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[Lore & Event] Anarchy Item Creation Rules

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Anarchy Item Creation



Items are a huge part of how we roleplay and therefore need to be flexible enough to allow people to live out the fantasies they seek to play. From swords, to axes, to jewelry, and food they provide a vital part of roleplay. In this system people are allowed to make virtually any item they wish to make within reason, the limits to this are magical items, items outside of tech-lock, and alchemy. If an item does not follow the rules of creation it can be considered inadmissible in roleplay by either a Lore Team Member or Moderator.





Command: /edit name <name>

This will set the name of your item. You can make the name of your item whatever you feel, however it must have, in parentheses, the type of item it is. An example would be, “The Shining Light (Longsword)”





Command: /edit quality <quality>

Your item MUST adhere to the quality you select for it. For example a cheap set of plate armor would be similar to pots and pans bound together with rope and twine, hammered together in a rough manner. If an item does not adhere to its quality then it can be considered inadmissible in roleplay.


Failure: Loss, Botch, Bust, Blunder

You have botched the creation so badly that the materials are wasted and you are left with an unusable product. This results in terrible weapons, burnt food, and useless potions and wands.


Cheap: Poor, Inferior, Lacking, Shoddy

A poorly crafted item of rather disgraceful quality. It’s often created as a result of serious mistakes in one’s craft and has a great chance of failing to serve its intended purpose. Barely worthy to be called apprentice work.


Adept: Mediocre, Middling, Unexceptional, Intermediate

Adept craftsmanship is very average and common in the world of Gaia, and is often the work of inexperienced smiths. It’s reliable against lesser creatures, but is almost entirely useless against other people and larger beasts (such as wolves or bears). Items of this quality have a notorious chance of snapping when you least expect it, even if not often. Weapons like these are often produced in masses in times of war or crisis.


Moderate: Reliable, Veracious, Solid, Dependable

A decently made weapon that is fit for a common soldier or militia member. These weapons are fairly reliable, and many average warriors have this quality of weapon. Sturdy, reliable, and more comfortable than cheap attire, it’s a rather capable ally in any fight.





Command: /edit desc


This will open up a book that the description will be placed inside of. There are certain attributes that all items must have, the attributes are listed below. If any item fails to meet this criteria it can be considered inadmissible in roleplay:

  • Weight

- All items have a weight, this weight must be realistic to the item.

  • Size

- Weapons must include their length

- Armor, clothes, and apparel must include the race and height that it is made for, Example: This chestplate is made for a 5’9 Armusian. This must be taken into consideration during roleplay, a 6’6 Summer Elf is not going to fit into armor made for a 4’3 Cave Dwarf; A standard size is fitted for a 5'10 Humanoid.

  • Material
    - The materials used for each component of your item must be cited, you can not create your own alloys. The only alloys allowed are posted on the wiki UNLESS you’ve had an alloy created and verified after the introduction of this system.





Command: /edit approve PLAYER


Every item has to be approved, without approval items can be edited mid roleplay and changed to the user’s heart’s content. If an item is not approved it can be considered inadmissible in roleplay.


But what if?


If you are seeking to create something outside of the bounds of this system such as greater quality, alchemy, technology, or magic; such as creating a Mastercraft item, or inventing a new type of gun,  or tempering your blade with the blood of a demi-celestial you must contact an LT in game via the creation of a ticket. These items are not guaranteed to be overseen or to succeed in the craft. In order to make a ticket in game feel free to do /request create LORE [Message]

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