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  1. [!] Posters have been spread about the city of Myrefall, as well as the crossroads signs, wherever they may be. During these times of crisis and stress, it is good to take the time to come together as the people of Anoma and have thanks for our shared initiative at settling and persevering on these strange lands. None of us would be here t’were it not for our determination and wit. That is why I Emrys Wyllt Humbly invite the citizens of Anoma to Myrefall to join together for a time of revelry and joy, at our Festival of Unity. The Festival of Unity
  2. Ingrediants: Flour (Ask wheat nicely) Egg (Ask chickens nicely) Milk (Fresh) Yeast Sugar Butter Sleepwheat throw all that into a pot then bake, you'll figure it out eventually
  3. 1. Character Name: Donathello 2. Character Backstory: A relatively young Empyrean. Born into service of the order of purification, he was the prime example of a loyal empyrean, his main goal, to oversee the complete purification of blooded. He was a scribe for most his life while he learned about the world and the Order, often interviewing the blooded he worked with, perhaps giving his view of purification a more liberal and humane lens. He grew unsatisfied by the idea that blooded needed to be eradicated, and instead turned his attention to find a way to purify the body of taint.
  4. Minecraft Username(s): ArtemisRecordYour Age: 19Timezone: CSTDiscord Tag: ShadyMixtape#4130What brings you to the LF Event Team? What goals do you have, should you be accepted?: I ultimately want to create an atmosphere that encourages creative and fun roleplay, I also just generally want to help out where I can in order to take stress off the hardworking ETs.Do you have any prior experience in DMing? (I.e. Minecraft event hosting, D&D DMing, other mediums of DMing roleplay, etc.): A little yes, I have experience running a 4 player dnd session that lasted 5 months. Provide an in depth scenario
  5. 1. Character Name: Magne “Magpie” Je’saris 2. Character Backstory: Magne began their life with a very simple problem, they were terribly cursed with being a halfblood, thus they had a demonic visage. Ever since he was young his parents took great care to remove the curse, they filed down his horns and covered the stumps with a hat, made sure to cover his eyes with a blindfold, taught him virtues, and tried to rid his spirit of the evil taint, however nothing they did would work, he was a half-blood. He was hardly allowed to leave the home at all, and never without his parents
  6. MC Name(s): ArtemisRecord Your Age: 19 Timezone: CST Discord: ShadyMixtape#4130 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): Yeah I previously played on LoTC though I’ve been roleplaying in Chat based and Forum based settings for nearly 5 years now. Define Metagaming: Usually it’s when someone uses meta information in Roleplay, things that they definitely should not know, such as another character’s hidden quirks or agendas and or powers, and ect ect. Define Powergaming: Powergaming is a whole ‘nother subject, Powergaming is wh
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