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The Gate has been Opened

The opening of the gate rattles Anoma to its core. The tunnels and caves now free to explore!

Mines Overhaul

The mine overhaul has been released! Be sure to make a global ticket to request yours to be upgraded if you've still got an old mine.

Server Application - TaraJess

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MC Name(s):




Your Age:












Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise):

LotC, various other Minecraft rp servers.



Define Metagaming:

Using ooc knowledge in roleplay.



Define Powergaming:

giving your character extremely unrealistic abilities, like a five year old being a doctor.



Have you read and fully agree to the rules?:




What brings you to Lost Fables?:

One of ya staff's was talking about it and I was hyperventilating with excitement.



How did you hear of Lost Fables? If someone, then who?:

Grim was telling a few of us about it in VC



Character Name:




Character Age:




Character Race:




Tell us about your character in a minimum of 10 sentences, must include 2 lore references. (Appearance, backstory, family relations, etc):

In a Carribard household on a small island nation, Casi of the house Levana cradled his newborn daughter as his wife lay dying on her birthing bed. Vitlani, the Levanan wife brought her hand to the child's head, knowing that in her end, she brought a new beginning to the world. Already named, Aeyri's eyes opened for the first time, revealing eyes the color of crystal clear sea foam, a known Levanan trait. While her eyes opened, Vitlani only got a glimpse of the color as her own eyes would shut for the last time.


On a lovely stucco home along the sea, Aeyri spent her days on the beach in the sand, looking out to sea, watching as cargo ships would bring their haul to the bay, where a bustling city crowded the shores. The Levanan Estate, though rather small to be considered and 'estate', was surrounded by extravagant gardens and farms, a path leading out to the sea. The home, open and bright to the world, still lingered with sadness after Vitlani's death, though it didn't seem to touch Aeyri. Casi would watch his daughter play in the sea, overwhelmed by the pure love he had for the only reminder of his wife that could breath air. Aeyri grew to be the spitting image of her mother, with tanned skin and those sea foam eyes, her hair dark like her mothers, a striking difference from her father's blonde Gravican locks.


Casi had came to the island nation for his studies. He had taught his wife to read and write, something that was extremely taboo in her family. And like his wife, Casi would teach his daughter to read and write at a young age. He'd find a stick, and teach her to how to write on the beach in the sand, letters, numbers, and even little drawings, as Casi had brought with him from his home his goofy artistic ability. Aeyri would be his pride and joy, as she was her mother's daughter. Casi would never remarry, or father any other children.


Curiosity would bloom in Aeyri through the years. She would spend hours alongside her father during his studies, watching and assisting him. They had a bond that was simply unbreakable, even in death. That's why when death came for Casi, the 15 year old would be heart broken, to a point where she wanted to swim out into the sea until she could no longer swim. It only took a few weeks for Aeyri to loose everything she ever knew. The Levanan Estate was taken, her father's books of his studies shipped away to distant family, and what few remaining tokens of her mother were sold off in auction. Aeryi would spend the next two years sleeping on the streets of the city, and making coin by writing letters for those who couldn't. Often, her coin would come from sailors who wanted to write home, a very dependable career for the teenager at the bay city. It was one of those very sailors who had mentioned the expedition to the girl. An expedition to a new world, a new start, something Aeyri needed. With the coin she could save, she'd buy her way onto the expedition, only bringing the clothes on her back and a bag full of ink and paper.



Character Ambitions/Goals:

Aeyri wishes to use her talents and education to map the new world. She also wants to keep track of households in the new world, making family trees for coin. More of a distant dream, she hopes to one day open a school or library for other seekers of knowledge on the new world.



Character Traits (At least two negatives):








Upon visiting the local merchant you see that they have acquired a rare good that you’ve been searching for. After inquiring about it you learn that they are asking more than you have in your coin purse. What is the item, and how would your character respond to this?:

Upon passing a merchant's stall in the bay city, Aeyri's eyes would widen at the sight of paints and fine inks from other islands. She'd rummage through her coin pouch, quickly counting up what she had whilst asking the merchant the price of the vibrant colors. While Aeyri thought she'd have enough, she'd find out she was extremely wrong. She'd beg the merchant to hold onto the paints while she earned more money, even claiming she'd pay more than the original price if he'd keep them for her.



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a1kdOAHe0SNk3U2j5ID8t4UKLUlXkuAi-qJDbOJ3dIs2dQhyBqjY3ukqso60Rbyl1UrpQIUlX4eT-LvCmR5euIWh7WwOK9c-efO2KhfK9HV-zKvH_TLyoJgzIVfbO0CnUw_8qW07Congrats Tarajess, you have been accepted! Welcome to Anoma. Upon your arrival, you may call for a wandering traveler using /modreq wandering traveler guidance, please! The wandering traveler may assist you in venturing through the lands or with any of your questions.  If you need any help you may message me in-game /msg SaltyVibes__, on Discord Salty#7987, or on the forums Salty. 

Feel free to join us on our Discord [here]. For more information on server lore, click [here], and [here] for settlement guides!

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