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  1. Helpful Links: Sequestus - God of Order | Commandant's Dossier [You Are Here] | The Nine Oaths | The Codex of Achilleon (soon:tm:) | ,, Post Tenebras Veritas " "After the darkness, truth." The official motto of the Order. The following dossier is the accessible knowledge within the Achilleon Archives. It is expected for all members of the Order to read through these various notices, and to prepare accordingly. This is not common knowledge to anyone but those within the Order itself, specifically the militant branch of it.
  2. Thematics: I. II. III. IV. V. VI. "You deserve nothing, Wolfgang, each breath you take is a gift of life." The holy voice would state in a deadpan nature, "These trials are inflected by the world, but you must bear them for that is who you are." Known as: “Sir Eadwulf de Lancashire, the Grail Knight” Full name: Wolfgang Eadwulf de Lancashire, formerly hailed as Wolfgang-Johannes Leopold Haus. Nicknames and Aliases: † 'Wolf' † 'Commander’ † 'Knight’ † 'Pious Bastard’ Age: He is twenty five years old. Altho
  3. Minecraft Username(s): unstoppablesauceYour Age: 21Timezone: ESTDiscord Tag: hughbie#1776What do you enjoy doing in your freetime?: Writing, lifting heavy metal things and putting them down, running, blowing things up for the government, reading, eating burritos and drinking beer. What drove you to apply for the lore team?: I want to see what contributions I could possibly make to the server, and to help out with creating things that genuinely make sense.How do you work in a group?: Pretty fantastic, I'm very good with leading individual projects and whatnot as well.What experience do you
  4. Helpful Links: Sequestus - God of Order | Group Subforum | The Nine Oaths of Achilleon [You are Here] | The Codex of Achilleon (soon:tm:) | ,, Post Tenebras Veritas " "After the darkness, truth." The official motto of the Order. Thematic. The Nine Oaths of Achilleon are the oaths first sworn by any new disciple and initiate within the Order. When this occurs, any individual (regardless of social status prior to coming to the Order) is expected to take upon their First Burden. Assigned by th
  5. Sauce

    Jointed Report

    Preamble: I am aware of how the current, outstanding issues are not that of the original, yet I am going to go ahead and address some of the more important points regardless. This response should go over some of the other things which have been said either for or against me. Regarding any concern of “murder hoboing” or general IC aggression: I hold no real bias against anyone in this debate and I would like to state that any and all forms of aggression expressed throughout roleplay have only been fueled from roleplay with the characters involved. I sometimes will
  6. MC Name(s): Papa_Hugh, unstoppablesauce Your Age: 21 Timezone: EST Discord: hughbie#1776 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): Yeup. Define Metagaming: Taking OOC IC and vice versa, using it to an unrealistic extent. Define Powergaming: Timothy is capable of obliterating Jimmy in one turn, dealing 32d3 damage instantly. Have you read and fully agree to the rules?: Yea. What brings you to Lost Fables?: RP, mostly. How did you hear of Lost Fables? If someone, then who?: Wizry. Character Name: Wolfga
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