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  1. Minecraft Username(s): SlorbinYour Age: 18Timezone: CSTDiscord Tag: oilysnake#0258What do you enjoy doing in your freetime?: In my freetime, I play minecraft, like to hike, and love to roleplay. I enjoy writing lore about things I particularly like, writing Owlfolk was an absolute blast.What drove you to apply for the lore team?: Lugh and Func and others convinced me that I should apply, but I wanted to apply beforehand. They just drove me to actually apply. I notice that many people are having issues with items being approved for the new anarchy system, and I would absolutely love to help out
  2. CHARACTER APP [A foreword: Thank you to BlackHand7 from the Lore team for greatly helping with the backstory!] 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) "Happ" 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) Happ is a beast from a time long, long ago. Before the colonials arrived, before the oldest Owlfolk records, a group of mages were experimenting with life itself. This group of scientists were skilled, but still new to their work. They aimed to create a new beast, a new monster. For a long time, the wizards failed- although, they eve
  3. Minecraft Username(s): Slorbin Your Age: 18 Timezone: cst Discord Tag: oilysnake#0258 Have you read and fully agree to the rules?: Yes Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or Otherwise): yes i am a fluent roleplayer 😉 would u like to roleplay miss ref please ref? Define the term 'Metagaming': Metagaming is using knowledge of the in-roleplay universe you acquired out of roleplay, in-roleplay, usually to some sort of advantage. Define the term 'Powergaming': Powergaming is making your character blatantly more powerful than socially
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