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  1. Settlement name : Risavatn Settlement Cords [Main server] : 2943 44 2394 Your settlement is a Camp/Town/Settlment : Outpost Discord name: ArtemisRecord#4130 Leader of settlement [MCNAME] : Sandman_plays
  2. I've read a lot of what Hoster has written, and I can tell he's passionate. Would be an incredibly valuable addition to lore team. +1
  3. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: Rezae 2. Character Backstory: [Backstory was done through an event] 3. Character's Purpose: To try and live a normal life. 4. Write a small scenario for how your character reacts to one of the following circumstances, and what ensues: As I usually do, I’ll do all of them~ 4a. It is night, and you're leaving a tavern by the docks. A man bumps into you, and you feel his hand at your pocket. Rezae lets out a small eep as she feels
  4. [!] In the city of eternal night, the letter would be received with some raised brows. First, the letter would be sent to the Helminsters. “Dear Oliver Pendragon, I do apologize, my friend, however my schedule would not allow me the time to attend such a festivity, I do wish you and the misses a lovely wedding though. From, Olbrick Helminster” [!] The letter would then reach that of the other families, however they would be tossed out for lack of relation to the man. [!] Finally, it would be placed within the mailbox of the Governor’s tower, and like m
  5. [!] The half-elf stops in his tracks on his morning walk, eyes flickering to the poster that hung upon the notice board. He tilted his head, ears flicking ever so delicately as he pulls the paper down from the board, giving it a cursory glance before a bemused smirk enters his expression. The half-elf then chuckles, pinning the paper back up “Snail racing, you actually took my suggestion dear full-brother.” he mused before going about his way again.
  6. [!] The half elf muses the announcement from the back of the crowd, noting the implications of a government like this. He shrugged a moment after, just happy Oliver didn't just decree himself a king. Afterwards he dispersed onto the path back to his humble shop, his trusty cane carrying him in a contemplative jaunt.
  7. Emrys Wyllt The Scholar of Seasons Scholar, Knight, Frequent Alcoholic General Information Age: 33 (8 Eras) Gender: Male Race: Half-Elf (Armusian Ue Il’ha) Languages: Fluent speaker of Classical Elven and Common Relationship Status: Taken Likes: Learning, Music, The smell of an aged book, Wisteria, Whiskey. Dislikes: Corruption, Melodramatic Villains, Trophy Hunting Voice: Hbomberguy Physical Description: Emrys is a lanky fellow standing at just 6’2” with some muscle definition to his figure.
  8. [!] A certain half-elf muses over the finished construction of Myrefall from his room above the alchemy shop, a slight smirk upon his wisened expression as he fondly remarks the beginnings of the whole place, from nothing but a cave to a nothing but a tavern, then an entire town. A low chuckle comes from Emrys as he closes his morning paper and takes a sip from his tea. A small screech comes from an agitated owl. "Oh hush you-" he shoos Baelfire and shakes his head, going to grab a new piece of paper from which to draft an announcement of his own. “To the lovely Citizens of Myrefall,
  9. 1. Character Name: Garland 2. Character Backstory: The Stalwart. Once a benevolent Armusian knight, Garland found himself the personal knight of the noble family of house Robbin. Vigilant in protecting his family, Garland was by all measures the perfect guardian, and though his blood was different, the family accepted him with open arms. Over time Garland was met with many attempts on his and his family’s lives, however each time the attempts were thwarted by the stalwart knight. One day though, when the duke’s health began to fail, he entrusted Garland with something unheard of, his nobi
  10. [!] With the arrival of a certain group, the fog seems to thin for now, nothing but a faint mist that lays over the town. And thankfully, the falling of ash that seemed to come from the fog has ceased, hopefully for good. ----------------------------- [OOC] Just a small update, fog has thinned, and the ash has stopped folks. Your vision and virtual quarantine can end for now. Have fun :fingerguns:
  11. [!] "It came during the night as we were sailing. I-It stalked us, like it had a mind of its own." - A warning from an old Armusian book Castonshire, the town upon the coast of Anoma, would find itself under something of a weather phenomena. A thick, green fog has rolled in from the sea, covering the once town of prosperity. The town would have it's visibility hampered, especially during the night when the fog is at its thickest. Demonkin and other races with Nightvision would find no footing with the fog, as the cloud seems to be filled with ash, tinting the town in a glow of gray, t
  12. [!] Posters have been spread about the city of Myrefall, as well as the crossroads signs, wherever they may be. During these times of crisis and stress, it is good to take the time to come together as the people of Anoma and have thanks for our shared initiative at settling and persevering on these strange lands. None of us would be here t’were it not for our determination and wit. That is why I Emrys Wyllt Humbly invite the citizens of Anoma to Myrefall to join together for a time of revelry and joy, at our Festival of Unity. The Festival of Unity
  13. 1. Character Name: Donathello 2. Character Backstory: A relatively young Empyrean. Born into service of the order of purification, he was the prime example of a loyal empyrean, his main goal, to oversee the complete purification of blooded. He was a scribe for most his life while he learned about the world and the Order, often interviewing the blooded he worked with, perhaps giving his view of purification a more liberal and humane lens. He grew unsatisfied by the idea that blooded needed to be eradicated, and instead turned his attention to find a way to purify the body of taint.
  14. Minecraft Username(s): ArtemisRecordYour Age: 19Timezone: CSTDiscord Tag: ShadyMixtape#4130What brings you to the LF Event Team? What goals do you have, should you be accepted?: I ultimately want to create an atmosphere that encourages creative and fun roleplay, I also just generally want to help out where I can in order to take stress off the hardworking ETs.Do you have any prior experience in DMing? (I.e. Minecraft event hosting, D&D DMing, other mediums of DMing roleplay, etc.): A little yes, I have experience running a 4 player dnd session that lasted 5 months. Provide an in depth scenario
  15. 1. Character Name: Magne “Magpie” Je’saris 2. Character Backstory: Magne began their life with a very simple problem, they were terribly cursed with being a halfblood, thus they had a demonic visage. Ever since he was young his parents took great care to remove the curse, they filed down his horns and covered the stumps with a hat, made sure to cover his eyes with a blindfold, taught him virtues, and tried to rid his spirit of the evil taint, however nothing they did would work, he was a half-blood. He was hardly allowed to leave the home at all, and never without his parents
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