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Dakka Dakka Chiefdom

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Dakka Dakka



We don't fight for food, flash or gitz. Or kause we're told ta fight. We fight kause we ar' born ta fight an’ win.


Racist emotionally surpressed tribal and superstitious people who uphold killing, cunning and brutality above all else. Fanatically zealous regarding religious beliefs and traditions the Chiefdom is extremely aggressive.



Summary: Despite seeming crude the Dakka Dakka Chiefdom has a complex political system with Gitz being enslaved often under Guttaz whom work for Gotz to gain the respect of Kuttaz to be allowed to be considered a primary fighter for the Goffz who don't want any weak Kuttaz representing them when their out journeying and battling.

Goffz: The highest and most respectable of the Dakka Dakka Chiefdom these are strong warriors who contribute to the society meaningfully and have a say in the operation of the clan, there is usually a group of Goffz who take respect through infighting and amidst themselves the same however as a whole Goffz are the leadership roles of the Dakka Dakka Chiefdom in the same way a representative is a leadership role in a government. Each Goff has Kuttaz who are under and while competing with one another those who are the biggest and have the most Kuttaz have the most say in Dakka Dakka society.

Gotz: Technicians of sorts who supply the Dakka Dakka Chiefdom with equipment using their know how primarily being Rehk-Ugz however occasionally being non-rehks whom have either been enslaved or coerced to work in their camps as a means to produce goods. 

Kuttaz: Respected warriors who can fight good and for a long time while also managing to stay alive for long enough to be noticed as strong and experienced by one of the Goffz who want them to represent who they are within the Chiefdom. Kuttaz are the backbone of infantry in Dakka Dakka society.

Guttaz: Inexperienced warriors considered a liability to those around them Guttaz often have to work for Gotz gathering materials and the likes to gain enough respect and notoriety as valuable and capable before becoming a Kutta for fighting.

Gitz: Slaves who are deemed incompetent's in the art of war they contribute little to the Dakka Dakka Chiefdom and are used for labor or similar means.




There is a litany of complex linguistic symbols similar to Common such as:


'Git' representing the words fuck or asshole all the while also representing slave or weakling. 

'Grot' representing a demeaning term meaning unintelligent weak useless creature. A word often used for Rehk-Ug's who arent smart and thus serve no real purpose in the society aside from being in-front of Rehk-Urs during battle to absorb hits.

'Dakka' representing power, strength, directed attacks and motivation simultaneously.

'Oomie' representing an enemy and not necessarily racially limited.

'Uumie' representing a demeaning term used towards Humans in the form of a racial slur.

"Pointy earz" or anything similar to representing a demeaning term used towards Elves in the form of a racial slur.

'Stubz' representing a demeaning term used towards Dwarves in the form of a racial slur.

'Flash' representing a general expression for currency or valuables.

'Krump' representing a general expression for killing, fighting or otherwise harming.

'Pok pok' representing a general expression for someone favored by whoever says it.



The religious beliefs of the Dakka Dakka Chiefdom is a mystery even to them. The many shamans, poets and story tellers who knew the entirety of its development have long since died and the lack of written history regarding 'Boring things not about war' being very damaging given the shorter lifespan of Rehk-Urs and the general lack of archiving. There is only one thing for certain. They worship a God Emperor who is supposedly above all other God Kings and God Emperors and theoretically exists in the form of the Death incarnate while creating magic in the form of a behemoth of some kind who wears a large cloak and glows in the dark with small skulls floating around him sucking the life out of whatever comes near. This God Emperor to the Dakka Dakka Chiefdom is supposed to come back from the dead and kill everyone in one final ultimate battle which no species on the planet have any hope in winning. This event is looked upon by the Clan as joyous heaven because it'll be 'One good big fight'. The Dakka Dakka Chiefdom sacrifices whoever they can find to large statues and in varying grusome rituals. These statues are depicted as large hollowed out heads of previously highly successful Goff. They cut off heads putting them inside the hollowed portion of the statue then burning the deceased's corpse on top of the statue under the premise they are trying to reincarnate the corpse as a new vessel for the God Emperor. This often ends in frustration and leads to a mutilated corpse on the logic of if the corpse didn't reanimate with the God Emperor inside of it, perhaps some of the God Emperor made it into the corpse but not all of him so if we eat the corpse we'll get some of the powers of the God Emperor. Then deciding to throw incense and wood inside the hollowed portion of the head they light it on fire to cook the corpse lying on top of the statue to a near crisp before playing a game where whoever can climb ontop of the burning hollow head filled with skulls of their enemies depicting a once famous Goff and take the biggest bite out of the corpse without bringing it down to the ground or burning yourself too badly you get bragging rights for having the most 'God Emperor' in you.

The whole premise here is the entire religion is extremely superstitious, tribal and no one really knows why their doing what their doing just that everyone else is doing it so if they're all doing it maybe they know something the one who's questioning why people are doing it doesn't know. Alongside this all religious worship usually ends in some form of death and attempt at rebirthing something from death and usually eating it after if its still dead when the attempt is over to gain potential powers. This is but one small facet of many strange and bizarre religious ceremonies explained below


The Gitz body is placed strategically on top of the Goff head so that their blood flows down the eyeholes filled with charred blackened skulls inside the hollowed out portion from the last ceremony. Then whoever caught the Git has the honor of severing their head while their arms are secure. Once the head is severed and the corpse has sufficiently bled into the eyes of the hollowed out statue the executor then gouge out the Gitz eyeballs and fill the eyeholes with flammable material alongside the eye holes of the statue afterwards. The group of Rehks then chant "Dakka, Dakka, Dakka" three times in a row, for 2 rows representing two eyeholes in a skull and lighting the eyeholes of the head on fire throwing it into the hollowed out statue. At this point they wait a couple minutes for the hollowed out statue's eyeholes to light up in flames and then once it's been on fire for roughly an hour attempts are made to climb up the nose using nothing but their hands and claws to take the biggest bite out of the corpse. Whoever gets the biggest bite has the honor of taking any charred skull out of the pile and mounting it onto a pike attached to their armor if they so wish.


Incense and candles made of flesh, blood and bone from their enemies are lit below a hanging weapon ensuring the smoke covers as much of the tool as possible on the basis the spirit of the deceased will kill whoever comes across them as fast as possible so they don't have to endure a horrible fate if caught alive. Flesh incense is often used in varying rituals and other activities deemed special or otherwise important.


Any men & women caught alive by the Clan who are considered moderately good looking by any other race's standards are strung up on ropes and lifted 10-15+ feet above the ground as a display. The Clansmen often hang them by their hair, arms and legs with hair being the most common way of stringing them up. The Clan does their best to keep them alive as long as possible this includes bringing them down occasionally to give them food and water. Once the Git is dead they are processed into material for Thuribles.


Any Rehks who fight against the clan or betray the clan if caught alive or dead have their stomachs cut open in multiple places before being dumped into a pit containing any manner of insect or rodent with the purpose of them being eaten alive. Often these occur in fighting pits right before a battle to add to the fighting environment or during important discussions to inspire fear into those their speaking with.




Dakka Dakka Chiefdom culture is prominently about causing pain and being the strongest. The more enemies killed and mutilated while the more slaves brought in the more victorious and famed the member of the clan is.

The Chiefdom is extraordinarily racist to all species except for Elves however still holding a strong prejudice towards Elves as a lesser species than Rehks. Anyone standing below 6ft in height are considered lesser species as a general principle. Religious zeal is often encouraged however not the dominant factor indicating popularity among the other clan members as causing horrific injuries or mutilating captured slaves is considered the most common way to boon ones social status amidst the Clan. Aggression, racism and prejudice are encouraged whereas deceit and silver tongued persuasion is frowned upon. The Dakka Dakka Chiefdom also hold honor, courage and glory among their many favored traits right next to the mutilation of slaves and causing pain to non Rehks. Demons as a whole are hated by the Chiefdom whereas the pain they cause is looked upon as positive however due to the inherent competitive nature & aggression the Clan holds mutilating Demons is the highest social boon and honor amidst themselves due to the premise that they are better than Demons when it comes to causing pain and striking fear in those around them and so often special, unique or otherwise particularly creative rituals are made for sacrificing Demons to their tribal God.

Drinking Grog a particular alcoholic beverage favored by the Clan is both encouraged and celebrated as a way to bond together following successes in battle or similar alongside used as a tool to prove the merit and social status non Rehks have amidst the Clan when becoming involved with it, this often being new slaves brought in or partners in trade and battle. 

The Chiefdom has fighting pits in which slaves are pitted against eachother or whatever can be found in the wilderness. Each fight in the pit is often denoted as a battle in honor of a member of the Clan usually do to their recent achievements. Any slaves put into the pits who fight and win are put through somewhere between one to several battles. Based on the slaves prowess and entertainment value during the combat in the pit they're either granted freedom after being defeated eventually

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