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Found 3 results

  1. [!] New runes in both Common and Yazyk would decorate the noticeboard of Whitehall. [OOC: The text above contains the link.]
  2. "Like the tides of the sea; so too is the ever changing story of the Drachev woven from the waves of what once was." - Drachev Scribe [!] In front of you lies a remarkable leather-bound book. It must be of great significance for it has been clearly been made with great care as no effort was spared. It seemed expensive and in great shape for a tome this old. This tome would be written in Yazyk with the usual quote in Ancient Yazyk. History: The Rise and Fall of The Dwarves [OOC: The link can be found by clicking the orange text. This book can be found in Whitehall.]
  3. The Troll's Head Tavern [Now Open for Business] Located on the banks of a small river near the Drachev Holds, the great Troll's Head Tavern has laid dormant for some time, unwatched, untended, and uncared for. Now, a new soul has taken custody, and has decided to try and bring this old tattered heap back to its former glory. Taking quill to parchment, he begins walking across Anoma, cane in hand, ready to advertise his establishment with pride. The Troll's Head Tavern offers the Following for your RP Experience: Generous Host (Seriously, he won't charge you if y
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