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The opening of the gate rattles Anoma to its core. The tunnels and caves now free to explore!

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Royal Proclamation of Armus Vassalization, 2 - 6 Epoch Of Sail


Artist Pizzalo Petalmen’s Rendition Illustration of The Enessi CountrysideXLJsBcK.png

[!] Posted up on various boards by that of a noble knave squire, the following post would be branded and put up throughout the many differing Anoman nations. On the bottom, the royal seal of the Armus Crest and Brother Church influence lies plain to see.


To whom it may concern,

Throughout the long time of Anoma's original settlement, there has been a grand amount of misfortune for that of our beloved relatives, uncles, nieces and nephews whom have been sent out to deal with the mishappenings in the mainland of our New World. The Brother Church alongside The Magi Pyror funding the examination of our Gaian homeland with an increased eye, led us to gathering such a plethora of knowledge about both our existence and planetary existence. It felt only natural that the great Gildaran legacy should spread to that of our other otherwise unexplored continents to claim legacy and resources. As a result the Church and the Pyror funding campaign has claimed legitimacy as the original founders and settlers of our reformed continent, and with the recent opening of the Talidurian gates it comes across as an intensive shame as to the lack of our prevalence. 


While the Gravican Augustus Callio IV has graciously decided to work with the Church and allot quite a large amount of space for the Armusian expansions… the Voudric scourges, amongst both Vervian, Talidurian, and Daemonic influence has caused the failings and evisceration of Duke Charles Alevard’s royal installation as ‘King of Calios’ (despite his lack of true legitimation). While ‘False King Charles’ should realistically have inevitably faced charges of fraud for his lack of marque, the claimed settlement of Calios was in no shape to be so viscerally attacked and ripped apart. The first failing- this trend would not be allowed to continue.


Soon after such failings, alongside the exploitative trade caravans of native Anoman minerals, the Brother Church funded the original deployment of the Enessi envoy (followed by the at the time Duchess). However alongside a quite seeded familial head turn and marriage delegitimization, the Head of Enessi has been left in a state of disrepair for quite a while. Whilst Miss Vi’Lurdaen may go about the settlement of her Armusian claim at a later time, we’ve decided that the failings of Armusian legitimization upon the Anoman continent needed to be quickly corrected. 


That is why we’ve called upon the Prime Duke of Armus, alongside the Pontiff to decide Foreign Affairs Minister, Lysander Kyrc, as the new Prime Minister and Leader of Enessi. Due to Lysander’s extravagant accomplishment in the geopolitical climate, handlings of off-shore accounts (including but not limited to: The Isle of Shadeholm, Isles of Viggo, The Lotus State, The Azadari Holds, and Ribbari), he is nothing short but an overqualified asset as to bring forth a beautiful sponsorship of connection to the fractured Human settlements of Anoma, as well as ensuring the prosperous grandeur of Enessi.


That being said, the continual failings of prior New Armusia can not go on without proper evaluation. The discussion of Neutral State Castonshire has been noted. A squire should bring this note out, however Calois Minister WJ Fordingstead is called to the Enessi Castle to speak about the continued influence of New Armusia. Alongside such, Achellion Dame Eneri Whittle is also called to that of Lysander Office to speak upon the detailings of happenings of the Order’s influence. And finally, Ser Oliver Pendragon, is called upon to discuss about the Pendragon Household’s fealty to the New Armusia name. In the case of untimely death, representatives of the following three are free to come in stead. Otherwise, business will continue accordingly in a much less positive direction for the three qualified Gildaran States of note.


May The Brothers Bless Our Days And Nights




Pontiff Petyr The III

Head Pontiff of The Brotherhood Church, The Brother’s Prophet, His Holiness and Divine


Sir Lysander Kyrc

Duke Of Armus, Head of Foreign of Affairs, Prime Minister of Enessi


Dame Alessi Rosaline Fransica

Duchess of Enessi, Heir To The Royal Fransica Name




The Adventurer’s Guild



The Guild's main function is to repel the monstrous forces of the realm, wherever they appear, through the use of bounty and quest boards. For those less combat savvy, the Guild also offers quests focused more on exploration and the gathering of rare materials.



Initial registration with the Adventurer Guild will be a lump sum fee of fifteen (15) coins. This does not include promotional fees for each tier after the initial tier. The price for tiers increases by 2x the previous price (15, 30, 60, 120, 240, 480)


Once successfully registered, the adventurer will be given their guild ID. To accept quests or claim their rewards, their ID must be presented. If an ID is lost, they may request a new ID at a cost of one hundred and fifty (150) coins.



Adventurers may claim quests that are appropriate for their ranks. They will be responsible for the investigation and elimination of any monsters of which the quest entails or gathering any information requested by the quest.


If the quest is successful, the adventurers will be given their reward and it will be added to their record for future promotions. Some quests will have optional objectives that individuals can complete for extra rewards.


If the quest is unsuccessful, either abandoned or completed by another, then the adventurer will not receive any reward and the status of the quest will be nulled. However, it will still be recorded for future references.


To prove the success of an event requires exemplifying evidence. Be that the part of the creature or approved witness account.



  1. Unsanctioned Jobs

    1. Adventurers may only be assigned to jobs that have the corresponding ranks in relation to the difficulty of the quest. However, parties that, on average, possess a rank lower than the requirement, may still be assigned to these quests as long as the party leader is of the corresponding rank, and the average party rank is no more than one rank below the requirement. The guild master can make exceptions to this rule as they wish.

    2. Adventures found performing jobs they have not claimed within the guild are subject to penalty and no reward upon finishing the activity. If this is done numerous times, they may be expelled from the guild. It is expected of members to attempt to check the quest board before performing bounties or clearing ruins/dungeons.

  2. Discovery of Ruins, Dens, and of Other Unknown Origins.

    1. The location of the discoveries must be reported back to the Adventurer’s guild. Once the record has been registered, the discoverer, and their party, will be granted a limited amount of time to explore it before quests are posted. Any items of lore importance will be required to be given to the guild though treasure may be kept.

  3. Conduct

    1. As Adventurers represent the guild, they must act in an appropriate manner befitting the Guild’s reputation. This includes avoiding the intentional disruption of the ecological balance, violating the laws of settlements, and endangering the safety and livelihood of the public.

  4. Political Interference

    1. The Adventurer’s Guild’s policy is to remain transnational, acting as a rapid response force to dangers that threaten the livelihood of the inhabitants of the realm. As such, to cooperate with all the nations, it is encouraged that all adventurers do not take part in conflicts between nations.


Failure to abide by these rules will manifest as penalties ranging from warnings, fines, suspension, or complete expulsion from the guild. Depending on the severity of the infraction, it is to the discretion of the Guild Administration which of the designated punishments to bestow.






Every successfully completed quest will be recorded in the adventurer’s profile. Once a year, all adventurer profiles will be reviewed. If adventurers are selected for promotions, they will undergo an interview and a combat exam. If the promotion process is completed and approved, the adventurer may be elevated to the next rank.


Guild Staff Roles:


Clerks — Give out Quests, manage the quest board, and settle disputes between adventurers.


Examination Evaluators — Senior clerks that can perform all the same duties but have a higher authority and also have the permission to conduct examinations as well as interviews. They are also responsible for posting new Quests.


Guildmaster — The highest authority within the guild administration-wise. Has the authority to establish continental quests and hire or fire guild members as needed among other authorities.



Aspiring Adventurers should proceed to the nearest Guild Branch and seek a clerk or Guildmaster out to help them with registering as an official member of the Adventurer’s Guild.


Sign up: On first registering as an E rank adventurer the person is required to fill out a small application and pay a small fee of 15 gold pieces. Upon completion, the individual receives a cheap wooden tag made with the stamp of the guild, their name recorded within the logs. While the tag is being made they’ll be forced to listen through a small explanation of the rules of the guild, agree to the explained terms, and sign off on a piece of parchment, and once done they’ll be given their tag and be free to  move onwards! 


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[!] Ser Oliver would nod as he reads slowly sighing, he begrudgingly takes a hold of his quill and ink, looking out of his window momentarily watching over the golden torches that illuminate the night sky of Myrefall, He looks back to his bed wishing he had just stayed there, as he is filled with an intense feeling that the world of Anoma was about to change forever, an uneasy feeling for sure.

“To Pontiff Petyr, I thank you for your message, and humbly accept your invite, I will set off in the morn to meet you at the Castle, I hope you can meet me here, I am rather interested in what you have to say, however I wish for you to take no offence that I will be accompanied by my Knight guards, as to keep myself safe. Sincerely Ser Oliver Pendragon”

[!] He would then fold the letter neatly before heating some wax over a candle, he lays it down to seal the envelope before stamping down his official crest, after a few moments he blows it cool, waving it in the air before nodding content, he calls for his Envoy before placing the message within his unwavering grasp, a simple nod and his reply would be sped right over to the new ruling figures.

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[ ! ]  Lady Eneri sat upon the edge of her seat continuously re-reading that of the letter which sat in her hands. A long sigh escaped her lips as she finally pulled herself up from sitting minutes on end dwelling over the matter at hand. Slowly, the meek Lady gathered materials to formulate a response,


Dear Pontiff Petyr The III,  Sir Lysander Kyrc, Dame Alessi Rosaline Fransica, and to whom it may concern,

I shall be coming as soon as I can, however, I may be accompanied by that of a close associate of mine which rules over another settlement on Anoma. I am rather curious about the involvements I was called upon for and eagerly await to hear what needs to be discussed. 

May the Brothers guide and protect us,

𝔏𝔞𝔡𝔶 𝔈𝔫𝔢𝔯𝔦 𝔚𝔥𝔦𝔱𝔱𝔩𝔢


[ ! ]  The letter would be finished with a sprig of lavender stampped upon the closure. Soon enough it would arrive at The Duchy Of Enessi.

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