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  1. 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Ebony 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) Ebony lived in the old world with their adopted sibling under a different name then she lives with now. She was born demonic to her fathers dismay after his wife had gone through a rough encounter with a creature of demonic origin, tainting her womb with corruption. Dying in childbirth, Ebony was born and her father cried uncontrollably not just at the loss of his wife but at the spawn he had helped birth into the world. Despite her halfblood status, her father
  2. Minecraft Username(s): Ebony_UmbraYour Age: 23Timezone: Central Daylight TimeDiscord Tag: Ebony#0117What do you enjoy doing in your freetime?: Videogames, TV shows, Minecraft of course, Roleplay and alot of tabletop games. Things like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, etc.What drove you to apply for the lore team?: The fact that you guys are looking for new members! I've looked into the lore a fair bit on the server and I'm really interested to try and create new lore and create large events for factions to continue the storyline. I've already wrote with Char#5035 abo
  3. Minecraft Username(s): Ebony_UmbraYour Age: 23Timezone: Pacific Time ZoneDiscord Tag: Ebony#0117Have you read and fully agree to the rules?: YesHave you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or Otherwise): Yes.Define the term 'Metagaming': Knowing and ACTING on things that you or your characters otherwise wouldn't to ultimately gain advantages over a given situation. I.E knowing that the next room is full of enemies and buffing ahead of time for the surprise encounter OR warning everyone else ahead of time about it, ruining said surprise.Define the term 'Powergaming': Heavily opt
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