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  1. Anna Cedar Anna woke up in the morning to silence, something she treasured on the farm and in the tavern. Anna was never much of a city person, the loud, crowded, and often full settlements un-nerved her to some degree. She didn't understand how people could live in such close quarters and be fine with the overly loud noises from the streets. As of late the petite woman had lost all need of motivation, missing the council meets and not tending to her shop at all. Most days had consisted of laying in bed staring at the roof as she memorized every crack and detail in it. And when she could
  2. Lily Hopfoot bounds her way around her house looking for paper and a charcoal pencil to write with. Once she does she writes ''I'm in to peel potatoes! -Lily'' and runs off to stuff it into Stella's mailbox!
  3. Sheep's Tailory Looking for workers or like minded people! Sheep's Tailory has seen an increase of fabric needs and the need for items. So it has been decided that there will be a small fee to use the tailoring space. But there is another option that removes the fee, but you have to answer orders for the shop. Options -5 gold piece fee (every 3 ooc week) -Work in the shop, get paid half for
  4. The Sheep's Tailory Now open for business in Myrefall! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The tailory runs a semi wide variety of clothing to be made, ranging from already finished products, to you requesting a hand made piece. Every item is made with care and dedication, this may mean your order will take longer to make. What does the Tailory offer? -Blankets -Plushies -Dresses -And Male Attire [!] At the bottom of the flyer would be a hand drawn sheep! We Hope To See
  5. ~Anna Cedar~ Age: 25 Gender: Female Race: Gravican Languages: Gravican and Common Relationship: Single Personality: Anna is a sweet and bubbly character, seeing only the best in everyone and everything. She is very kind-hearted and will drop everything to help someone out. Anna is also quite dumb, lies and deception easily fool her. At any moment she will drop what she is doing to help a friend or someone in need. Physical Description: Anna is 4'10'' and weighs a little bit more than 85 pounds with curves that made her look a little heavier. She has ve
  6. Anna waits in enticipatin, fixing up her mums old dress so she may wear it.
  7. Minecraft Username(s): WeebMaster36 Your Age: 15 Timezone: PST Discord Tag: AllMemesKill#5157 Have you read and fully agree to the rules?: Yes Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or Otherwise): Minecraft Define the term 'Metagaming': When you learn about something OOCly and apply it IRPly Define the term 'Powergaming': When you force attacks onto another player to where THEY get harmed, but when you get attacked you disregard it to keep your character safe I.E. Someone does a front attack that would harm your character, but you
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