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  1. Hey Twi, thank you for answering some of my stuff, I've been dead for quite a while so I don't know much about how the state of the server has been. And what of the offspring of Empyreans? It depends on which players you are talking about. There are definitely many good Empyrean players, but much of the others are just passive aggressive and throw fits OOC when they don't get things they want, and then people call them out for it. I'm happy to hear that the races are changing and being more thought out, it's been really interesting and fun to watch how th
  2. Column, simply walking along the roads, peered at the paper, raising a brow, "Huh, people are still doing that? Man. Sucks dude." The woman said before carelessly crumbling the paper and tossing it away, shoving her hands in her pockets and whistling as she moved off, wondering how the writer could be so careless to mention not all blooded spread taint so quickly, if not at all. Though, it didn't surprise her if the writer did this on purpose. She didn't recognize the name, though she recalled what Athalia was. 'Whatever' the woman thought, they weren't particularly wrong. She sighed, won
  3. ≿————- ❈ ————-≾ Name Zalxius Name Meaning(?) None Race Demonkin Titles None. Birthday ? Sexuality Asexual Marital Status Single Appearance A tall man (8’1) with dark crimson skin stood before you, two cynical glowing hazelwood eyes, behind a nice pair of rimless glasses. He held long messy and unkempt black hair, usually tied up into a ponytail, two pairs of large horns jutting from his head. He can be seen with large hooves, and, if not hidden,
  4. myst is the koolaid man

  5. ≿————- ❈ ————-≾ I want to restart this. Redo everything. You want to.. Redo everything? Farther than that. Something.. New. New.. I can do that. I’ll be seeing you then. Unlikely. ≿————- ❈ ————-≾ Name Aitous Sheikin Name Meaning(?) None Race Oe Il’ha (Autumn Elf) Titles None. Birthday ? Sexuality ? Marital Status Single Appearance A wild small girl stood be
  6. YESS good naive empyrean beans! adorable +1
  8. Heartesy

    True Elves

    Yes, tis' me, making yet another OOC topic ! I got this idea from Meteor, specifically this: While I was reading this, I thought, "WeLL what if there were other types of 'True Elves'." Like maybe True Winter Elves are stronger under full moons, or True Spring Elves have familiars/acquaintances, like a fox or wolf of some kind. Y'all can build on this, but it was an idea that came to mind, might turn into lore or something. (I'm too much of a coward to write lore, so cheers to those who do)
  9. Heartesy


    i want shit to draw. i am very bored. throw random words, concepts, or memes at me. i'll see what i can do *rubs hands together* please.
  10. Alright, edited my app, hopefully this is aight! (Once again, thank youu aa)
  11. Ohkie dohkie, I can change this. (Had not stated this up front but both of her wings and tail were removed for the sake of masking herself as a Rehk.) It's in there, but it's really only hinted at I guess, do you want me to change it still? Good to know! (Thank youu blackhand!)
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