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The Gate has been Opened

The opening of the gate rattles Anoma to its core. The tunnels and caves now free to explore!

Mines Overhaul

The mine overhaul has been released! Be sure to make a global ticket to request yours to be upgraded if you've still got an old mine.

=The Wedding of Ser Oliver and Lady Katherine=

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The Bustling city of Myrefall would be filled with joy and Excitement as the town's gossip all focus towards one new thread of information, the official announcement of Ser Oliver and Lady Katherine's wedding would generate an extensive buzz for the town. The lovable town Crier would stand upon the Bastion's balcony to once again exclaim the news to those around.

"Come one come all! to the Wedding of Myrefall! Happening in once saints week, all are welcome to attend,"


Hand written Notes on beautiful gilded parchment would be delivered to the known major Settlements, however Posters would wind up in all off the taverns, Its safe to say you would have to live under a rock to not find out about the wedding

The Beastfolk of Parsha

The Knights of Achilleon
The Human and Gourney of Castonshire
The Dwarves of Whitehall
The Autumn Elves of Sarahevuu
The Winter elves of Aq'Sarniit
The Demons of the Manor
The Free Province of Veritas

The People of Shadeholm

And a final one to Marcellus.



OOC- Hello! Proud to announce that the Largescale Slice of life event will be available to all next Friday (12/02/21) at 5pm EST, Please do show up for the ceremony and enjoy the company of those present, a large festival will accompany the Wedding just after so Stick around enjoy it


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[!] In the city of eternal night, the letter would be received with some raised brows. First, the letter would be sent to the Helminsters.

“Dear Oliver Pendragon,

I do apologize, my friend, however my schedule would not allow me the time to
attend such a festivity, I do wish you and the misses a lovely wedding though.


Olbrick Helminster”

[!] The letter would then reach that of the other families, however they would be tossed out for lack of relation to the man.

[!] Finally, it would be placed within the mailbox of the Governor’s tower, and like most letters, left without reply.

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