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Rules Revamp

The rules have been revamped! Please be sure to read over the new rules. Not reading them does not give you immunity.

The Gate Still Stands

The Gate of Talidur stands mighty and tall, unmoved by the new settlers of Anoma.

Mines Overhaul

The mine overhaul has been released! Be sure to make a global ticket to request yours to be upgraded if you've still got an old mine.

Chiefdom of Parsha - Kingdom of Feidh Agreement

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Chiefdom of Parsha - Kingdom of Feidh Agreement


This is to specify and declare the relations present between Parsha and the Kingdom of Feidh. All things listed on this document are entitled to change should another agreement be struck, breaking pacts with durations made amidst this document is a serious crime, and they are not to be nullified by new agreements in any case whatsoever. 


Feidh and Parsha are to support each other in the event of rival settlements or usurpers emerging. (Support for each other's settlements if they are contested, vouching for each other in a show of support in the event the standing of ‘capital’ is contested.)


Feidh will recognise Parsha as the rightful beastfolk settlement within Anoma, and the racial capital.


Parsha will recognise Feidh as the rightful Ue Il’han kingdom within Anoma, and the racial capital.


In the event of usurpers or rivals emerging to disturb the peace with false claims, Feidh will agree to aid Parsha, and Parsha aid Feidh to the extent of defensive military actions.


Feidh and Parsha will maintain trade relations.


Queen Maeryn recognizes Chieftain Draqthul as the rightful ruler of the Chiefdom of Parsha, amongst its elders also.


Chieftain Draqthul and the Parshan elders recognize Queen Maeryn as the rightful Queen of Feidh.


The Chiefdom of Parsha and The Kingdom of Feidh will enter into a non-aggression pact lasting seven years. Mass breaking the laws of one another’s settlements or attacking citizenry or illegally detaining or killing citizens of each is a clause for breaking the pact. Rightful detaining or arresting, or even exiling of citizens is not a clause for breaking the pact, the execution of the other’s citizenry is to be a matter of both nations officials.



(Queen Maeryn of Feidh)


(Sigegifal Trueheart, Heir Presumptive to Feidh)



(Chieftain Draqthul Flamescale) 


(Elder Um’pluk Vibrantfang)


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