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The Mother and Father of the Hill Dwed

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The Father of the Hill Dwed, Gorney.

    Gorney is one of the three Drachev creators, created by Vykovat in order to spread the Titans craftsmanship around the world.  Each of the three went on to produce the various subraces of the Drachev: the Cave Dwed, Hill Dwed, and Deep Dwed.  As well as being the first of the Drachev, each one of these fathers oversees different domains, hinting at the values of their different offspring that have spread over Gaia.  First Karmeny, creator of the Cave Dwed, who oversees the domains of craftsmanship and memory which hints at his descendant’s love for their various creations and love of knowledge.  Second is Gorney himself, who oversees the domains of food, family, friends, and in some ways love; this of course shows how his descendants have a love for the simple ways and care deeply for those around them.  Lastly is Glubokiy, who oversees the domains of magic and curiosity; revealing his descendants' desire to learn about the world around them and their resiliency when it comes to the magical arts.  All three of these gods are said to still be amongst us Gaians, though some are more easily contacted than the others.

      Gorney is an unusual god, having very little interest in being worshipped by the mortal races.  However, through this we can see an example of how a proper Hill Dwed should behave; we should not perform good deeds in the search of admiration, but instead we should do good things for the sake of helping others.  This is a key trait of Gorney culture, and is in a sense, a way we show our devotion to our ancestors.  We must not seek attention here in the world, but instead strive to do what’s right against all other causes.
    This theme of modeling our behavior after Gorney himself continues on through many aspects of the deity’s life.  For example, one of Gorney’s artifacts is his hillock, this being one of the largest gatherings of Hill Dwed to have ever been seen in the world and is an important site of pilgrimage for our people.  Even to this day Gorney is known to welcome any who pass by into his home, where he feeds and provides shelter for any who ask.  During this time, he puts in much effort to treat these guests properly, feeding them some of his various delicious treats, telling them amazing stories, and ensuring that these people feel as if they are at home while visiting him.  This is another aspect of Gorney that it is important that we emulate to the best of our abilities.  By being good hosts, we are once again showing our devotion to the father of us Hill Dwed. 
      In Gorney’s Hillock it is said that he cooks a massive feast every single day, inviting all who are present to partake in it.  Through this we can see Gorney’s commitment to serve, expecting nothing for his labor but the warm feeling that comes with feeding one's community.  This too is a behavior we should do our best to emulate, performing random acts of service with the goal of helping those around us.  Cooking is an important aspect of the Hill Dwed’s culture, the various delicious treats we produce are known the world round.  While this love for cooking is not a requirement, the love for whatever craft you partake in is.  Always think about how what you are doing can help better your community.
      Gorney’s willingness to defend himself is also an important thing to note, throughout history there have been incursions made into Gorney’s Hillock.  Each time such a travesty has befallen the deity did what he had to in order to defend himself and the community.  We Hill Dwed are not a violent people, nor should we be; however, this does not mean that we should just flee whenever we are faced with threats. In fact, from Gorney’s own behavior we can see that standing strong against opposition and defending ourselves is an admirable thing to do, though every possible attempt should be made to ensure what we do is non-lethal in nature.

    In Gorney’s early days here in the world he lived off the kindness of strangers, not having much to call his own.  He would go from door to door, asking only for what he needed to survive.  Many people were hospitable to the first Hill Dwed, allowing him a warm meal and a dry place to rest his head for the night.  However, on one particularly stormy evening he made his way to a strange human’s home settled into the wilds as the rain pelted down on him and the cold began to take its toll on his body.  He knocked, and an old human man answered soon after, yet instead of offering the young Hill Dwed a place to stay, the human instead shut the door in Gorney’s face. 
    Gorney made it through this night, huddled into a ditch cold and wet; but nevertheless, he survived.  He went on to establish his hillock, where he lived for many years and the old man slowly began to drift into the deity’s distant memories.  Yet one day in the dead of winter an old, ragged man shambled into the hillock where he asked Gorney for a place to stay and a bite to eat as he had lost everything and become quite ill.  Gorney of course welcomed him into his home, quickly wrapping the man in a comfy blanket and preparing a nice, warm meal for him.  As they sat down to eat the man removed his hood, revealing him to be the man that had cast Gorney out from his home all those many years ago.  Yet, instead of casting this old man from his home as had been done to him all that time ago, Gorney instead offered him a second serving of pie and made sure he had all the comforts he needed.  In fact, the man stayed living with Gorney until he passed peacefully in his sleep a few weeks later.
    From Gorney’s actions towards the stranger it is clear to see how Gorney wants us as his followers to interact with those who have wronged us.  We are not to seek revenge, but instead to forgive and love those who have hurt us.  The desire for revenge leads to destruction when the act of love is one of creation.  
    Another tale of Gorney exemplifying what it means to be a Hill Dwed came as the deity was cooking one day for the great feast that evening.  Though a splendid chef Gorney forgot the bread in the oven for just a minute longer than was required, burning the bread slightly.  Instead of simply serving this bread, that was still quite fit to serve just a tad too toasted; Gorney instead put in the work to re-make every loaf of bread to ensure that the food he fed his quests was up to the standard he held for himself.  While the feast that night was pushed back an hour it still went on, Gorney making sure that the products he distributed to his guests were up to par.  
    This is yet again a lesson that we can learn, even as the god of feasts, Gorney made a mistake; however, instead of simply giving in and serving the less than perfect product, he instead labored for many more hours to ensure what he gave out was just as it should have been.  We too should strive to do this with our work, never settle for a sub-par product.  Instead, we must try and try again until we are able to produce something that meets a certain standard.  We as Gorney’s followers must never give away or sell a faulty product, instead doing everything within our power to ensure what we produce is as perfect as it can be.

Acts of Devotions
    As mentioned before Gorney himself does not necessarily desire worship, because of this we do not hold traditional religious ceremonies to show our devotion.  Instead, we show our love and appreciation to the father of our people through acts, by thinking of him as you carry yourself in the world it becomes, in a way, an act of worship.  Some simple ways of doing this are as follows:
-    Feeding your community.
-    Cooking in general.
-    Doing your best in whatever you do.
-    Spending time with loved ones.
-    Respecting those around you.
-    Standing up for your fellow Hill Dwed.
-    Working the fields with the goal of feeding the community.

-    Cauldrons
-    Lanterns
-    Loaves of Bread
-    Rooms full of happy, feasting friends.
-    Earthy colors.

The Tenants
1.    Never turn away a weary visitor, always be a good host.
2.    Do not seek attention or fame for one’s self, do things only for the sake of doing good in the world.
3.    In everything you do have love in your heart, whether that be baking a loaf of bread for your family or tending to your garden.
4.    Defend your community, do not allow yourselves to be trampled by the forces of this world.
5.    Never take another’s life, defend yourself and your community, but always search out alternatives to violence.
6.    Put your all into whatever you do, never knowingly give people a faulty product.
7.    Never seek revenge, forgiveness is one of the hardest to master but one of the most important values we as Gorney hold.
8.    Hold your family in the utmost respect, family is everything and should be treated as such.


The Mother of the Hill Dwed

    Upon the creation of the three original Dwed, Vykovat gave each of them a spouse to go out into the world and produce offspring.  Now, not much has been written about these three women who helped begin each of their respective races; however, they are all powerful beings in themselves.  Gorney’s wife, often called simply ‘The Mother’ by the Hill Dwed littering the world, rules over the domains of honey, the home, and healing.  Associated with two different symbols, the first being a mortar and pestle which has been used throughout the ages as a way preparing spices and various medical salves.  The other symbol is that of the Bee, representing the mothers love and commitment to her community.  She too travelled with Gorney as he traversed through the wilderness in his early days, being always by his side as they labored away to carve out a space for themselves in the world.

    The mother is similar to Gorney in many ways and is another example of how we as Hill Dwed should behave in this world.  Ruling over the domain of Honey, bees of course play a large roll in this.  The Mother has always raised bees, using their honey to help supply all sorts of various sweets for the community at Gorney’s Hillock.  Her dedication to these bee’s is admirable, carefully cultivating the hive to be healthy and safe just as we as Hill Dwed have a responsibility to cultivate our own community in a similar way.  We must ensure that the people we are around are healthy and safe just as The Mother ensures her bees are healthy and safe.
    Along with this we can see that from her freely giving away the honey her bees produce, that it is important that we do this as well.  Whatever craft you take it is important to supply the community with your goods, if you are a carpenter then no burrows should be without furniture. If a baker, then people's cabinets should never be empty, if a brew master than the tavern should never not be stocked.  Hill Dwed are a communal group of people and should not jealously guard their resources.
    Another aspect of The Mother that carries much weight in the Gorney cultures around the world is the importance she puts on the home.  Hill Dwed homes are of upmost importance in the lives of the wee-folk, often being a center of activity and socialization for them.  We as Gorney should put much thought and energy into our home, ensuring it is a comfortable place to be and is welcoming to visitors.  The home is a reflection of a it’s owner’s inner world, if it is in disarray than so too is the owner.  By keeping a comfortable, clean, organized home we are in a way showing our devotion to The Mother and respecting her role in helping to bring us as a people into this world.
    The last domain of the mother is that of healing, now this does not necessarily mean healing of the body for there are many ways that this takes place.  First is the healing of the body as is most commonly known around the world, the healing of injuries and pain that come along with living.  However, the other is healing of the soul which is less known than the other.  Sadness, anger, loss of hope are all ailments of the soul and the art of healing can be applied to that as well.  While we cannot all be healers in the traditional way it is important for all her followers to be merry.  By shining your light into the world, you can help those suffering from various ailments of the soul, by uplifting those around you it is possible to help raise them from the pits of despair they may find themselves in.

    Upon their arrival at the land which would become Gorney’s Hillock both Gorney and The Mother set out to cultivate the area and make it livable.  Gorney set to work on the construction of people's homes while she went about gathering the various resources they would need to feed themselves.  It was during this phase that The Mother stumbled upon the first hive and intrigued by the sweet substance they produced began to learn about the little creatures.  She spent many weeks with this hive, being stung many times as she learned of their ways, yet she did not give in to the pain and failure she at first faced.  Instead, she continued working with them until she learned that by blowing smoke into the hive the bees would calm down enough to harvest their honey as well as transport them.  By the end of the year she had successfully cultivated the bees enough to have multiple hives and started producing some of the best honey that had ever been seen on Gaia.
    From this story we can see that it is important we followers of The Mother do not allow failure to impede our work, instead we must continue on.  Failure is not a sign of weakness, instead it should be something that drives us forward; filling our hearts with fire to get it right next time.  Experiment, find out what works, and streamline it.  Like Gorney, The Mother shows us how important it is to take pride in our work, laboring diligently to get things correct and to only put our best out into the world.  Her dedication to figuring out how to work with the bee’s should be an example to us all.
    Another story is that of the Mother’s continuous work on healing those who came to her, no matter their race or background.  Many would seek her out for her various healing practices, which amongst the Hill Dwed were rumored to be able to heal almost any ailment, and while she herself was restricted to more mundane means of healing she did truly try her best.  Never turning away an injured person the Mother became, in a sense, the mother of all who came to see her as she labored diligently nursing these people back to health.  This could be seen the time a man who had shut the door in her and Gorney’s face during their early travels came to them desperately ill, the same man from Gorney’s tale actually.  After allowing him to stay The Mother spent much time with him, caring for the man until the day that he passed a few weeks after arriving.
    This too serves as an example to us as her followers, though we may not all be healers, we all do have the power to comfort those around us.  As mentioned before, there are two different types of ailments, spiritual and physical.  While we may not all be able to heal physical wounds, we do all have the power to comfort and soften spiritual ones.  By being kind and openly loving those around us we can help ease people's woes, giving them a place they can be comfortable and know they can be themselves without fear of being judged.

Acts of Devotion
    As mentioned before, neither Gorney or The Mother crave worship; nor do we Hill Dwed hold tradition religious ceremonies.  Instead, we can show our loyalty and love for her through our actions, some of which are listed here.
-    Working with Bees in any form.
-    Using honey in your cooking.
-    Any sort of medical work.
-    Keeping a clean home.
-    Making others feel as if they are welcomed wherever they are.
-    Caring for the ill.

-    Bees
-    Mortar and pestle
-    A tidy, clean home.
-    The sound of a tea kettle going off.
-    The color of Amber.

The Tenants
1.    Keep a tidy and comfortable home, the home is a reflection of the owner's spiritual health.
2.    Do you best to comfort those around you, in any way you are capable.
3.    Perform acts of service for your community, always do your best to ensure that those around you are cared for.
4.    Always put others before yourself.
5.    Put your community first, like bees who work diligently for the betterment of the hive.


As researched and written by Iris Peregrin in the 4th age of the 5th era.

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