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            Golems have walked the realms for many years, each culture finding a use for them. However, they were always built from a material that came from nature, even if it was refined to something new. Yet deep underground in their massive cities that are based on a foul parody of man’s own, a new magic, a new method of Golemancy is created. The Verivan who seek only to improve on their own power created it in their horrid workshops, using naught stone, clay, metal or wood, but flesh and bone. Their horrid beasts that were but foul, twisted beings hellbent on chaos and destruction. These are a Flesh Golem’s first instincts, given sentience or not. Often, Flesh Golems are massive behemoths of flesh and muscle with their strength and stature being on par with a Rehk-Ogri though weighing slightly more.  OP0I4v-RiGbx5DnbYdq2Zjd6DtFos7Wa74UbvkkCSIiWSovpUjxY_8Kd0OUi_UmaT4rix2ydfnBZkDv_P1JdQieo3y4u4W3kc9y0TZu4ui9Kr6nFkL84pLNMQ_58LJ0g781cD7jr                                                                                    CREATION

               Unlike most Golems, Flesh Golems are much more of a symbiote than a magical ‘soul’ possessing a myriad of corpses. They consist of a host, and a Core that helps keep the body together. Normally, this Core is a Corrupted Nature Golem’s core, taken out while they are young and still forming. Although if they are older it also works. The process itself requires more than one person, otherwise the potential to fail is increased. Normally, it’s more of a complex surgery-type process. After gathering the additional parts needed for the Flesh Golem (Muscles, organs, limbs) the body is cut open in the places where they want to insert the new parts. For example, for new muscle, the arms would be cut open to allow for easier access. The chest is then cut open as well, and it is then that they insert the Corrupted Core, where it will attempt to bond with the host. The host’s body will normally struggle and reject the Core, resulting in their death. But if the body accepts the core, the core then bonds with the person’s mind and soul, acting as a sort of backup copy for the two as well as keeping the body together. The core, once accepted, will pull whatever muscles and organs it will want for the new shape, as per the Golemancer’s design where the scientists or doctors will graft it into the Flesh Golem’s form. After that, new flesh is sewn into the cut open parts to stop any bleeding or anything like that. If this all sounds incredibly dangerous and insane, it is because the methods originated from the Verivan, the Ratfolk who seek only to further their own knowledge for personal gain. Without thought to the experiments. 


               Flesh Golems can look in a myriad of ways, but the most commonly seen Flesh Golems belong to the Verivan. These Golems are known to the ‘man-things’ as Verivan Ogri, large ratlike beasts that appear to be a cross between a Ratfolk and a Rehk-Ogri, or an Ogre. Of course, that’s not the only case of Flesh Golems, but it’s the most common type. Although, there are much smaller Flesh Golems that are used more for servitude and act as assistants to their masters, normally being much smaller. Generally, Flesh Golems can be between 3’-9’ in height and weigh close to a thousand pounds, if not slightly less so. They can also have up to six limbs, meaning an extra two arms or two legs, or one of each if someone wanted to make one like that. The Golem Core can sustain no more, however, and any new limb will take a good bit to learn how to work and function. Most of the time, new limbs are completely limp for the first few days, and then they begin to do basic functions of moving and closing into a fist or opening into a palm.  



            A Flesh Golem can be killed, albeit maybe temporarily. Cutting off a Golem’s head, or the Golem bleeding out will ‘kill’ it. Although, if the core is not destroyed, the Golem can be brought back in a new form, as the core acts as a sort of backup system for the person’s soul and memories. Like a brain transplant, it would completely override the person inside the new body. Making them a backseat driver, just a tiny whisper in the back of the Golem’s head.  

                                                                         MIND OF A FLESH GOLEM

              Flesh Golems are not normally given sentience which results in them being similar to most golems. Dumb, and only able to follow orders given to them by their master. Flesh Golems DO possess emotions, as there is still the host that dwells within. This can make for a problematic Golem if they are given sentience, which is they often aren’t granted this ability unless they have been known to be extremely submissive before their turning. Most Flesh Golems are bound by their cores to do whatever their master tells them, but if their master dies, so will they unless they find someone else to help them along and perform ‘renewal’ surgeries on them. This person does not have to be a golemancer, but a doctor who knows simply how to perform complex surgeries. They do not even have to be the Golem’s master, they can just be a random person.Flesh Golems are inherently evil beings, as the Corrupted Core used to sustain them are tainted by dark magics that whisper for them to do horrible things to those around them.  


                                                                                RACIAL ABILITIES

               -Not unlike the other Golems, Flesh Golems can easily be up to three or four times as strong as a normal human. Though they cannot surpass the strength of a Rehk-Ogri, more being a worthy match.-Flesh Golems can be as large as a Rehk-Ogri (9’0), but they cannot be any bigger or else the Core would overwork the mind and effectively kill the host.

                -Flesh Golems do not feel any pain in their added limbs, as they are not connected to their nerves like their actual arms and legs.

                -Flesh Golems do still feel emotions if granted sentience, and they also can still feel in general, as well as smell and taste. They possess all the senses as their Host did, and can even die from poison and such. Though it would have to be a rather large dose to actually cause any effect. 


                -Flesh Golems aren’t normally intelligent creatures, even if granted sentience they react more based on instinct and emotion than anything. As such, they’re prone to violent outbursts, as well as physical assault given they are evil beings.

                -There is no such thing as a ‘nice’ Flesh Golem. They may act kind, but it would only be for their own gain in the end, pretending to be caring only to stab that person in the back. Remember, these are inherently evil with the Corrupted Core, no matter how they acted in the past life.

                -Flesh Golems granted sentience WILL have memory of their previous life, and everything they’ve done, all the people they’ve loved etc. But they won’t see it as a ‘I want to return to that’ sort of situation, more of a ‘How can I exploit their love for me?’ type of reaction.

                -Flesh Golems are symbiotic creatures, between the host and core, as long as the core survives, the host’s mind and memories can be transferred to a new body in a form of resurrection. But, this does not mean it will come back the same. If the core is even slightly damaged, it can result in memory loss or less power to hold up its form. Meaning, a weaker Flesh Golem.

                 -Flesh Golems CANNOT heal naturally. Any damaged muscle, skin, or bone must be replaced in its entirety in order for it to work again. So, if the Golem were to get something as small as a paper cut or something from a dagger, it would have to have the wound sewn up or have more skin grafted in order for it to not have anything exposed again.



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