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The Gate has been Opened

The opening of the gate rattles Anoma to its core. The tunnels and caves now free to explore!

Mines Overhaul

The mine overhaul has been released! Be sure to make a global ticket to request yours to be upgraded if you've still got an old mine.

Progress Within Myrefall!

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[!] As the first few days of being open draw to a close, a loud horn would be heard from the Balcony of the Bastion, a colourful suited man would call out to those going about their days. 

"Good eve, people of Myrefall! it is with great pleasure Ser Oliver Pendragon has gifted me permission to announce that we are officially opening The Grand council for positions! we are looking for dedicated individuals, should you wish to apply do seek out and speak with his Fiancé Lady Katherine as she is the head of the council!."

[!] The colourful speaker would then continue to read his scroll, listing off the positions available

Grand Treasurer"
"The holder of Myrefall's gold and vast wealth. The treasurer is tasked with upkeep of all the gold that flows into Myrefall, such as trade deals and taxes, they are trusted with everything commerce. Their powers lie with adjusting taxes, construction of buildings, They help with the Warden's, Artisan's, and Senator's budgeting and how to maximize profit of these events."

"The Grand Mayor"
"The elected official who will become the face of Myrefall, this can be anyone except a currently serving knight as it would take away from their duties. They will be the one to be seen by the civilians as the leader of the town."

"The Grand Artisan"
 "Charged with enlisting new crafters and to make sure orders relating to the House Pendragon are met in good time, the Grand Artisan is to ensure that the people of Myrefall have access to as many services as they should and that the prices of such services are fair for all. They will also be the one taking the list from the Warden in regard to arming the guards. They also handle all foreign and internal trade."

"The Grand Secretary"
"This will be a position open to take notes from what the House of Pendragon requires or says and will bring them to the Grand council for them to vote upon, they will be sat within all meetings to enlist the help of the others to ensure things are voted on."

"The Grand Diplomat" 
"This rank is given out to someone gifted with the tongue, they are required to spend time with the other settlements and promote healthy relations with them, they will bring all that they gather to the meetings when held. Myrefall’s place on Anoma should be held well in the minds and mouths of all."

"The Grand Senator"
"The lead 'organizer' in the events of Myrefall. To the rowdy Dragon’s Lair Tavern games to the song and dance around the city square. Of course, the spending and food required for these things must be discussed with the Grand Artisan and the Grand Treasurer."


[!] The Man would finally end his speech before smiling to those listening, making his way back inside the Bastion to rest his vocals.

-OOC Hello all! We've been working really hard over here in Myrefall to create some interesting roleplay experiences for everyone to enjoy, should you be interested in council and meetings and changing the political landscape within Myrefall, then come find us.

Discord Sandman#4951

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[!] The half elf muses the announcement from the back of the crowd, noting the implications of a government like this. He shrugged a moment after, just happy Oliver didn't just decree himself a king. Afterwards he dispersed onto the path back to his humble shop, his trusty cane carrying him in a contemplative jaunt.

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[!] The tavern keep would listen carefully from the crowd gathered in the town center as he took note of what the speaker announced. A smile suddenly formed on his face when an idea popped in his head. He then walked back to his tavern with a plan in mind.

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