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Aodex Rehk-Ogre Application

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1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!)

Ghazklaw Madthraka


2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!)


In the war torn stretches of Rekhara a brutal and cunning Clan under the leadership of a nation state in perpetual warfare was pushed to take part in more merciless tactics under the guise of a greater good by bureaucrats, arguing more savagery will save lives by means of inciting fear and ending wars while demoralizing enemies. Kult Karnage was born from the efforts of the aforementioned nation states administration attempting to incite new cultures within their military ranks and the Clans underneath them. One of many Clan leaders being Gorgutz who supported their efforts due to his preference of inherently being a bloodthirsty savage and torturing civilian populations at the end of conflicts mutilating the most innocent receiving satisfaction and pleasure as a witness to their suffering it was in his clan that Ghazklaw was born and through the strife caused by those above him he led a life of merciless bloodshed.


The religious beliefs of the Clan were mysterious and filled with uncohesive myths and legends. The true nature of their gods unknown even to them as the many shamans, poets and storytellers have long since convoluted what was once considered written historical records and documentation into myths and legends. The basis of the religious beliefs being founded on a great Rehk-Ur God Emperor who led Rekhara into a golden age many ages ago and built a gargantuan city paved with streets of gold and buildings made of rare metals adorned in gemstones. The true nature of this God Emperor being a reincarnation of Anomalous although unknown to the Kult whom believes them to be blessed by the gods through 'golden tattoos' collected, earned or otherwise taken by means of performing massive crusades in the name of uniting all of Rekhara under one banner. From the moment Ghazklaw was born causing the death of his mother to the realization at a young age the concepts of that same death and torments of battle Ghazklaw found tranquility and peace in the most hostile and unruly of environments because of this religion, trained by cruel brutes and taught by fervently religious prophets it was discovered the concepts and knowledge he was capable of retaining in contrast to fellow Rehk Ogres was advanced and this quickly led to his own philosophical beliefs regarding religious worship, stemming from the basis that only the strong and most powerful should survive in a world as aggressive as the culture he originated from.

The nature of the behavior of this God Emperor in the minds of the people and the many sacred texts and scrolls being discovered from visions by shamans through the use of psychedelic's and similar there are many controversial 'texts and scrolls' obtained alongside other religious iconography stemming from other rudimentary and suspiciously circumstantial situations, from bits of cuneiform on walls to blood splatter spray making out words relevant to recent events to deaths being considered divine or otherwise based on the actions or beliefs of the individuals dying. The religion as a whole relies on superstition and circumstantial divine providence, under the banner of Worgutz's Goffz Clan during the brutal reign of their corresponding nation state a great deal of the aforementioned 'divine providence' was either artificially created or purposefully emphasized to the Goffz advantage quickly leading into the collection of a great deal of zealous warriors and Rehk Ogres born from the distraught, faithless and desperate situations young Rekh soldiers were put into. Due to the desolate and hopeless nature of the battles, culture and otherwise proselytized by the aforementioned nation state religious worship was quickly constructed from the chaos that was subsidized by the administrative and beaurocratic bodies by 'prophets' formed and spread among any and all infantry involved. During this age of strife Ghazklaw found himself quickly beset by foes on all sides internally and externally amidst his clan as arguments of beliefs, and clashing cultures fought their way from the bottom infantry to the highest of God Kings in his nation and this hastily caused even higher demand for warriors then previously sought after.

This religious ideology quickly led to confirmation bias's by both parties turning into rampant rumors stemming from the myths and legends supported by the most insane and zealous under the premise of uniting Rekhara once again motivated by fervent worship through barbaric savagery as a means to incite fear into their foes arguing of peaceful annexation and the 'greater good' that based itself upon Rehk lives being saved in the process of their misdeeds. These situations were quickly taken advantage of by internally warring Clan conflicts to gain the support of the majority and loosen moral of their opposition causing only the most predatory and untamed leaders to survive in a new found climate of religious righteousness through torment profoundly affecting the cultures of new Rehk generations and alike deeply ingraining the nation in a perpetual state of brutality among all opposition, soldiers and citizens identically as a means to breed respect amidst their peers and garner support for any desires by the ambitious whether it be beaurocratic, civil or military.


The clan Ghazklaw was in under the leadership of Gorgutz da’ Killa-Kutta was known as the Dakka Dakka Chiefdom and during the next few years of Gorgutz’s life, Ghazklaw's life and all their fellow compatriots they would soon become religiously fanatical due to the devious efforts of a Rehk-Ur named Worgutz da’ Warboss who led the Goffz. With newly proselytized beliefs and the efforts to spur more heinous atrocities by the nation states administrative bodies Gorgutz and Worgutz thrived as psychopaths who fed off the suffering of others quickly leading into new religious faiths rooted in the reincarnation of devious Gods and God Kings through Worgutz’s even more so devious efforts to secure influence over others.  In the course of a few years Worgutz had spurred a whole new religious sect that branded itself as Kult Karnage the foundation of the religion being with more remoreless atrocities came more saved lives by demoralizing their opponents and inciting fear into the hearts of any opposition forces inadvertently keeping the peace. This quickly bred a culture holding ruthless cruelty and brutality above all else. Though the efforts of the administration proved successful in war the backlash by internal civilian populations was enormous and what quickly followed were many successive defamation campaigns against the nation state pushing for these Clan’s behavior to be halted immediately and drumming up conscripts to go against what was now a perceived threat against Rehk kind as a whole. The administrative bodies pleased with the progress in many various battles and wars as a whole while confident their efforts will continue to demoralize enemies for many years to come decided to begin quelling such behaviors as to avoid truly long-term backlash potentially affecting the view of their nation state wholly due to the military actions of the Clans within. As word was sent out to the many various Clan leaders the bureaucratic bodies found a great deal of outrage and the nation state quickly concluded that Kult Karnage had hefty political sway due to the religious beliefs proliferated by Worgutz years ago. 

The safest option determined by the administration was to frame and banish Worgutz rather than have him killed as to reduce the influence of the Kult and avoid potential extreme internal disputes which may harm their overall military prowess but the plot laid down was quickly uncovered by Gorgutz who predicted their actions as he had influence among one of the many bureaucratic bodies involved who held the beliefs of the Kult. Worgutz learned of this and realized he could not flee to any other nation state because of the Kult nor could he stay where he was and left Rekhara with a stolen boat and a slew of Rehk cultists in hopes of finding fresh and untamed lands. After Worgutz’s departure the administration learned of those involved in informing him and Gorgutz spread news of the attempted fabrication of evidence against Worgutz to sow discourse amidst the nation state while preparing to leave it himself with his closest subordinates in the Dakka Dakka Chiefdom. This plan however was partially foiled and led him to leaving hastily with very little supplies and few men as those who opposed Kult Karnage intended on having him executed for treason. Following these events discourse spread amidst the nation state as supporters of the Kult and the culture as a whole escalated claims against the administrative and bureaucratic bodies sowing deep seeded distrust among the people of the nation state and the leaders ruling them. 

What quickly followed was to be a schism amidst the bureaucrats themselves as supporters of the culture the Kult was formed from and the Kult itself were subsidized by the Kult and unified officially organizing Kult Karnage leading to tremendous campaigns and political warfare against those who opposed the previously employed brutality approved of by the administration and underpinned by the newly found religious beliefs and organization of all supporters of the Kult. The population of the nation was split and internal conflicts rose quickly leading to political debates funded by both sides which quickly sprung into political conflicts and warfare in the streets. The administrative bodies of the nation state realizing the extent of the issue declared the religious beliefs treason and just as fast as the Kult was formed it disappeared into alleyways and whispers due to their previous unification to begin the campaigns with a plot behind it. Due to new bureaucrats voted in by means of the previously subsidized campaigns of the Kult a plan was formed to begin assassinations and replacements of political and administrative bodies with figureheads of the Kult. This information was discovered by the Kults opposition and the discovery of the information by the opposition was discovered by the Kult and many various political assassinations, extortions and otherwise quickly led to en-mass exodus by members and supporters of the Kult and culture some of which stole a great deal from the nation state. Military, administrative and political figureheads ransacking what they held control over on their way out all generally went their different ways as the organization of the Kult itself quickly dissipated due to greed. One of the many sects of Kult Karnage leaving the nation state found themselves on Anoma where their new lives begin as battled hardened veterans of religious prosetlyism and karnage with a meter or two's worth of quicker movement.


3. Character's Purpose: (This is what your character seeks to achieve!)

Religious proselytism, ideological self confirmation.


4.  Write a small scenario for how your character reacts to one of the following circumstances, and what ensues:


4a. It is night, and you're leaving a tavern by the docks. A man bumps into you, and you feel his hand at your pocket.

Standing tall and mighty Ghazklaw would straighten his back and take a deep and disappointed sight before growling lowly, though quickly rising as he reaches for a mallet strapped to his back, tearing it off from the straps in anger built from the sight of such heresy attempting to smash his foe following a booming roaring scream.


4b. You come upon a burning building, and you can hear the sounds of someone shouting from within.

Abruptly taking in audible huffs of air through his nostrils he would point his head towards the direction of the burning building before sitting down, a loud plop following and shaping himself almost as a plum while he watches from a distance the noises before him.


4c. You come upon an overturned wagon in the road, with a pair of bandits looting the unmoving bodies of its previous owner.

Approaches the two bandits attempting a threatening roar of sorts, deep monotone growls brewing from his chest and throat while reaching for his weapon he would look them both up and down scaling himself to their size before making his next move presumably being an attempt to smash one of the two as a means to claim the loot from those weaker than him.


4d. Awaking in the middle of night, you find yourself covered in blood.

Awakens suddenly, slowly sitting up in an almost cautious demeanor rubbing his forehead with his left hand before taking sight of both his hands and the blood soaked on them, then standing up and looking down at the pool in his wake coming to the realization he is unaware of his new surroundings and the blood. Ghazklaw would crouch lightly and squint at his surroundings curious of the circumstances leading him here before trying to find the nearest cup or bottle of Grog with a peaked eyebrow in curiosity of it's potential of being behind his new situation he found himself in.


5. Character's primary axis of morality: (What is the most important thing to your character?) 

Neutral Chaotic


6. Is your character a good person? Please explain.

In his own mind and due to his beliefs he is nor good nor evil. He is merely another tool that is here designed worship his gods and find solace in it while still personally believing the weak, small or otherwise are considerably lesser and being inherently racist to most other species due to this ideology.




1. Why do you want to play a unique race?

I find talking in a rudimentary demeanor while being somewhat antagonistic is amusing. Alongside that other people may take the type of situations I involve myself in more seriously if I'm RPly a 1000 pound Rehk who is capable of 'smashing' them with more ease then an average Rehk. The threatening demeanor I can compose and the overall style Rehk Ogre's play is what I'm looking for, however despite the backstory I intend to speak common as though I am not fluent in it and never intend to learn it IRly, nor act wholly 'intelligent' or 'civilized'. The rational behind the intellect being I don't want to RP as an easily tricked dumb brute but moreso as an opposing and threatening being with an alien culture to Anoma.

2. How long, and through what mediums have you been roleplaying?

A decade, minecraft and other platforms.

3. Give a description of the lore for your unique race, and explain how it fits into the overall lore of the server. This lore should include why your species is so rare.

The lore behind why Rehk Ogre's are rare is because they are a genetic mutation wholly, albeit said a common one when in contrast to other 'custom characters'. I suppose Ghazklaw would be rarer on the basis he isn't as dumb as a standard Ogre albeit said he is still fervently religious so I wouldn't call him not 'naive'. It fits into the server due to the 'Kult Karnage' organization that is coming through in which is a Rehk group of religious brutes and cultural 'xenos' of sorts as they come from Rekhara and don't speak common fluently nor ever intend to while following customs considered barbaric to the current majority populations of Anoma, being Pendragon and those who enjoy 'slice of life' RP.

4. With your lore in mind, please explain what unique niche this creature can fill that is not already filled by existing creatures on the server, and what narratives or plotlines it has the potential to create.

Religious fanatics or extremists is a niche of sorts already so I wouldn't call that aspect particularly unique however religious extremist Rehk Ogre's who are of average intelligence or so are more so unique then not when in contrast to even the average Rehk Ogre that is made. Plot lines and narratives wise they are still more so an antagonist then not and the implications of a group of religious fanatics coming from Rekhara to Anoma is sure to cause a great deal of political strife and 'talk amidst of the streets' of sorts. Plot line wise the overall lore intends to have a great deal of sacrifices based around the reincarnation of God Kings/God Emperors with the worship primarily being towards a misconstrued version of Anomalous while internal struggles for the organization such as their transport being stuck on corals and pre-made events regarding the 'arrival' despite not being solely for Ghazklaw should be considered as new narratives and plotlines it is creating as not much 'ocean depth' type of events have been done before to my understanding.


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Aodex, unfortunately, your application has been denied. If you choose to apply again, please make the following changes;


  •  Everything you describe your rehk-ogri doing can be done by a Rehk-Ur as opposed to an intelligent Rehk-Ogri. The only tangible difference, as you yourself state in response to question 1 under the player app, is that as an intelligent Rehk-Ogri you are in every way stronger than a Rehk-Ur.  Since the purpose of a unique CA is not to simply to serve as an application to create a more powerful version of existing creatures that offers nothing more than being more powerful, this application is unfortunately denied. Your backstory is good, however, and if you do want to make an application to play a rehk-ogri of standard intelligence I would advise recycling it with some minor edits. I would also advise you to continue to make the cult, despite this denial, as it sounds like a very cool idea and is one that I think could benefit the server. 

If you have any questions about your denial, please contact me on Discord: MagicTurtle#9888 or on the Forums: blackhand7

Feel free to join us on our Discord [here]. For more information on server lore, click [here

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