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The Gate has been Opened

The opening of the gate rattles Anoma to its core. The tunnels and caves now free to explore!

Mines Overhaul

The mine overhaul has been released! Be sure to make a global ticket to request yours to be upgraded if you've still got an old mine.

nepir's Event Host Application

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  1. Minecraft Username(s): nepir
  2. Your Age: 22
  3. Timezone: gmt+1
  4. Discord Tag: nepir#1182
  5. What brings you to the LF Event Team? What goals do you have, should you be accepted?: My main goal if I get accepted is to create events with the possibility to grow, laying special items or hints in them. If someone notices, they can get special events that can turn into arks for their own group/character.

    Next to this. I also like to invest my time in an event line of a larger scale, Something that can fluctuate with the player base. And keep all factions involved. An antagonist of sorts.
  6. Do you have any prior experience in DMing? (I.e. Minecraft event hosting, D&D DMing, other mediums of DMing roleplay, etc.): I have been ET on a different RP server. [BOF][Mirrasil] And also run D&D for both first-timers and experienced players. I ran D&D 5e, cyberpunk 2020, and Call of Cthulhu 7e.

    As dm, I normally run All of them homebrew worlds and additional content spect to my groups.
  7. Provide an in depth scenario of an event you would hold with a rough audience of 4-8 people. : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1niWVVlYACpK0zyKpTwtuZU4vZpKMB0HkQHqeh0I30RU/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Provide an in depth scenario of an event you would hold with a rough audience of 10+ people.: Create created by me. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i3ClHBmdI2fxWzNEaFjCkz3P2FCNmgBEg0KuGEH9bzM/edit?usp=sharing

    event https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lTtQJqq_1n7DQ0h29z6Xvhgn0NQjyNIv5Zifr-VbPsU/edit?usp=sharing
  9. What is the proper way to cater towards a server narrative?: In my opinion, it is to let the smaller events have splinters of information that point towards the server's main narrative or event line at the time. Hinting at locations or finding a piece of knowledge that softly nudges players to investigate.
    and look towards the bigger picture so to speak.
  10. How does an Event Team member go about creating a meaningful story with a lasting effect?: It's all balance for something to be memorable. it has to bring danger and or struggle. Yet also show there is hope and or a way to beat it.
    It has to be a character that is just so funny people keep talking about it. Crazy uncle shovel. who sells trinkets that seem to always smell of wet dirt and rot.
  11. Is there anything else we should know about you? Any additional information you’d like to add?: I normally make my events in thick lines, a rough path to walk and let players go their way, as I have learned getting people to go a 1-way street normally ends with them running into every wall you have. and that ain't no fun.

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