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  1. I did the event in which he transformed into a Death Knight. If you need more information, feel free to contact me
  2. Xavis would grow a wide grin as he sees such a letter plastered upon the wall of his Manor. The elf would clap his hands as he paces the floor, simply calling into the air for his friend, Chromna, when he would come to visit again "You know I would never skip out on being in Group One! Sign me up as I'm one of the greater warriors on Anoma and my arm does seem to apply for the supernatural powers"
  3. McName: 9000DragonMeteor - BeenGhosting Roleplay Name: Cilphe Daqra Wildron What Magic Will You Be Teaching?: Carnimancy Please Link Your Accepted MA: Please Provide A Vivid Description Of the Magic: I wrote the magic Please Provide A Short[2-4 Emotes] Teaching Example: "First, I shall show you how to summon forth your thread" Cilphe would explain to the student as the two sit down. He would hand off a needle to the younger man as he instructs "Grasp the eye of the needle like so.." He would then move his right hand over to the eye of his own needle, pin
  4. Minecraft Username(s): 9000DragonMeteor Your Age: 17 Timezone: CST Discord Tag: Meteor Dragon#8579 What do you enjoy doing in your freetime?: Writing, Roleplaying, Playing games, that sort of stuff What drove you to apply for the lore team?: I wrote some stuff and now I wanna do stuff. Yeah How do you work in a group?: I think I work pretty well What experience do you have with writing descriptive creative essays?: I've written lore stuff as well as doing essays for school Examples of said essays or works: https://wiki.lostfables.net/index.php/Ca
  5. McName: RealMeteorDragon - BeenGhosting Roleplay Name: Cilphe Daqra Wildron What Magic Will You Be Learning?: Carnimancy Please Provide A Description Of The Magic And How It Works: I wrote the magic Do You Agree To Follow All Rules and Regulations For This Magic?: Yes How Will Your Character Learn This Magic?: Taught by members of his family aka grandfathered in Which Lore Team Member Vouches For You?: Mystery
  6. Xavis İ̵̢̫̟̙͈͔̱̻͚̝̹͙̜̣̱̤̙̗͓̤̯̂́̑͂̍̾̎͐̀̚͝͠r̶̢̢̡̮̯̞̤̠̜̼͇̘͍͈̤͔̯̝̹̫͇̔͋̑̎͌̓̄͒̾̂͊̎̓̓̓̈́̕l̷̡̡̧̛̝͕͚͈̠̠͎̳̲̰̲̘͕͉̀͆̑̈́̀̾͒̂̏̂́͜͜͝ͅì̵̝̱͂͋̋̊̽͑̐́̎̓̈́́̅̋̇̌͝ở̶̻̪̹̫̙̙͍͍̼̠̟̯͍̘̜͖͋̄̽̍͜͜z̸̯̙̫̕ The Split Mind Art by Tigergiri Knight, Drunkard, Ex-Noble General Information Age: 112 Gender: Male Race: Autumn Elf Languages: Speaker of New Elven, Common, and signer of Sign Language Relationship Status: Unknown Likes: Killing, Fighting, Drinking, Manipulation, Knowledge Dislikes: Anything Boring Physical Description: Xa
  7. You dont need an app for beastfolk
  8. This one is more true than mine- hit Hearts' personality on the spot
  9. 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) P-453 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) Generations ago, the Talidurians thrived upon the Anoman lands as experts in many crafts as well as techniques of magic and science. During their years, many of them came across the creatures known as Phase Beasts, Phase Spiders, and Phase Dogs, most being deadly creatures that searched the lands for food, even when they weren't hungry. So, the Talidurians quickly came up with an idea on how to destroy these phasing creatures. Their idea was called "Pr
  10. Tdubs for receptionist lead?
  11. Personally, I feel fine about Lore handling some new things since they know what's in techlock and what isnt. Though, I do agree that anarchy should be removed asap. Right now, I can make 100 guns in one sitting that are all moderate quality. This makes it so anyone can make anything of moderate quality and that's a bit much since it then means that there's no repercussion for just passing things out for free instead of people having to find the right person to make an item for them. Anyone can be a smith, wood worker, gemcutter, tailor, and cooker all at once without having to worry about con
  12. Cheap is just got basic stuff. We have a quality made for failed items for a reason. You can make cheap and I dont think the professions rn are flawed in the quality area. Each one exists for a reason
  13. I finally figured this thing out. Only, myst why are we still green on the forums?

    1. Korvic


      More something I haven't gotten around to with restructuring the ranks to match on the forums tbh. Been focused on other stuff.

    2. MeteorDragon


      Twas jesting but thank you Korvic. You a great dude- keep up the good work

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