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Rules Revamp

The rules have been revamped! Please be sure to read over the new rules. Not reading them does not give you immunity.

The Gate Still Stands

The Gate of Talidur stands mighty and tall, unmoved by the new settlers of Anoma.

Mines Overhaul

The mine overhaul has been released! Be sure to make a global ticket to request yours to be upgraded if you've still got an old mine.

Grand opening of The Dragon's Lair Tavern

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The Dragon's Lair Tavern

Grand Opening!


[!] Pamphlets and letters would be distributed all around anoma. This paper would read: "You are all invited for the Grand opening of The Dragon's Lair on Age 10, Noble Dirgosei. Share the word and bring your friends to this lovely evening of celebrations! First round is on me!"

[OOC] The event will take place on Tusday the 10th from 3pm EST to later in the evening.


The Dragon's Lair a tavern owned by Finlay Williams, Member of Pendragon. It is situated slightly north-east of the Achillion chateau. Many homebrewed classics and house special drinks are served by jovial and friendly staff members. A game salon is also available on the second floor of the tavern where poker and darts game are often played.


Tavern’s current menu includes:

Hard Apple Cider             2$ a glass
Wheat Beer                      3$ a pint
Sweet Honey Mead         1$ a glass
Wild Berry Wine                2$ a glass

House’s special:

Red Dragon Whiskey      3$ a shot


Tavern rules:

1-The dragon’s lair tavern is a neutral establishment. Any race and individual is welcome to have a drink if they mean no harm.

2-Drinks and food must be paid before exiting the tavern.

3-If an individual drinks abusively to the point of being sick, he will be escorted out of the tavern. We don’t want to have your vomit on my bar.

4-Trade is accepted as a form of payment but an agreement must be made with the owner or the employee in service.

5-If you have interesting information, we may have a good ear and a free beer for you.

6-If you chug a full pint, the second one is free.

7-Money games such as cards or poker can be played on the second floor as long as the owner or an employee is informed.

8-The owner and employees have the right to kick out any troubling or disrupting individual.




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1 hour ago, CharlesTremblay said:

6-If you chug a full pint, the second one is free.

Xavis agrees with this rule and cheers for cute bartenders "A good tavern's open, good rules too, a place to fuel my alcoholism"

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