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Addressing the Custom Item Problem.

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This problem is seemingly inescapable in the world of MCRP.

Over the past nine years of my life, I have come across dozens of MCRP servers, and so I think it's fair to say I have a

decent bit of experience when it comes to what makes a community work, and... What causes them to collapse.


I want to preface this by saying absolutely no system is perfect. Nothing will make everyone happy, but the community outcry

against the Anarchy System is notable. Whilst it's a good concept, and it takes a lot off the shoulders of the Lore Team... That's

where the problem comes from. The Lore Team is tasked with the oversight and creation of items, and... That's not what a Lore Team

should be focused on. The Lore Team already has more than enough on their plate with the lore that needs to be written, and all the systems to come.


My proposal is relatively simple; install a Custom Items Team.

A CIT, separate from the Lore Team, but in communication with them. For all non-magical, non-technological items

(what players are permitted to do under Anarchy,excluding rarity),  the CIT would be in charge of the creation, and oversight of the items. As a tool for tracking Custom Items, approved inventions, and the like, it would be very easy to set up a page on the forums.


What I don't feel comfortable with addressing, however, is the Professions system, which I have not experienced enough of, however that's something that the Custom Items Team could tackle themselves! It'd be one of their responsibilities as a team, to take in community input, and create a fair, balanced system.


If this sounds like a rough concept that the Team Leaders (and community) think sounds good, I would be happy to delve wholly into this as a project to see what I could personally come up with, in juncture with what I hear from the community. If so, my discord is TheDrakeProject#1507 , if anyone has any comments or input, I welcome it.

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My base ideas:


1, Custom Item Creation: For a custom item to be created, one must make a Custom Item Application. A Custom Item Application would be found under a new segment on the forums for the Custom Items Team. Similar to the old application process, a bit more streamlined. An idea for the template would be:



[Character Name]

[Name of Item]

[Quality of Item]

[Rarity of Item]

[Type of Item]

[Aura of Item]

[Lore Lines]

[Items used in creation RP]

[Screenshots, or text for Creation RP]

[Professions Info, (Rank, Credits, etc)]


Said application would then be sent in, reviewed by a Custom Items Team member, then the item would be distributed. Items would be expected to be within the player's inventory, of which they would be directly removed via /invsee, or a similar command. After such, applications would be moved to an 'Approved' archive on the forums. If for whatever reason the item would be declined (invalid items, against techlock, etc), they would be moved to a declined archive.

2, Item Description Changes: Another change I would advise, would be making "Aura" and "Type" of item interchangeable. If it's a magical spyglass, it doesn't really matter that it's a spyglass, the spyglass would be obvious. The only really necessary part would be the magical part. If it's just mundane, then there's no reason to explicitly state that it's 'mundane', as 'mundane' is almost a null word. Such would streamline the Custom Item making process just a little but more but it would also remove clutter.

3, Inventions: A segment, under Custom Items would be marked "Inventions". This would be where Lore Applications for alchemical, and mechanical inventions would be applied for. Approved inventions would then require a Custom Item Application, and from there it would be made ingame.

4, Enchanted Items: Enchanted Items would be another thing requiring Lore Team approval. Another section on the forums would be dedicated t such, and the same process with Inventions would be used.

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Personally, I feel fine about Lore handling some new things since they know what's in techlock and what isnt. Though, I do agree that anarchy should be removed asap. Right now, I can make 100 guns in one sitting that are all moderate quality. This makes it so anyone can make anything of moderate quality and that's a bit much since it then means that there's no repercussion for just passing things out for free instead of people having to find the right person to make an item for them. Anyone can be a smith, wood worker, gemcutter, tailor, and cooker all at once without having to worry about contacting lore team about anything out of the ordinary. The only things needed from lore are to make new alloys, new inventions, anything fine quality and up, or just alchemical items. Those all needs lore team to watch and since there, honestly, arent many lore team members on at a given time, the system just becomes flawed and it's impossible to get anything done properly


tldr; Because anyone can make anything in any amount, the economy is just f**ked and so is roleplay. There's no longer a need to look for a smith irp since you can just become your own smith(for example). We need a new system, or we need to go back to the old system. Waiting is better than mass production

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It could work although this system is just a symptom of a bigger issue, power balance. And instead of scaling things down they have only been scaled up now that anyone can make anything, along with there being no reason to make anything of adept or cheap quality. I can think of all sorts of nasty inventions and crafts that can be made with relative ease under this system and I would benifit for doing so. Especially when confronted by some of the the beings and wacky nonsense that has been handed out to players.

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I don't like this idea. 


This is what would fix the present problem:

Enforce that all weapons and armor, anything used to end a character's life by force, should be reviewed by staff. Anything not "mundane" and above "moderate" otherwise will also be reviewed per current ruleset. 


Lore team doesn't have time to sit around and approve every user's item and their mother's items. Load needs to be decreased on LT, especially because afaik LT can be selective with what tickets they answer -- meaning one particular person might get 10 tickets answered whereas another gets 3 answered. In addition, every player should have a weekly or monthly limit, maybe bi-monthly limit on how many item creation tickets they can make but the token system covers that well I think. If LT doesn't even presently answer tickets, then clearly the build-up slog of 200 tickets will never be dealt with unless other teams participate. Should other teams involve themselves though? Probably not, that's how shitty items get into circulation. 


Anarchy system is a MUST. The professions system is ok, but it is SLOW on a server like this. And honestly, nobody is going to join an item creation team just to be a ticket monkey answering tens or hundreds of tickets for making items. Ultimately I think the server is so heavily influenced by item grinding and it puts a massive stress on teams that can't complete the demand. Maybe the idea too is to instead move away from grindy shit and reliance on items so realistic that you could describe their atomic structure because clearly teams are overwhelmed with it.


Thing is though, if I have to go back to the old system and I have to wait a month for a moderate pea soup to be approved, I'm going to flip out. It's abhorrent, nobody should be waiting for flavor items. A gun or divine sword sure but never food or tools or a shirt. 

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