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    True Elves

    Yes, tis' me, making yet another OOC topic ! I got this idea from Meteor, specifically this: While I was reading this, I thought, "WeLL what if there were other types of 'True Elves'." Like maybe True Winter Elves are stronger under full moons, or True Spring Elves have familiars/acquaintances, like a fox or wolf of some kind. Y'all can build on this, but it was an idea that came to mind, might turn into lore or something. (I'm too much of a coward to write lore, so cheers to those who do)
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    i want shit to draw. i am very bored. throw random words, concepts, or memes at me. i'll see what i can do *rubs hands together* please.
  3. Alright, edited my app, hopefully this is aight! (Once again, thank youu aa)
  4. Ohkie dohkie, I can change this. (Had not stated this up front but both of her wings and tail were removed for the sake of masking herself as a Rehk.) It's in there, but it's really only hinted at I guess, do you want me to change it still? Good to know! (Thank youu blackhand!)
  5. I love heerr, hopefully she gets accepted, good luck. (Also, love the writing! +1)
  6. Pretty based tbh, I like it. (this could be the most wholesome thing ever i fuckin' love it)
  7. This--

    This is a quality name.

  8. “Those who seek utter and complete purity are foolish, chasing an impossible heaven, but those who seek to spread it, were nothing but beasts from the start.” CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Zalxius 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) “Have him thrown out. Or maybe he can be used as dog food.” Fole’kmai said in his ever-demanding tone, his voice echoing through the long hallway, “But--.. S-Sire, this is-- this is your son! Have you--.. Have you no honor? No di--” Fole’kmai look
  9. she'll headbutt your hand
  10. "I know you, I know you! Inside and out, don't I? Don't you remember? You're me! I'm you! I've accepted you, you are my only family, I am your only family, we are one in the same! Aren't we? Aren't we! I believe it so! I do, I do, I do, I believe it so.." Name "Demented" Name meanings She is insane. Literally. Race Ue Il'ha Titles Crazy Bitch Birthday ? Sexuality Find out IC. Marital Status Single. Appearance What you se
  11. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Ka’ge (KA-SHEY) 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) It was a moonless night. But it was not a peaceful one. Ka’ge would wake to see his entire room around him was set afire, the bright flame catching the eyes of those who were even miles away, he didn’t have enough air to scream, and yet he could hear screams not all that far away. “Mother..” He managed to cough out quietly, his heart beated uncontrollably, the simple human looked around in fright, before looking
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    this is very cashmoney, thank you
  13. she'll hug him in her last moments bitch
  14. that was later burned down and destroyed which was very un-based oh he also ended up being adoptive demon dad on accident he had no choice when he took in niesilliac
  15. Heartesy


    can i give her a highfive
  16. Completely missed my point. My problem isn't you commenting itself, it's just there's no reason to. There was no 'Ah yes please critisize my APP when it is not your job, I would love to hear points that are not only not benefiting myself, but really not anybody else, considering the App has yet to be reviewed by someone who can say what is fair and what isn't!' It's simply not needed. Yes! 4x is strong, but as stated he's slow, giving him disadvantages if he were to ever be ambushed, it's not like he can run, plus certain types of weaponry could very much help if anyone were to
  17. Yes, but you aren't one. Take up the problem privately or elsewhere, and humans compared to all races WOULD BE, generally weak. Not to mention, if you're going for SUCH realism, there are plenty of things IN THE REAL WORLD that 'are extremely strong'. And bypass every other race.
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