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The Gate has been Opened

The opening of the gate rattles Anoma to its core. The tunnels and caves now free to explore!

Mines Overhaul

The mine overhaul has been released! Be sure to make a global ticket to request yours to be upgraded if you've still got an old mine.

-=- The Pact of Cove and Cave -=-

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                 Storm_Anchor-_Concept_Art_KHIII.png           unknown.png

The Brood of Goz-Bog and the Stormblade Sirens from this day forth, announce a Military alliance between us. 

Terms of this alliance shall be listed below, expectations of Goz-Bog’s Brood, alongside the expectations of the Stormblade Sirens, 

The Brood of Goz-Bog:

 The Brood of Goz-Bog will enter into a non-aggression pact with the Stormblade Sirens and their allies. 

Goz-Bog will give the Stormblade Sirens preferential treatment when granting them access to his sacred cave. 

Upon request, the Brood of Goz-Bog will support the Stormblade Sirens in all of their military endeavors, provided they are allowed by the terms of this treaty. 

The brood of Goz-Bog will engage in free trade with the Stormblade Sirens, provided said traders are granted leave to enter Goz-Bog’s sacred cave.

Goz-Bog will levy his divine blessing unto the Stormblade Sirens. 

The Brood of Goz-Bog will assist the Stormblades in their reclamations of land, scouting events, and resource collection when required. 

The Stormblade Sirens:

 The Stormblade Sirens will erect a six foot tall (2 block) shrine in commemoration of Goz-Bog’s glory within their lands. 

The Stormblade Sirens enter into a non-aggression pact with the Brood of Goz-Bog and their allies. 

The Stormblade Sirens forfeit their non-aggression pact with the Brood of Goz-Bog during the ceremony of new eat. 

Upon request, the Stormblade Sirens will back the Brood of Goz-Bog in all military endeavors, apart from the ceremony of new eat. 

The Stormblade Sirens will engage in free trade with the brood of Goz-Bog, and open their borders to them. 

The Stormblade Sirens shall assist Goz-Bog in his reclamations of land, scouting events, and resource collection when required. 


(Scribe) Swifty Samuel Isaak Carter, First Mate of the Stormblade Sirens

Océanne Mercier, Captain of the Stormblade Sirens

Tempesta The Red, Captain of the Stormblade Sirens

Goz-Bog the gargantuan, the godking, creator of the universe, his eternal fatness, the fatlord, the smasher of Grimsnatch, the curser of rock-man, blesser of Rehk-Ug, creator of Rehk-Ug, Redeemer of men, creator of men, Redeemer of women, creator of women, creator of elves, curser of elves, creator of big Rehk-Ug, creator of rock that talk, creator of tree that talk, maker of shiny, maker of munchie, eater of munchie, giver of rats speak ability, giver of cats speak ability, giver of lizard speak ability, giver of rat walk, giver of cat walk, giver of lizard walk, giver of small man fish breathy, maker of cave, maker of sharp pointy, inventor of smash smash agreement, inventor of boom boom, inventor of goz-bog time, inventor of goz-bog math, writer of book of goz, maker of anoma, smasher of grimsnatch again, smasher of grimsnatch servant, smasher of grimsnatch servant again, awesome. 


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