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The Position of the Drachev - Public Letter

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The Position of the Drachev


Recent events have caused me to write this letter in order to get rid of some ambiguity. Last phase a group of Anoman constitution, including Winter Elves, Drachev and Humans, headed towards the Gate of Talidur to dispatch any monsters with hostile intentions. Next to the gate was a totem which contained a seemingly sentient eye near the top. While most of the Elves and Drachev fought Mist Men and the main hostile creature a human going by the name of Johannus took it upon himself to scale the totem in order to reach the eye.

During the entirety of the fight the situation largely remained as aforementioned. It was only when Grogg, Golem of Whitehall, told me I had to get to the eye as fast as possible that I moved away from the fight to call upon Johannus to drop it down. A moment later he shot the eye which then fell to the ground in a cloud of dust and smoke. I darted forwards to reach the eye though when I neared it the winter elf going by the name of Aujaq commanded other winter elves, in their own language and understood all too well by Grogg, to slay any Drachev without a warning if they so much as touched the eye. At first I was unaware of the situation but the reactions of those present left nothing to the imagination blaming our well known characteristic called "Drachev Greed".

At this point I shouted in rage towards those who dared question our intentions mere moments after we had all fought this monster together. Luckily, and I say this simply because otherwise I would have touched it and most likely perished either by the hand of an elf or the eye itself, the eye transformed and grew into a sentient being. It seemed to threaten me though I could not understand what it tried to say after which it simply started walking while the tentacles which still cover the nearby land guided it away.


Eventually I gave up following the creature and turned to demand an explanation for the unacceptable behavior of those present. Morale seemed on an all time low when I admittedly raised my own weaponry to settle our differences with blood. I was prevented from doing so by Johannus and his companion while my fellow Drachev insisted on leaving. When I neared the elves another Winter Elf threatened me as they raised their weapon. Then Evain suggested the Drachev leave so the Winter Elves could claim the body of the slain beast. During the entire interaction Aujaq insulted the Drachev by minimizing their aid, claiming the Winter Elves could have handled it alone and questioning our intentions. 


What I personally can't forgive is a command given to kill me or any Drachev even before our intentions could have possibly been known to anyone but myself and Grogg. What could have possibly happened if I had taken the eye? I don't think anyone would seriously consider any Drachev merely picking up the eye without further explanation before running off into the sunset. 

I ran for the eye because Grogg told me to. In this letter I can now tell you that Grogg, during most of the fight, had been communicating with the beast. During the conversation Grogg was able to find out that Eye was watching in ire and by hurting it it became angrier. Thus he told me, given all of this was in the heat of battle still, to get the eye. I asked Johannus to throw it down but instead he shot it and it fell down. It seems rather obvious that I still tried to obtain it after that.


I invite the leaders of Aq'sarniit to discuss the matter because this unresolved situation has put some serious tension on our relationships with those involved. As of yet I do not know whether Aujaq spoke in the name of the tribe. I invite those involved to either ignore this letter if they so desire or make their opinions known so we can resolve this matter.


Grombrindal Firebeard, Warden of Whitehall

[!] The letter would carry the seal of Whitehall and the stamp of the Warden.

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Johannus reads this document with a double feeling, he then began to write a letter back to Grom

"I should be there too, Signed Johannus" 

He writes down and gives it to a letterboy to send it Grom

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Evain Chieftain of Aq'sarniit would read the document which bestowed itself to his personal Aviary. With a grunt he would draft his own letter before sending his own personal snow owl to fly towards the Whitehall aviary in delivering the message. It reads.


"I Evain, Chieftain of Aq'sarniit, protector of the Tundra and inhabitants reply to you Grom. During the heat of the battle a series of my tribesmen where injured  and then injected with potions to ease to pain making them delirious, as you might imagine from someone with near-fatal wounds. As I did assess the situation when the beast was killed watching my tribe and others to investigate who requires the most tend to care my hands delved to Oliver Pendragon. From this moment it came to my understanding one of my tribe, Ajauq threatened your men seeing little to no battle scars over the rest of us. Be it you attacked from range with your dwarven forged weapons and didn't get hit by the creature I can understand where my tribesmen came to this understand this misconception of your aid in the fight.

With this understanding set, my tribe was under heavy dosages of alchemy to survive the encounter they endured pushing them to a delirious state which I mentioned before. His words don't represent the tribe and are down to misunderstands for both sides as we where unaware or your goal with the eye nor did I believe it to be relevant to the creature we worked together to kill. My tribe member has already been spoken about the encounter and rash commandments, as we have both different cultures when it comes to these things and when we fight together as seen on this day don't collaborate well with each other on prize takings or earnt prizes. Though I would hope information you held from the rest of the parties who partook in the fight get all the information prior to the bickering or demands are set so we don't have another instance of clashing of cultures."


The message would be signed off with the Chieften Seal of Aq'sarniit.

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[!] Oliver would read the letter before sighing deeply, he rests in his bed, his shoulder pieced painstakingly back together and begins to ponder himself over the situation, most of which he had unfortunately been facing the ground towards, due to the beasts relentless attacks.

"This Is Why I simply give out the rewards and spoils, I care little for possessions of such especially when it comes to damned eyes" He chuckles to himself momentarily before humming "I do hope the Dwarves and elves fix their relations soon... far bigger threats loom over Anoma, And that battle.... by Lacerta it will be a bloody one"

Finally he rests his mind and body, slowly healing from the intensive wounds he had suffered... 


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Jamison Boswell sits in a small study, blinking a few times as he read the letter closely. Eventually he shrugs, crumpling the paper up and tossing it into a nearby bin as he grumbles to himself.


"There was a monster fight? I've got to get out more, good Gods. Is what it is, I'm sure they'll sort things out, it's nothing a good game of gambling can't fix. I'll be sure to invite them both for such activities- if I remember."


He chuckles quietly to himself, carefully polishing his matchlock as he leans back in his chair, deep in thought for the future.

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