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1. Character Name: Aurelia 


2. Character Backstory:

It was a cold night with the wind howling through the air as most of the town’s residents quieted down and shut their door for the night. The rain was expected and no one wished to be out for the storm to come. As all the wind overtook the night one smaller ramshackle house along the outskirts of the town was locking up the best they could to prepare for the storm. The Gravican couple cuddled up in a blanket within their cold house, a small fire lit to keep the room warm slowly spoke to each other trying to form some semblance of comfort. Yet as the couple huddled they heard a knock at their door, at first they ignored it thinking it something flowing through the wind. But they heard it again, and again, and again until they heard something else. “It’s cold out here” A voice echoed from outside the door, the two looked to each other before one of them got up to answer the door. He peered through the cracks of the frame seeing a shorter seemingly old woman on their porch. The man seemed shaken up about the sudden arrival but slowly opened the door peering down at the woman who looked up with a smile. “It’s awfully chilly, and I’m afraid I have nowhere to rest for the night. Might I come in? Just until the storm passes?” The lady questioned the couple who looked to each other to have a word. They decided to allow the woman passage reluctantly, however. The old lady gave the couple her thanks as she entered the home, it was a cramped and long night that seemed to pass with little conversion at all. When the sun finally came up and the storm faded from the sky the town slowly winded up back to life. The old woman thanked the couple once more before looking at them. “For your hospitality, your firstborn will be like none in such a town. You’re firstborn will be blessed with gilded eyes and a royal complexion. That is if you will it.” With such said the old woman looked to them once more with a grin spread across her face. The couple obliged as the lady of the house shook hands with the old lady. At that moment a deal was made a deceiver had played their part within the world. The couple found themselves soon bearing a child which after a few months finally was birthed. This child didn’t look like her family at all no, this child had light-blonde hair with an almost golden complexion. However, the most notable trait of this new-born child was her eyes which seemed to glisten with gold. The couple believed themselves blessed with some sort of divine child destined for great things but they could not be more wrong. For the new parents were just as deceived as to the child they bore. In the eyes of this newborn two monster-like figures were looking above her in a dimly lit infested with bugs.


 Aurelia was what they named the child after her gilded eyes. Aurelia was a handful as her parents always had trouble keeping her within the house or getting her to actually speak to them. Her parents were determined to raise her yet they found every day the child grew harder to control. The child listened reluctantly to what they had to say throughout her life but she still believed something was wrong with her upbringing. home. One day at the age of 16 Aurelia came to see a vision. A vision of golden halls filled with lush green, art and at the end of it all a throne room with her sitting atop it. To Aurelia, this vision was that of what she was destined for, this was when she came to the realization which explained her upbringing. These people had kidnapped her and her true heritage lay elsewhere. Aurelia made her escape the next day determined to claim her throne and tell the town folk of the atrocities committed within the household she grew up in. When she escaped the house she looked amongst the town surrounding her home and alas it too was a rotting festering area filled with grotesque humanoids. Aurelia was disgusted with the rotten place she had grown up in and quickly fled in search of her gold plated destiny. She ran in terror and found herself lost within a large forest while wandering about the lands in search of her destiny she saw a glint. She went towards it and there she what appeared to be what she longed for, in the midst of this forest appeared to be a long golden hallway, yet no thrown lay at the end of it simply sticks and stones. In reality, this was a random cave, yet Aurelia believed it a sign. She believed her destiny lay elsewhere waiting for her to find it. With that Aurelia found the nearest port hoping on what she saw as the most grandiose ship sailing to what she could only assume would be her destiny. After traveling for a large amount of time and on many ships she found herself on the continent of Anoma lost, but still on what she thought was the path to her birthright. 


3. Character's Purpose:

Aurelia believes herself to be that of divine blood being able to perceive the world in its truest form, she thinks there is some fabled destiny waiting for her somewhere. and that she's owed the world in one way or another. She’s been deceived with this thought in her mind and is willing to pursue it to the bitter end.


4.  Write a small scenario for how your character reacts to one of the following circumstances, and what ensues:


4b. You come upon a burning building, and you can hear the sounds of someone shouting from within.

The deceived woman walks by the countryside still on her journey as she hears something in the distance. At first, her ears picked up that of screams… Was it screams she thought to herself? She got closer to the sound thinking for a moment if this was actually crying. Were tears being shed for something? For someone? Aurelia had to know what the noises were but as she moved closer she heard and saw it clear now. For this wasn’t screams or cries of pain, for these were laughs and cheers. She saw what appeared to be a large bustling mansion filled with people and festivity. She grew hopeful at the thought wandering closer to partake in such festivity. Yet it seemed the people grew louder and the dancing grew faster. When she finally reached the door and opened it she felt a knock on her side. People seemed to flood out of the doors running away at the sight of the woman as she continued to be beaten and battered by the crowd. The music only grew more intense and the people continued flooding outwards until she felt her entire form covered in burns and bruises. At this point the intensity was too much and she fell to the ground outside what was actually a burning house people flooding out with screams of terror, as nonsensical visions overtook her mind.


5. Character's primary axis of morality: Aurelia believes she’s destined for great things as a sort of chosen one with a birthright waiting to be claimed. The most important thing to her truly is herself wishing to always be in the grandest of places and pursuing the greatest things in life.


6. Is your character a good person?  Aurelia is not a good person.




1. Why do you want to play an application race?

The deceived appear to me as a race brimming with roleplay and character potential. I think it would be a fun race to play not only for myself but for others due to their unique view of the world. I also haven’t seen many deceived in play and hope to at least add one to the mix.


2. How long, and through what mediums have you been roleplaying?

I’ve been doing Minecraft medieval roleplay for nearly three years now on various servers including Lost Fables.


3. Summarize the lore of the specific species you are applying for. This answer very important, tied only with character question number four. Answer with care.


The deceived are a unique type of blooded, instead of being born with fowl magic or a demonic form they are those unable to perceive any truths in the world. Deceived are in a constant hallucination seeing mundane things as odd colors or totally different things. Deceived also get visions of the past the present or the future, sometimes these visions are just completely random but can very rarely use to see important information. Deceived can be used by event hosts to find information on events through their visions. A certain tea can even be used to invoke visions which can rarely be used to gain information. If a deceived receives a heavy blow or is stuck in a dangerous situation they must roll a d100, if they roll under a 10 they fall prey to seizures and visions for the rest of combat.


Deceived are also immune to normal magic as fire and magical frost rolls off their skin. Fell and Celestial truths however are much more potent against Deceived.


Deceived are the creation of a special type of demon called Deceivers. Deceivers sway truths and use charisma to make deals or manipulate people. Deceived are often created by a deceiver making a deal with their parents or corrupting the womb. If a deceiver were to show themselves they’d easily be able to manipulate a deceived and use them for whatever it is they need.

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