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The Story of Thumbrin

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~= Thumbrin Saga =~

((This is not common knowledge, Only Thumbrin and his ancestors know this and they are all dead including Thumbrin /except for the two dwarves that escaped if they survived/. Thurist only heard tales of  Thumbrin's Saga up to "The Star in the Starless night".))


Hope rekindled 


Gorgi patrolling the camp borders


There stood Thorbrin gazing upon his newborn child, The Tundra winds howled and whispered the name Thumbrin” to the dwarven father and so he lifted his child roaring his name.


“Born frum steel, Forged en Snow! Thuh Ancestors thundur deh name.. Thumbrin! Thorbrinsson!”  He called out to the tribe and so they roared and cheered, for new life has given them hope. The birth of dwarven children was not easy in The Tundra’s environment.


Shortly after his birth, five or six years, Thumbrin’s mother Agre died from illness. Thorbrin then followed Agre to her death from the same illness along with two other dwarves from the tribe. The eldest dwarf of the clan, Gorgi Grungisson, took the temporary position of tribe elder until Thumbrin was old enough. Gorgi took Thumbrin as a student and mentored him in the art of carving gems, their mines recently surfaced gems like amethyst and jet in very small veins so this skill comes in handy. Alongside his training in gem carving another dwarf who descends from a great line of miners who have now perished to history and time, Durian Durinsson, showed Thumbrin through the small mines they had. Durian taught the young dwarf the ins and outs of the mines, where the richest veins were and places to avoid unless he wanted to meet his father earlier than expected.  


When Thumbrin was not locked away in his station carving gems, deep in the depths of the mines or drinking away in the tavern he was usually being forged into a leader by other Karmeny elders teaching him the common set of combat skills, command calls for battle, decision making and motivation skills so that he could keep his people’s moral up. When he finally came of age Gorgi happily returned the position to the rightful dwarf, along with a steel pickaxe with golden dwarven runes on the handle that was personally commissioned by Gorgi and forged by a blacksmith, Valeya, who put her blood, sweat and tears into forging it. The pickaxe was given to Thumbrin as a gift from Gorgi, 


“A tool fit fur ah king.” he said before their new leader, Thumbrin.


Thumbrin with his new forged pick, {Ufdi A Wyr}, set up mining parties so that they may expand their mines and maybe one day draw enough wealth from it to grow into a full settlement with the plans of becoming a new hold his ancestors tried to achieve.  Over time their mines grew and more ores and gems were uncovered during Thumbrin’s reign, though it was never enough to complete their goal in a single lifetime. 


The Mountain's Gift


Thumbrin entering the mines


It was not uncommon to see some conflict between native jotunnbloods and the dwarven tribe as both communities hunt in overlapping hunting grounds. Most of the time the tribe, during Thorbrin and Torthumm’s reign, would act submissively but never roll over like dogs. The dwarves, while smart wanting to avoid war with their small numbers, do not throw away their pride and honor.  Thumbrin did not want to give up food from the hunt to the savages forever, otherwise they would continue to dwindle and so he went into the mines for fourteen days and fourteen nights muttering prayers to Gandhor to bless his presence with something that could bring peace once and for all. 


In the final hour when the strength of The Tundra was at it’s weakest, Thumbrin striked the stone opening up a vein with a single gem glowing within it. He glared into the gem’s beauty mining it out of the vein revealing the sapphire properties. Thumbrin made his way back out of the mines and stood before his tribe revealing to them a raw gem that was not familiar to this generation of dwarves. 


“Thes.. Thes well breng us peace unce an’ fur all..” Thumbrin spoke before locking himself away in his station, by now his gem carving skills were honed and now he tests his limits as he works away on the gem. During his lack of presence, Gorgi and Urist Uristsson temporarily managed the tribe while Thumbrin worked hard on achieving peace.


Thumbrin lifts his head from his work and brings the gem into the light, before him was a blue gem that glimmered with it’s many dwarven runes and hummed as if godly. While his work started with only himself the last he saw his work he had it at a masterful finish, but on the last day of his work he blacked out and when he returned the gem was beyond a master finish. Thumbrin was shocked by this work produced by his hands as even though he did not believe he could accomplish this, he came to the conclusion that All Father Karmeny came to him on his last night and took over his work.  


“Behuld! Dok A Wyr, duh prize ov peace!” The dwarf roared holding the gem up, every dwarf within the tribe looked up at the gem and were in trance and stuck in it’s ever shimmering beauty.


The Star in the starless Night


Dok A Wyr


The tribe formed a travel party that arranged a meeting with the Jotunnbloods, the dwarves ended up meeting in the other’s camp instead of their own. Thumbrin kneeled before the Jotunnblood warchief, Grumfir, where he then presented him with the Dok A Wyr. The Jotunnbloods were drawn in by the gem, their warchief showed great interest to the point where he began the negotiation asking the dwarves what they wanted. Thumbrin presented a treaty where they formed peace and with the help of the dwarves, a trading route could be built between the two. Grumfir, mostly drawn to the gem, agreed to the terms and so Thumbrin handed him the gem. 


The dwarves left the camp and returned to their home in victory, the gem sealing their peace just as Thumbrin planned. With this he set out plans and shared them with his second hand, Urist Uristsson, making sure he was on the same page. Thumbrin had everything planned for a greater future, but before they could move on they first needed more food and supplies which they could achieve through the trading route after they had built it. Due to the low population Thumbrin had to set up different days for different situations where they would work on the route, when they would hunt for food and when they could delve deep into the mines for more ores. 


With Thumbrin’s achievement of bringing peace between the Tribe and the Jotunnblood, he gained even greater popularity among his tribe which eventually drew many dwarven women to him. Inevitably he found himself a dwarven lass, Wesaelda, that chose to become his wife but it would be many years before they would successfully create a child due to Thumbrin’s work and plans having very little space for his own personal goals. Though he did have plans to eventually continue his line, the future of the tribe was more important to him since he wanted his children and all other children to grow up in a safer and more welcoming home where they don't have to suffer the same fate he did with his own parents.


Thumbrin was looking over some parchment that was being drawn on a map in the works, when Grumfir personally visited the Tribe after many days of travel. He was greeted with respect and given the essentials such as food, ale and a bed. The Jotunnblood chief came to them to give Thumbrin a cloak made from thick Yeti fur crafted by one of their very skilled fur-smiths. Thumbrin accepted the gift and celebrated the Chief’s visit with ale and food for all, a day where the dwarves did not have to work. Grumfir departed the next day on a full stomach and a barrel of dwarven ale, the dwarves returned to their hard work. 


The End Times


Thumbrin mapping the land


Thumbrin is at an elderly age now, his wife carried his soon to be born child and the trading route being set up was almost complete though over the many years their mines eventually entered a drought. His best friend and mentor Gorgi passed away with age doing what he loved best, carving gems and drinking ale. The second in command, Urist got married years after the peace began and has a son he called Thurist Uristsson. Thumbrin spoke among his people and there were many complaints of wandering dead eating their food, this saddened the Tribe elder since it was hard enough to get food from hunts due to roaming Yetis. He took up arms and told his people he will be leading a hunt personally to bring back more food, his plans for mining that day were canceled. 


By now Thumbrin had almost completed the map he was drawing up, with this map he had marked areas for thicker numbers of animals that roam the hunting grounds far left of their trading route. Thumbrin took five out of ten of his best warriors to go on the hunt and his wife, Wesaelda, was among them when they traveled through large dunes of snow and perched against the cliffs stalking the wild life. During their hunt, they saw twitching hands that were stuck in ice and snow which only raised more questions. Urist suggested that there might be dead rising from old battles. The elder took this into account during their hunt where they ran into a group of rushing Jotunnbloods, this is where it was assumed the dwarven tribe and men fought in history, but the real truth was that the men were running from something.


“The chieftain is dead” one of them huffed, they explained that during the night their settlement was hit by a wave of undead that managed to get past their defenses, their chieftain fought bravely in battle to defend his home but fell to the sheer numbers of the horde. Thumbrin’s party allowed the Jotunnbloods to join in order to escort them back to camp, but when trying to depart, hands broke through the ground holding their feet in place. This snared the group in their attempt to leave, none the less they hacked away at the problem and marched forth only to be cut off by roaming undead. Thumbrin and his warriors including the humans raised their weapons, they entered a fight they could not when, for there were too many to fight. 


A horde of walking bones and rotten flesh moved through the snow, their eyes humming with a piercing blue glow as if it empowered them. Thumbrin told his dwarves to disband and run, so they did only to be torn apart by the dead, though through the chaos Urist saw two dwarves making it out but he was not sure if this was the cold getting to his brain or not. Urist pulled Thumbrin out allowing both of them to escape, finally returning to the village where he stood amongst his people and called everyone to arms. Thumbrin noticed his wife was missing which turned his skin pale, he hoped and prayed to Vykovat to lead his wife to safety through his mysterious ways. 


As they stood at arms, shoulder to shoulder and shield to shield, a cloud of snow dust covered the lands ahead of them with gentle blue lights piercing through it. Slowly the dead emerged from the cloud, while they walked their endless march towards the tribe Thumbrin saw Jotunnblood men with skin as pale as snow and skin peeling from the cold. They could have left he thought to himself, but they were bound by oath which meant something in Dwarven culture and religion. Eventually Thumbrin’s gaze fell onto the walking corpses of his own dwarven people, each one built his rage higher and higher until finally the horde and tribe collided into battle. 


One by one Thumbrin watched his people fall, the people he believed he could save, the people he believed he could give a brighter future to look forward to until finally all that remained were him and two other dwarves, Urist Uristsson and Thurist Uristsson. They stood back to back fighting off the endless dead that inevitably only got greater and greater, Thumbrin held his axe tight in his hand cutting away at his own men risen with undeath. From within the hoard something trapped Thumbrin’s gaze.. A woman walked among them, his wife Wesaelda, who at first he thought was alive until he saw her pale flesh and grayed eyes. Thumbrin’s grip on his axe weakened as his will turned into sorrow. 


He did not want to fight anymore, until a silver shine pierced through the chaos which caught Thumbrin’s attention. The mourning dwarf looked through and saw that among the dead, Winter elves walked covered in rotten flesh as if acting like the undead. “They.. Ded thes.. They tuk moi wife an.. Son frum meh..” he muttered under his breath before his heart was re-ignited with a primal dwarven rage as he came to the conclusion that the winter elves had something to do with all of this happening. The blazing dwarf charged into battle crushing the dead beneath his feet and cleaving the elves with his axe, Urist no longer saw his Elder in Thumbrin, only a beast that they called the Drachev Wrath, an illness that corrupts the minds of dwarves which degrade them into mindless monsters that slaughter fueled by their eternal greed. 

Thumbrin eventually was piled on by the horde of undead which muffled his roars but it was never truly confirmed if he died that day, but he could not have survived that. From Thumbrin’s point of view as the horde piled on him, he felt their bites rip through his armor and clothes sinking into his flesh. The dwarf elder closed his eyes and felt the warmth of his wife welcoming him into the life beyond, Thumbrin’s final moments lost it’s rage and instead filled with relief that now he may rest for he has forgotten about his home and tribes people. 

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