waters. Snorts had a fair childhood, enjoying the simple things such as fishing and sunbathing in the warm sand, but this mindless bliss would be short as tragedy would indeed strike. As foreign life started to invade Anoma, the majority of the populous of the dolphinfolk would retreat to the deep ocean. Others, such as Snorts' pod, would take their chances, having too much love for the sea their pod had been bound to for generations. While this cautious loyalty to their land would work perfectly fine in the beginning, it would only be a matter of time until evil would absorb Snorts. 

As ships came barreling in to the new world, the land trembled with anger, taking many ships down in its rage. One particular ship would be downed in the pod's land, attracting the curiosity of Snorts as the shit split into the sea. He wouldn't realize the danger of the downing ship, as he blindly swam toward the event like a moth flies into a light. His pod would be the only reason he would live that day, as they would sacrifice themselves to push Snorts out of the way as the wreckage came crashing down around them all, dragging their squeaking selves down to a watery grave. 

Snorts' eyes would be empty from that day on as he watched the red-stained water under the newly sank ship. He'd wander the wreckage of the ship in any sad attempts to free his family from the wreckage, even though he watched the life be crushed out of them all. He would never be able to free them, and would one day give up and return to the beach. The sun would seem to burn on his back, as he spent more and more time out of the water. The stressful waddle of the Dolphinkin on land would slowly be less difficult on him, though he still remained slow on the lands of Anoma. He'd wander the lands for long amounts of time, taking some time here and there to take a nice cold bath in ponds and rivers. He would one day wander upon a camp of the invaders, they had their murderous ships docked along the bay, fish being brutally fried above a blazing fire. A new bloodthirst would overcome the dolphinkin as he watched children happily playing along the beach. How dare these murders be so happy?

Snorts would return to the water, slowly swimming up to a stray child. The little girl would be in the shallow water collecting colorful little shells. She was clearly evil, making all the hermit crabs homeless. Snorts would slowly swim up to the girl in shallow water, happily clicking for her attention. Her head would tilt as the dolphinkin spoke, offering to teach the girl how to swim. The curious child would follow the dolphin out into the deeper water. Once far enough out to where the water was up to her torso, Snorts would grab the girl's leg, dragging her under the water so she'd be unable to scream for help. He'd drag her down to the bottom of the sea, the girl soon drowning as the sunlight would become scarce the deeper Snorts went. The act was exhilarating, addicting, Snorts would seek to rid Anoma of the evil invaders who had murdered his family.

3. Character's Purpose: Child murder and harassment. If there's a small pure bean baby nearby, Snorts becomes bloodthirsty to bring sorrow to those who made him suffer. He also finds pure joy out of scaring the shit out of children. He's like a dolphin boogy man.

4.  Write a small scenario for how your character reacts to one of the following circumstances, and what ensues:

4c. You come upon an overturned wagon in the road, with a pair of bandits looting the unmoving bodies of its previous owner.

Snorts would squeak and click happily at the sight, approaching the two strangers with crooked eyes. "Snorts help eat bodies and bring to water dark!" The dolphinkin would continue to click as he awaits the response of the bandits. The bandits would be afraid, but would not deny the beast its pleasure. 

5. Character's primary axis of morality: (What is the most important thing to your character?) The most important thing to Snorts is that the babies suffer, just as he did. 

6. Is your character a good person? Ha. No. He is a wholesome sadist.


1. Why do you want to play a unique race?

Playing anything that is human-like is starting to depress me and I need a character to vent everyday rage in a healthy way. What better way to do that then play a sadistic dolphin on a mineman server?

2. How long, and through what mediums have you been roleplaying?

I've been on Minecraft roleplay servers since I was 12, and I'm 17 now so. I played D&D once and really sucked, then went home and lost my favorite dog and never stopped crying.

3. Give a description of the lore for your unique race, and explain how it fits into the overall lore of the server. This lore should include why your species is so rare.

Beastfolk are native to Anoma, living there far longer than the invaders have. Dolphinkin remain widely unknown to everyone, as their pods rarely remain close to the beaches of Anoma, especially since the invaders landed. 

(Ima add this section at the bottom, think its needed.) 


Weighing only about 100 lbs, Snorts is only about 5 feet tall. He is a light blue pearly color with red-pink eyes. He has a squeaky high pitched voice, and an awkward stature. He moves quite awkwardly as well, being very slow on land, and struggles to climb if things are too steep. 




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  • Event Lead

Unfortunately I cannot make this a accepted application because Snorts III is too powerful for a general player scope. Even in relation to that of Marcellus, The Soldier, The Golden Champion, and even related roughly to that of almost all the True Dragons it'd be nearly too broken for this application to get accepted... So as such with that- it's denied.

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mwnehRHhX0XV7jOOUeWpbSJFfSiLpy-UzVNZ1QNdRbOF-rxYrWgW5MMTbYOrpgrIiplAcxsc3D2UXL0vXVs3sNfU7poYaXbPa7UxOSmdvgneA6QpL4mymt2lKXn0vxEjLqAWtU-cTaraJess, unfortunately, your application has been denied. If you choose to apply again, please make the following changes; 

  •  If you want to play a character that is not in the lore, you must fill out a conditional application, not a race application.

If you have any questions about your denial, please contact me on Discord: MagicTurtle#9888 or on the Forums: blackhand7 Feel free to join us on our Discord [here]. For more information on server lore, click [here]

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