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The Carribard and the King: The First PK

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The Carribard and the King


   The wind howled with a great intensity as the Carribard Captain, Luke, ambled from the corsair-capital, the Cove of Olaku, to the city of Kingsport, Capital of the Kingdom of Calois. His mind raced with thoughts of training and battle, wondering how further he could build up his false ego, his glory, and his name in the collective consciousness of all of Carribard-kind. It was only a few days prior, that the falsely courageous Captain spewed his tongue with little restraint, revealing false but grandiose motives within the city. To slay the bold King Charles Alevard. His words, however, did not go unheard, as a weary ear caught wind of the affair, a Carribard named Sierra, a woman loyal to the crown. She told the King of Luke’s alleged intent, a great swiftness to her words, and soon the plans were made. 

The palisade gates of the city creaked open, as a rehk worker pulled at its gears. Luke strode into the qualid square, carrying a bravado he had donned upon himself in each endeavor. This visit proved unique however. Luke paraded as a soldier within Calois, donning his armor and weapons as he joined a line of fellow soldiers, the sun beating down with beaming strength. The Lord Marshal, Caelan Caldwell organized the soldiers, soon joining the line as the Armusian King arrived. His golden crown reflected the sun’s glare, and his gaze was firm and steady. He clasped his hands behind him, pacing across the line as Luke spoke to his fellow soldiers, insulting them and courting them in the same breath. One stepped forth upon the King’s command, receiving a medal before re-merging with the line. A stillness followed, one that permeated the very aura of the scene. 


The King’s words were sudden and precise, leaving his mouth with careful pronunciation. The Carribard was oblivious, stepping forth in anticipation for a commendation or title. None, however, arrived, as a firm hand pulled his arm behind him, and another soon followed. 


Asked, the Carribard, taken aback by the sudden antics. His gaze soon rose as the King repeated unto him his crimes, nervous that his tongue had finally caught up to him. Confusion was overcome by adrenaline as the Carribard struggled against his captors, uttering a long, drawn-out curse to all in his presence as he headbutted the Lord Marshal behind him. The King seemed unphased, as his sword soon emerged from its scabbard. Just as Luke’s head pulled back into place, it was knocked down by the pommel of Oathmaker, the King’s longsword. The world soon grew dim, and his body still. A Rehk named Boedak lifted the unconscious body from the cement, carrying it atop the gallows as deliberation followed inquiry. A crowd formed and the High Theogonist, Rickard, was called to the pews as claims and counterclaims were made about Luke’s alleged crimes. As Luke awoke, both he and the King stated their qualms, Luke giving his defense as such: “Your Majesty, I have committed no crime but being a Carribard. I have plotted only to build a crew in the cove of Olaku, and care not for their well being. My only ambitions are to build a ship and captain a crew of the finest men, to hunt great beasts and fish on the seas I love. That is all.” Charles left the deliberation unto the holy man.

“Trial by Combat!” 

The words inspired a sudden silence that overcame the crowd as gasps and cries radiated out. Several soldiers stepped forth to take the call upon the King’s behalf. “This is my fight to take,” he’d bellow out, his sword once more relinquishing itself from Charles’ scabbard. The King’s wife pleaded for him not to fight, but he pushed her away, conjuring his armor. Luke, too, donned plate armor, choosing to dual-wield a sabre and dagger. As the soldiers cleared the crowd, the fight began, Sierra watching with a growing nerve. Before the fight began, Luke conjured up a string of words intended to draw the King into a fiery rage: “I poisoned yer daughters’ water!” The king grimaced as swings and stabs were exchanged, both parties shifting and adjusting, hoping to land a strike yet finding themselves just shy each time. The battle proved truly matched as the fight ensued. With both parties having grown tired, Charles Alevard entered a direct stance, the Carribard taking defense. With a swift thrust, the King launched his blade, but the Carribard parried, his dagger stopping the longsword as the sabre soon approached for a cut. Luke stood, arms crossed as he attempted to slice, but the King was swift, his body moving with the blade and forcing Luke to lose balance. Oathmaker pressed with vigor and ferocity against the dagger, attempting to break its defense. Luke was fuelled by will, however, and resisted the sword by forcing the dagger toward the middle of the blade in hopes of stopping it. This proved to be his demise. With a sudden whip, his defence was broken and in the stillness of night, the blade lodged itself against his jugular. Blood erupted from his neck as his eyes grew wide and his body limp. In a futile attempt his arm swung wide with the sabre, which the King halted as his meteorite blade sliced further into Luke’s throat, the terrible sound of a burbling choke erupting from his mouth with a torrent of blood parting his neck. The night was silent, the crowd stunned with mouths agape as the King’s blade liberated the man’s head from his body. It flew unto the ground, his eyes still wide as they were when the blade first met flesh. The Carribard’s body soon followed, first collapsing unto his knees before falling against the grassy plain, fallow and in a growing mass of scarlet colored blood, his head rolling away as his consciousness faded, his brain’s cells slowly decaying until there was nothing left but the clarion call of true death, and the last moments of a life scoundrelly lived as his eyes turned and faced the only direction he knew: Magnetic North. 

The King stood victorious, his blade touching the sky as blood slowly oozed down from the middle and collected upon the crossguard. “Zito The King!” yelled the High Theogonist, and the crowd soon followed, the phrase meaning Long Live The King. Beneath the cheering and chanting, Sierra soon erupted from the crowd running to the King. She was stopped by three men before reaching him, “You Murderer!” she’d yell, screeching out to him. 

“I am no Murderer. I granted the traitor a death of honor, and sewed the justice of Sequestus upon his path.” 

The crowd soon dispersed, as did Sierra and Luke’s body was placed within the sea, lay for his head, which found itself atop a pike outside the walls of Kingsport, his eyes still wide as his head rotted beneath the sun of Anoma. And so ends the tale of the Carribard Captain, at the hand of the mighty Armusian King.   

The Carribard and The King: Bard’s Song 

The menacing pirate, he walked into town

He wore a red coat and he acted a clown

Before the fair maiden informed the king of

The Carribard’s treachery they had spoken of 

It was all now planned, the process was made

The moment the king confiscated his blade

The Carribard’s face was of comic desire

Until his tales found himself a liar 

The trial began in a massive roar,

And the captive made plans to flee to the moor

The crowd they would sing and chant and cry

As the theogonist called a duel to try 

The pirate and King both took their blade

Trading blows with truths allayed

The duel was swift, his death was soon

As the Carribard’s head  found itself on a dune. 

And so ends the tale of the Pirate’s great folly

And the Armusian citizens became quite jolly

For when his deceit became cause for his end

No other women to him would bend.



Writers: Quantumatics, Dragonslayerelf

Singers: Quantumatics

Support: LegitCoco







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Alexander would hear of the conflict first a day after as he was asleep on one of the tavern tables for the duration. 

"A dead pirate is a good pirate, but his death is still a waste of blood and bone." The Armusian would state before returning to plan the building of his own project in the city. 

"A great philosopher once said, that every change begins with a moment of lucidity." - Jespar
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Swifty Sam of Anomalous bows his head, a tear rolling down his cheek for the lost Captain. "This brutality will not go unjustified, it is cowardice to fight those weaker than yourself...I expected better from the King of Calois." He mutters before preparing Olaku for an honourable Pirates funeral.


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Charles gazed upon the decaying head of the traitor, staring at it with a grimace upon his visage, "He was my equal in combat. I gave the traitor the greatest honor he deserved, and allowed the Gods to decide his fate. I am a conduit of Justice, and shall uphold that quality unto death." With his words made clear, the King returned to his home to continue his plans for the city of Kingsport.



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Sierra Albertelli of Ribbari mutters a prayer to Dirgodog for her shortly-lived Captain, drinking a bottle of spiced rum in his honour 

"Te one time ye need n armeh, n no ones around eh?" she'd chuckle to herself, before collapsing to sleep on a beach somewhere.

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