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  1. I don't like this idea. 


    This is what would fix the present problem:

    Enforce that all weapons and armor, anything used to end a character's life by force, should be reviewed by staff. Anything not "mundane" and above "moderate" otherwise will also be reviewed per current ruleset. 


    Lore team doesn't have time to sit around and approve every user's item and their mother's items. Load needs to be decreased on LT, especially because afaik LT can be selective with what tickets they answer -- meaning one particular person might get 10 tickets answered whereas another gets 3 answered. In addition, every player should have a weekly or monthly limit, maybe bi-monthly limit on how many item creation tickets they can make but the token system covers that well I think. If LT doesn't even presently answer tickets, then clearly the build-up slog of 200 tickets will never be dealt with unless other teams participate. Should other teams involve themselves though? Probably not, that's how shitty items get into circulation. 


    Anarchy system is a MUST. The professions system is ok, but it is SLOW on a server like this. And honestly, nobody is going to join an item creation team just to be a ticket monkey answering tens or hundreds of tickets for making items. Ultimately I think the server is so heavily influenced by item grinding and it puts a massive stress on teams that can't complete the demand. Maybe the idea too is to instead move away from grindy shit and reliance on items so realistic that you could describe their atomic structure because clearly teams are overwhelmed with it.


    Thing is though, if I have to go back to the old system and I have to wait a month for a moderate pea soup to be approved, I'm going to flip out. It's abhorrent, nobody should be waiting for flavor items. A gun or divine sword sure but never food or tools or a shirt. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Punkinator919 said:

    After reading it a few times, I actually kind of like it. Only have two complaints.

    One is that the name is ripped straight from an actual real-life deity- though we have already talked about this in discords as well. I do not think any other deity does this on LF- but I am aight with being proven wrong. 

    Second, which could be missed, is the "Jewel of Wind". That seems to fall in the domain of other gods, specifically Elementals. The air Elemental also is stated with not making any artifacts and she is a WILD gal. 

    Otherwise it seems alright, and a neat concept. +1

    Xolotl is a mythological Aztec deity I drew inspiration from since I mainly write Aztec-themed lore as I find it inspiring and fun to work with. Xolotl being the god of death and rebirth, abnormalities and deformities (beastfolk are an abnormal deformity, thusly where I make the connection). For now given Maksha are nomadic Romanian-cultured people, I think Xolotl could be a brief placeholder until TDubz can get back to me on another translation.

    As for the Jewel of Wind, you are right in that it falls into the elemental artifacts area. However, I was thinking instead that this is an artifact provided by the Goddess of Magic, Xulzraiss, as she tasks as Xolotl's companion to protect Lacerta from the impending end times. Thusly, that is why the object has never been used and will never be used, and can not be used until the end times -- the reason why it manipulates wind, is because dragons have wings. The best way to defeat a dragon is to remove their ability to fly, and controlling the air itself is an answer.

    Though, none of that will be written as it isn't knowledge that should be known to anyone! If the artifact conflicts with lore then I'll happily remove or swap it with anything else.


    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s_aooUPkuwQjC3pO2RB4jIduZ6jc3isNb_SdlAXCXR8/edit?usp=sharing (can also be read here, formatting is better)

    X  ó  o  t  l

    “Dwell on the beauty that is life. Watch my stars, and see yourself running with them.”



    Domain: The Night SkyEhXam3REVkLst0bKW7MG-GXMcO3ciy901BIO6UKi3l9fDz7Pzxd8tOFtIyADM6TG7CAAcAnbqj-PM4t7D6W3xHXzubYq-a7kJk9fyNSMO9m56VgXTxdfxqt3o44Rq0mfPh1eJEwk

    Symbols: “The Oculus”, a pyramid or ziggurat apexed with an open cyclopean eye donned in long feathers of the Quetzalcoatl Xulzraiss, surrounded by four open mathematical compasses

    Followers: Maksha, Sailors, Cartographers

    Other Names: The Beacon, The Night Traveler, Gaia’s Lighthouse, The All-Seeing Eye

    Xólotl is the sinister spirit of the night sky who wears the spirally-twisted Jewel of Wind and the ear ornaments of the Quetzalcoatl, his companion the Feathered Serpent, who is otherwise identified as Xulzraiss. He is depicted as a great celestial cyclopean lion of ivory-white light with reversed feet, adorned by his jeweled necklace and feathers imbued with the might of the stars. His eternal presence is identified at night by a lion-shaped constellation of stars, the eye centered by Gaia’s North Star, otherwise known as Gaia’s Lighthouse or The Beacon.



    1 Influence

    1.1 Powers

    1.2 Artifacts


    3 Art


    1 Influence:

    Xólotl maintains direct influence over the Makshan Beastfolk, the celestial starscape surrounding Gaia, and acts as the sole guardian to Lacerta in their passage through the Prime Materia as Xulzraiss takes to the sky. It is said that everything belonging to the night sky belongs to Xólotl, and while this is not entirely true, it is mostly so.


    1.1 Powers:

    Xólotl is widely believed to wield the Fires of Creation, although this is untrue. Xólotl wields the power of the stars themselves, ever-present and watchful of Gaia below, though too distant to make meaningful change. However, Xólotl sees and knows all exposed to the sky, and bears the ability to predict and accurately tell the future. 


    Xólotl also bears the ability to manifest as any known and unknown creature in the universe. He is a master shapeshifter, and can even maintain exact faux embodiments of other Greater Beings themselves. While he can not wield their powers, replication of their physical appearance is mighty enough.


    1.2 Artifacts:

    Xólotl’s two most powerful artifacts are the Jewel of Wind, and his companion’s feathered ear ornaments. 


    Jewel of Wind: A spiral-twisted prism of white light manifested with the might of all the stars in the universe. This jewel is capable of possessing the wind elementals of Gaia, their great gusts rushing across the world to control the natural world’s ecosystems. It is this jewel that may create storms, end them, or drive the winds of trade in favor of Makshan fleets. For these reasons, it is why Maksha believe themselves to be the perfect nomads -- guided by the winds of Xólotl and his stars as the celestial map.


    The Jewel of Wind is worn around the neck of Xólotl as a necklace, though it has never been used. Bound by duty to protect Lacerta, the artifact will only find true purpose amidst the End Times.


    Feathers of the Quetzalcoatl: Eighteen feathers split by nine to the two ears of Xólotl crest his form. These feathers are those of Xulzraiss, the silver dragon of magic and the moon. These feathers grant Xólotl the ability to shapeshift akin to Xulzraiss, and allows him to walk the world not as an ivory lion, but as Man or Woman. Two of the nineteen feathers are possessed by Xólotl’s two Champions.

    The Night Traveler: A jade statue of a skeletal Xólotl carrying a solar disc bearing an image of Lacerta on his back. Called “The Night Traveler”, it succinctly portrays Xólotl’s role in assisting Lacerta through the process of death, gestation, and rebirth. This object’s role is unknown, but is thought to be responsible for resuscitating Lacerta should she die. Should it be used, it is also thought to forever kill Xólotl, sacrificing him in exchange for Lacerta.


    2 History:

    Tasked with protecting the dragon of the sun Lacerta from the dangers of the The Steppes andimage.png.3d5185d522fdb2ed3d09b063d1aba602.pngGrytuss the Black, he guides the Sun throughout its passage upon the planet of Gaia as it travels throughout the Prime Materia.


    Believed to have once accompanied his companion the Quetzalcoatl Xulzraiss through the Prime Materia, day was made present on Gaia and the stars of the night sky were made invisible by Lacerta’s light. 


    Myth and legend tells of Xólotl collecting the bones of the fallen in Mevvet to then create the Maksha during night by aid of Lacerta’s Fires of Creation. Under the light of the full moon and Quetzalcoatl Xulzraiss, he manifested the first Maksha couple as a pair of black bipedal panthers, representing the embodiment of the dark night above and the absence of the stars. This mated pair were thought to be the unnamed first, and are his two Champions and visionaries that supposedly produced the bloodlines of Maksha henceforth. They still live to this day, silent protectors and guides to the Maksha who live amongst their kind as eternal guardians.


    In reality, Xólotl dispatched his Champions unto the world with two of his nineteen feathers, granting them the ability to shapeshift. Here, they sewed into the precursor Maksha that Xólotl was the creator of the Makshan Beastfolk. This was otherwise untrue, but their true creation story is forgotten, and lost to time.


    A depiction of Grytuss the Black.                      


    Terms: Quetzalcoatl (Dragon, or Sky Serpent)


    3 Art:




    A Tale of the Beacon of the Sea


    A fleet came from the jungle isle yonder. So fondly called the Land of Storms, a collection of islands populated by the Maksha Beastfolk due North-West of mainland Anoma, the trade fleet Beacon of the Sea sought to make landfall to investigate the foreign invaders of the Old World. These Maksha had heard myth and legend of exotic otherworldly bald-bodied men and women, dull of ear and sharp both, and quick to the blade over the song of tongue. Unequivocal aliens to the lands of Anoma, the Maksha sought to understand these creatures, their purpose, their goal, and their history. Plus too, perhaps they knew the silver-mouthed dance of bartering.




    Shortly after stocking and setting sail to the Western Seas the frigid waters of mainland Anoma became known, acting as a barrier between the isle and the plains beyond. Swathes of ice barred the ships from the coast, and even worse, a known beast circulated the sea here against the Land of Storms. A monster of the deep, it was a great behemoth who had felled ship after ship, fleet after fleet in these local waters. Many-a-Maksha had been lost to the sea creature, and the Beacon of the Sea was yet another which made its final stretch in battle with the colossus. Beastfolk weaponry was nothing other than toothpicks to such a monster, and in little time did it make easy work of the Makshan vessels and their weak bulwarks. 


    The trade ship 'Firedancer' was one of which remained last. Commanded by the merchant captain and noble Mane of his Pride Therkul, Haskir 'Shadows of Moonlight', he sought to preserve his crew more over than the countless relics and gold-plated artifacts manifest in his ship's hold. Enduring of the cold and the battering beast's onslaught of bloodlust hunger, he crashed and beached his vessel upon the ice stretching the ocean. Here his vessel broke through the frosty shelf and sank, and with it the great reliquary within -- devoured by the sea, and lost to the dark ocean floor below.




    But in light of the fallen, his crew had survived. His First-mate Muja, and crew Kai, Kato, Yavu, R'azirr, Kaktimani and others, had all disembarked on the few rafts that lined the ship's starboard and portside flanks. It was brief time before they landed upon the ice sheet with little to their name, the wreckage and lives of a fleet behind them lost forever. But mainland Anoma was ahead, and into the plains did they go -- lost, but ever-curious, compelled to make their landfall to investigate and understand these creatures of the Old World. Certainly, they hoped, this was not the New.


    They were bitter-cold, but Autumn had just begun. Parsha was where they would head and call home.



    1. Minecraft Username(s): Rylothh
    2. Your Age: 22
    3. Timezone: CST
    4. Discord Tag: Ryloth#6969
    5. Have you read and fully agree to the rules?: Yes
    6. Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or Otherwise): Yes
    7. Define the term 'Metagaming': The useage of knowledge acquired OOC to your benefit IRP, or the assumption of knowing something IRP that you otherwise wouldn't or shouldn't know.
    8. Define the term 'Powergaming': Forcibly acting upon an individual without allowing them the chance to react or respond, or forcibly avoiding an action conducted upon yourself with no regard for realism.
    9. Character Name: Haskir
    10. Character Age: 20
    11. Character Race: Beastfolk Maksha
    12. Tell us about your character. (Appearance, backstory, family relations, etc): Haskir is a black spotted Maksha panther hailing from the Amazonian jungle isles to the North-West of mainland Anoma. Finding his roots in a small oceanside city-state port town, he has lived a life with a great many others of the Beastfolk, though primarily other Maksha that frequent the shipyards there. His familial blood is thick with that of other Panthers, rarely deviating but especially not within his own line.

      Haskir enjoys wealth and knowledge. He is often seen garbed in thin silks or satin clothing gilded in vibrant glimmering gold, a centerpiece and cultural foundation to the city-state from which he originates. Gold is a commonality for the Maksha there, some common folk from mainland Anoma claiming the streets are paved in gold. Particularly as well, Haskir makes use of his time by collecting strange artifacts and materials from across the native world with the eventual goal to open a museum in the distant future as an elder. It is his aspiration!

      Haskir is also deeply religious, carefully wary of the observant stars above. He follows the teachings of his people and reveres the silver-dappled ebon skies of night, thinking the brightest stars the deities of the world and the dimmer swirling overhead those of Maksha souls that have passed throughout the eras of the world. His eyes frequently scan the skies for new glimmering lights, thoughts encumbered by the wonder of who the star now alight might have been on the world here.
    13. Character Traits: Stalwart
    14. Upon landing on Anoma, you find yourself short of food, coin, and housing. There are some signs that indicate there's an established settlement nearby, as well as some ruins off to the side of the road. With the sun setting and an empty stomach, how does your character handle this situation?: The waters behind had left the Maksha merchant ship under his command in ruin. Sunken by a terrible serpent of the sea, he and his brethren rowed the waters by lifeboat to the shores of mainland Anoma, scared but wary. Their valuables had been lost to the tumultuous seas, and all they had was the clothes on their backs.

      Arrival upon the coast came at nightfall. Present Anoma was frosty-cold, racked by torrents of ice and snow. While his fur coat was thick, the cold winds here still bit through to the skin beneath, freezing him to the bone. Lantern light of some nearby settlement blazed in the distance, and with his companions did he begin to make the treacherous trek on through the snow. They were not prepared for cold, their origin place that of the jungle isles North where warmth and humid air reasoned less clothing given the tropical environment. But off they went for the nearest seemingly civilized location. They'd never met the foreigners that have arrived from the Old World here, so a surprise was certainly yawning upon the horizon where they set path to.
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