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Commandant's Dossier: The Orderman's Articles.

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Sequestus - God of Order Commandant's Dossier [You Are Here]  The Nine Oaths  | The Codex of Achilleon (soon:tm:) |




,, Post Tenebras Veritas "

"After the darkness, truth."

The official motto of the Order.






The following dossier is the accessible knowledge within the Achilleon Archives. It is expected for all members of the Order to read through these various notices, and to prepare accordingly.

This is not common knowledge to anyone but those within the Order itself, specifically the militant branch of it.


The spreading of this information is forbidden, unless it is with members of the Order's militant, information-gathering, and medical personnel. 





Article I - Customs and Courtesies


it will be expected for all members of the Order to maintain a good standard of customs and courtesies with all members within and outside of Achilleon's territories, with heavy emphasis on allies and trade partners. The Orderman's role is to serve the commoner, not the other way around. We live and fight on their behalf, just the same as we purge for the preservation of His Will. It is not healthy for the group if ordermen publicly display ungentlemanly attitudes wherever it is not needed. This includes crude dialogue whenever in areas or times of peace- the field, however, is another thing entirely.


When political or greater talks are happening between any distinct figure (be it emissary, courier, commander, other), they are to be greeted and spoken with by the highest-ranking member of the Order. Only the Knight-Commander may approve of foreign deals, trade relations, and so on, at this point in time. Interruptions of important dialogues for unimportant matters are not tolerated, for such things are terribly queer and childlike. In simplest terms, be tact with your tongue. The greatest leaders know when to speak, and when to be silent.


When necessary, an orderman is expected to be helpful to the needy. Under no circumstance may wounded guests who arrive on the front stoop be turned away. If assistance for escort are requested by any citizens or allies of the Order, then it is expected for the individual orderman to take charge and do so. The abandonment or endangerment of innocent elderly folk, women or children is strictly prohibited. If any are suspected of heresy, then it is in the orderman's best interests to bring them near the chateau, record their place of residence (if there are any at all), and a report on the suspected matters to be made. Orphans are to be brought before the Good Doktor, for physical and mental health evaluation.


Travellers  whom show interest in potentially joining any sect of the Order of Achilleon are to be directed to the Knight Commander.


No Orderman may act as a one-man army for his own selfish interests, and they may not go about performing vagabond-tier tasks and activities during times of peace. Any Orderman caught doing such will be brought before the Knight Commander for their testimony. If found guilty, they may face varying punishments with different extremities. Although common sense applies, it is important to specify to negate any and all possible arguments of ignorance.




Article II - Arms & Equipment

It will be expected for all members of the Order to maintain all of their arms and equipment properly. This includes both issued and personal equipment. While a member of the Order will be expected to don a uniform similar to if not entirely so matching the colors and scheme of Achilleon, weapons (so long as they are non-heretical) of personal interest may be procured. It is up to the individual Disciple, Hospitaller, and Knight to maintain their personal and issued property. No issued arms may be bought or sold off without the commander's explicit permission. Standard arms will be kept clean and ready at all times, with some exceptions being in cases of the field, war, or other. 

Armor is not always expected to be worn, and in these times any one ordermen may wear one of the more relaxed articles of clothing when not in public. In any open environment, however, an orderman must dress nicely and appropriately, if not on duty, and with riveted chain hauberk underneath their garb. During honorary events, such as feasts or tourneys, all ordermen will be expected to wear their armor.


OOC: Example:



This skin is available in the private Achilleon discord.



This skin is available in the private Achilleon discord. All credit to Monch.




Article III - Handling the Demonic & Unholy.

There is little to no chance that any normal mortal in all of Gaia to not once encounter some sort of wicked entity while enduring the trials of Anoma. That being said, the expectations for all ordermen- regardless of status- are fairly high: while in foreign territories, ordermen are expected to gather intelligence and report back to the Knight Commander so that sufficient reports can become documented. This is mandatory for most, if not all, cases of the unholy that are not provocative in the wilds. Because of this, proper equipment can and will be issued to help counter the threats which pose as a great risk to the ideals of civilization. 


What counts as unholy?

Anything negatively affected by platinum, steel, or luminide. Voudr, demonkin, greater demons, and even greater undead. Covrudurth and Grystuss both are inherently quite evil, given their proclamations of desiring corruption, death, destruction, undeath and vast tundras of frozen wastes. No worshipers of anything along these lines may be allowed within the Order's territories, and zealots are to be detained and inquired about 'purification'. Locations of possible influence are to be surveyed in great detail, and then promptly destroyed when there is nothing left to be recovered worth of note. Ordermen caught purposefully hiding objects, books, or even any bit of information will be treated as traitors to both God and Man.


What can you do against the unholy?

The unholy are to be destroyed, either through purification or through fire. If the unholy are alone and in the open, and able to be exterminated, then an orderman's arm may be lethal. If information is able to be gathered, then it is advised for that to occur. Unholy or queer weapons, tools, or various armaments and materials wielded by questionable entities are to be recovered and brought before the Knight Commander. An orderman is entitled to the equipment of the foes he slays, unless incredibly supernatural. Additionally, should any orderman come into the possession of Demi Celestial blood or gore, they may be used in an effort to harm the unholy- similar to silver, platinum, and even luminide in some instances.


Someone is 'decieved'/halfblood/other afflicted (save for demonkin), what should I do?

While no current cures exist, we are actively working towards one. All cases of those seeking purity are to be documented and reported to the Knight Commander immediately, and interviews are to take place with the orderman, the afflicted, and the commander present. Depending on the evaluation of the individual, they may be given the opportunity to repent, and to embark on a path of purity. Sequestus protects is more than just an esoteric chant, and through the Order of Humanity will we likely get to find a means to help them. Afflicted individuals will be expected to live outside of the town's walls, checked in regularly, and follow a rather strict persuit of purity in their actions on all fronts. They may not enter The Order until after their purification is complete, and they have proven themselves to not be spies or agents of some diabolical fiend.


If any individual who has an affliction resists purification, they are not to be spared. We do not tolerate those who do not seek redemption, and we will only quicken their judgement by the divine should they back themselves up into a corner. Patience is important, yet an orderman cannot tolerate the walking over of the Brothers, his people, his brothers or himself (in that order).


Fe banter from others about the Brothers is to be treated akin to a rat sneering at a lion, and action may only be taken if the Grail itself is insulted or threatened.




Article IV - Ranks & Titles 

Throughout the order's confines, there are various ranks and positions in which an individual may possess. These ranks are simple, and easy to follow, for the Order's numbers are insignificant when in comparison to a major force of influence such as the Legions of Gravica or the larger armies in the Armusian principalities.

Should a member of the Order enter the service with an esteemed title, such as Ser or Landgrave, and so on, or achieve such a title during the service, noble titles and privileges shall remain separated from the Order. An swor noble will therefore receive no special treatment and will be held to the same standard and regard as his comrades in arms. Upon reaching the rank of Grail Knight or otherwise specified, part of their noble privileges shall be incorporated in the Order of Achilleon. They may not, however, claim land ownership in vast amounts through their inhereted titles, unless otherwise commanded to do such for the Order. The Order is strictly religious, while maintaining a rather straightforward view on politics: it is not bound to the Empire, it is not bound to any group or individual. While The Order may take up arms against entities which threaten them, and make alliances, in the end all members are all sworn to Sequestus, and will all die for Sequestus should it be necessary.

Orderman may not, unless otherwise granted by the Knight Commander, hold residency in other towns and cities. Conflicts of interest or anything similar will not be tolerated.



Zealotry is not terrible, yet blind ambition and arrogance is quite problematic in the long run. Unless Sequestus Himself says otherwise, no orderman may take up arms for a "holy crusade" or act out of line. The Order and the citizenry come before any personal opinions, relationships, and pride.




 The fresh meat, the new joins. They will be the first to be stabbed, the first to shovel dung and the first to be yelled at the rise of the morning sun. The lesser of the enlisted, who have proven themselves capable men, first swear in with The Nine. They initially will take up a singular burden (the great quests bestowed upon order members), and can stay at this rank for upwards of maybe two years depending on how great the burden is. Disciples are given simple tasks, such as manning gatehouses or doors of entry, and heed the commands of a Hospitaller in the absence of the Knight Commander himself. The minimum age for a disciple's swearing in is fifteen, with combat restrictions until they are sixteen years of age.


Because of their low status, they can sometimes be referred to as 'plebians' by Hospitallers. Primarily in a jesting fashion, of course, though it is a custom which carries over from the Gravican Empire.


During their time of preparation and training, Disciples are encouraged to take up trade jobs and simple professions. This is to help with future things such as forging equipment, learning how to farm or cook, so on. Ordermen in general are expected to be able to function across multiple fields, and to be quite flexible, so that the success of every mission is almost guaranteed.




After having completed their First Burden, Disciples are given the opportunity to either step away from the Order with full honors or remain and swear the Nine yet again. Swearing in for the second time, however, eternally bounds a member to the Order and to the Grail itself. They may only be released from this oath if the Knight Commander authorizes it, or if it comes from the Oracle or Sequestus Himself. With the ascension of rank, however, one's responsibilities increase nearly tenfold. Hospitallars are charged with working for better equipment, armaments, foods and more (the same as the Knight Commander), and are often delegated positions of authority in certain areas which might be controled by The Order. This can be something as simple as a monitor of the gates, the role of a quartermaster, trade consort, and so on. 

Hospitallers may also earn post-nominal suffixes to showcase some of the greater qualities of these ordermen. Although rare, it is not impossible, and they are handed out by either the Knight Commander or a Grail Knight.



Grail Knight.

The highest of honors within the Order of Achilleon, is becoming a Knight of the Grail. Hospitallers must endure numerous trials, and complete the Second Burden, before being the opportunity to try and prove their worth to one of Sequestus's most holy of objects: the Grail of the Order. The Knight Commander's input is minimal here, and the decision is based upon one's spiritual and personal evaluation done by the Lord of Order and His Oracle. Once an official Grail Knight, it is only a matter of time until they take upon a squire, and perform even more duties for those within the Order. The Grail Knights all answer to the Knight Commander, who in turn answers to the Oracle and Sequestus. They are to be fearless leaders in times of strife and diligent trainers and managers in times of peace. 


To address a Grail Knight is to say "Sir <name>", and emphasis on their title is important- for it is a most holy position from Him. If someone had been made a lord by some other monarch, their title is overruled by this, and added towards the end of their name. If approved, that is. 




Future editions of this dossier will be released as necessary, and updated scrolls shall be provided for the Ordermen the moment that articles are finalized.






Edited by Sauce

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 The Paladin.

 Leader of the Order of Achilleon.

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