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  1. McName: SwagMasterKanye Roleplay Name: Darius Delokistar What Magic Will You Be Learning?: Enigma Magic - Elementalism Please Provide A Description Of The Magic And How It Works: Through influence of the four pillars, an elementalist user can influence the elements by using spells that he/she has learned throughout his rankings. They control the boundaries of nature and once they get to a certain level they may use lightning. Do You Agree To Follow All Rules and Regulations For This Magic?: Yes How Will Your Character Learn This Mag
  2. If you're point is about the intelligence, I never said they have extra intelligence. They are on the same intelligence as a Human, but just like humans some are smarter than others. No need to stop man I appreciate you letting me know your opinion.
  3. Well you see Beastfolk are just anthropomorphic animals with a Human like mind. If a Apefolk has to be the same intelligence as a Gorilla why do the other Beastfolk get to speak and think like a human? Its not very broken to have immense Gorilla strength and be intelligent.
  4. "The silverback can deadlift 1,800 pounds, up to around 2,000 pounds if the Gorillas works out a bit. Basically Hafþór Björnsson is about half as strong as the Silverback, yes for a human that's pretty impressive but the gorilla is slightly heavier and about twice as strong, and more durable." My mistake turns out he is twice as strong as Thor Bjornsson but to be fair he is the strongest man in the entire world.
  5. Well trained does mean someone that is upon a competitive level. You have to understand how strong the average Silverback is and how strong the average Strongman is. Because we have people that are stronger does not mean that the average grown male in Anoma can deadlift half a ton. (Thats the world record by the way) The average Silverback is about 10x or something times stronger than the strongest men in the world right now. 4x 3x or even 2x, is pretty weak for a Gorilla, I don't think its that strong since hes very slow. It makes sense to me but if you have a problem with that I respect your
  6. Btw buddy you obviously didn't read it. a Well trained male, so thats a bodybuilder basically. Thor Bjornsson aight? A regular Gorilla can do what the strongest men can do.
  7. I think you guys care too much about a fictional ape.
  8. Minecraft Username(s): w0manb33t3r (Its getting changed to womanrespector but mojang rules.) Your Age: 24 Timezone: EST Discord Tag: Swaggy Apee #9885 Have you read and fully agree to the rules?: Yes Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or Otherwise): Yes, for about 7 years. D&D, Minecraft and Discord. Define the term 'Metagaming': Metagaming is when you get information from outside of the Roleplay and use it inside of Roleplay. For example I call someone by their name from their Name tag yet in role play I have not even talked to
  9. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Kazim, The Wanderer of Iron Will 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) Kazim grew up along with his tribe in The Great Jungle of the isles. Kazim lived as a peaceful active boy living through the customs and activities of his people. He was unaware of the world around him, being consumed by his families culture, traditions and the politics between the Apefolk tribes. The first time Kazim ever saw another being was when he ran into a Human poacher when he was about an infant Apefo
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