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  1. 1. Minecraft Username(s): Aodex 2. Your Age: 21 3. Discord Tag: Aodex#7016 4. Timezone: MST GMT-7 5. How much free time in hours per week do you believe yourself able to put into Lost Fables?: 10-20h Plus or minus many hours varying on what's going on in my life occupationally at that moment. 6. Do you have experience Roleplaying? If so, list how many weeks/months/years.: 8 years and above. 7. Say you are approached IRPly on the road by bandits. How would you react to this? You may choose to respond from the perspective of
  2. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Ghazklaw Madthraka 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) In the war torn stretches of Rekhara a brutal and cunning Clan under the leadership of a nation state in perpetual warfare was pushed to take part in more merciless tactics under the guise of a greater good by bureaucrats, arguing more savagery will save lives by means of inciting fear and ending wars while demoralizing enemies. Kult Karnage was born from the efforts of the aforementioned nation state
  3. Is this a Settlement or a Free Plot?: Outpost. Temporary settlement for rp purposes. If you said ‘Settlement’, what is the name of your settlement: Dakka Dakka Chiefdom If you said ‘Free Plot’, who is the leader? (If there isn’t a specific leader, I am going to assume it is whoever made the request).: Aodex
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