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Found 2 results

  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s_aooUPkuwQjC3pO2RB4jIduZ6jc3isNb_SdlAXCXR8/edit?usp=sharing (can also be read here, formatting is better) X ó l o t l “Dwell on the beauty that is life. Watch my stars, and see yourself running with them.” Domain: The Night Sky Symbols: “The Oculus”, a pyramid or ziggurat apexed with an open cyclopean eye donned in long feathers of the Quetzalcoatl Xulzraiss, surrounded by four open mathematical compasses Followers: Maksha, Sailors, Cartographers Other Names: The Beacon, The Night Traveler, Gaia’s Lighthouse,
  2. Shipwrecked A Tale of the Beacon of the Sea A fleet came from the jungle isle yonder. So fondly called the Land of Storms, a collection of islands populated by the Maksha Beastfolk due North-West of mainland Anoma, the trade fleet Beacon of the Sea sought to make landfall to investigate the foreign invaders of the Old World. These Maksha had heard myth and legend of exotic otherworldly bald-bodied men and women, dull of ear and sharp both, and quick to the blade over the song of tongue. Unequivocal aliens to the lands of Anoma, the Maksha sought to understand these creatures, th
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