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1. Character Name: Kugo

2. Character Backstory: Kugo is an average height when comes to most Empyreans tho on the smaller build with being less actively seen doing much combat training compare to most of his kin with taken a more advisor and or support role. The being went about the realm in the past to develop, study those of different cultures and their battle tactics to the farthest point to develop something of further usage for the Emps - was this a good usage of time? Possibly not but hey it was something to do once awakened again. While studying different groups tho the man had taken a liking to the Akijin people and even starting dress semi after them in style, even finding a few of their foods far better than some. 

Kugo later in life tho did take up a bit of crafting to further his usage in the background, acting as a basic medic when came the battlefield while a tailor inside a defendable region. He always tries to keep a calm presence when near others of his ‘kin’. With time tho Kugo has made his way to the new realm with others of his kind to find a new place - be it as a battle tactician or a simple tailor, advisor once more. 

3. Character's Purpose: 1st is to clear, slow any access the blooded beings have to the main realm - the one they should never be apart of in the beginning. The 2nd is to dress, make unique clothing for those he deems needing of, and directly after that - to give advice he can, help advice those close by to a better path. 

4.  Write a small scenario for how your character reacts to one of the following circumstances, and what ensues:

4c. You come upon an overturned wagon in the road, with a pair of bandits looting the unmoving bodies of its previous owner.

Kugo moves up the pair of bandits, an address both kindly at first, not moving to take any action in response unless attacked as he went to question them, ask if the unmoving body was dead or simply unconscious. 

After a moment of listening to find out if the unmoving body was a dead gaian or even merely alive. Upon being touch, either way, going ask for then their reason for looting the poor being’s items. He’d look try to get them help, give the items back that was looted if the gaian was still alive even if by force but if dead he would move to take both of the bandits out without killing so that he could take them the closes town so the rules might be kept - if such was even possible by him. 

5. Character's primary axis of morality: Furthering his study of other cultures, their tactics in combat along with it. After such, it’s the tailor’s life of finding better material, ways of bettering his craft. - Obviously after such is the common factor of the none stop war/battle when comes along with those of the blooded kind. 

6. Is your character a good person?

Consider them neutral if not good. 


1. Why do you want to play an application race?

I’ve seen the Empyreans race go up with their activity, thought why not give it a test? I’ve played multiple different blooded so why not give the other side a try. Even if just a small step forward it’s still a hopeful one. 

2. How long, and through what mediums have you been roleplaying?

Been over this multiple times - Multiple years when comes to dnd, other mc rp servers, and other games along with it. 

3. Summarize the lore of the specific species you are applying for. This answer very important, tied only with character question number four. Answer with care.

Demi-Celestials aka Empyreans are beings created by those above. Because of fewer essences, being able to make a long-lived race than humans to act as ‘knights’ upon the board. They’re crafted in the likeness of Gravicans, taken furthermore off of their looks, partially abilities. 

Actual Racial Abilities =

Anti-disease: Empyreans have resistance to none magical diseases, such things to boot. Makes them immune for the most part atop of it to Dying of Light, other sun-related effects when comes to one’s eyes. 

Brawn: Empyreans are stronger than the humans they so resemble. Due to the Celestial Magic that courses through their bodies, they do not struggle when attempting to pick something up, they either can or cannot - Struggle is a foreign phrase to an Empyrean's body. Empyreans at their peak strength can lift overhead anything within two and a half times their body weight.

Bane of the Mind-Killer: Empyreans are supernaturally resistant to fear. There are a select few effects that can affect them but such isn’t exactly common in the long span. 

Celestial Beacon: The light of an Empyrean’s halo extends 5 blocks in a radius around them, and is counted as sunlight. Though normal sunlight is not uncomfortable for demonic entities, the light of this halo feels like pins and needles on these beings' exposed skin and will be as damaging to Voudr as direct sunlight typically would be.

Against the Dying of the Light: When an Empyrean is slain, their body converts entirely into a flash of brilliant, searing, blinding sunlight, leaving nothing but their halo behind. Anything which is watching within 20 blocks is instantly, permanently blinded as their corneas are seared, though closing one's eyes is sufficient to avoid this. Further, this flash of light causes instant, painful first degree burns to exposed skin, and can cause flash-fires in dry, very flammable materials, such as loose leaves or paper. Notably, this is extremely dangerous for Voudr as this flash counts as intense sunlight.

Demonic beings are affected furthermore by the dying of the light. It causing burning pain, literal burning to the skin from such along. 

If a demonic being touches one of these downed halos without protection, it instantly causes third-degree burns, which cuts through any pain tolerance. It will rapidly heat gauntlets, over the course of 2 emotes and burn through leather instantly. If such a being continues to hold onto it after this burning has reached their hand for an additional round, it is easily capable of resulting in the loss of fingers or the entire hand. Dropping it is an immediate, free action.

The physical form of a dropped halo is akin to unbreakable glass, and when an Empyrean dies for the final time, after their second resurrection, they do not explode and their halo is rendered harmless and inert.

((Didn't really know how go about this without making it to small so I did end up I guess in a way doing a mix of copy, pasting and editing a bit of it 🤔 ))

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Darkelfs, your application to play an Empyrean has been accepted! You have proven that you meet advanced roleplaying standards and have a solid grasp on the lore of Anoma. Congratulations! 


If you need any help or have lore-related questions about your new character’s race, you may message me on Discord ItsMrCannibal#6199, or on the forums ItsMrCannibal


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