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  1. Demons have been beaten and bruised. You havent been around for a while but thats how it is now. As pup said theres very few locations in which demons are now safe. That is because they are over a millennia year old and have more reason to do this than near all the races combined on anoma presently. They are not here to love and cradle gaians they are here to deal with the demons and get their job done. Which they do, despite everyone discredting them completely and belittling them OOCly and ICly. They are literally the beings in lore than are nearly perfected non-deities in ter
  2. Is this a Settlement or a Free Plot?: A capital. If you said ‘Settlement’, what is the name of your settlement: Feidh If you said ‘Free Plot’, who is the leader? (If there isn’t a specific leader, I am going to assume it is whoever made the request).: It needs pasting into build world with a 5x5 plot please.
  3. Minecraft Username(s): _TwiYour Age: 28Timezone: All.Discord Tag: Twi#7018What's your primary focus?: BuilderWhat brings you to the LF build team? What goals do you have, should you be accepted?: Because i do a lot of building already and want to do more, so I'm offering my services to the build team. Short response, I know but that's about it.Mark any of the skills below that you have.: Structure Builds Terraforming Nature Builds WorldEdit VoxelSniper WorldGuardList any relevant skills that may have been missed above.: Can somewhat do Creature builds.Portfolio: Ive built a lot on th
  4. Enclave of Athalia - Kingdom of Feidh Agreement This treaty is written to specify and declare the relations between the Enclave of Athalia and Kingdom of Feidh. All things listed on this document are entitled to change should another agreement be struck, breaking pacts with durations made amidst this document is a serious crime, and they are not to be nullified by new agreements in any case whatsoever. Both sides are expected to maintain decency towards each other, and friendly relations, and uphold a non aggression with each other. The Kingdom of Feidh and Athalia are
  5. Chiefdom of Parsha - Kingdom of Feidh Agreement This is to specify and declare the relations present between Parsha and the Kingdom of Feidh. All things listed on this document are entitled to change should another agreement be struck, breaking pacts with durations made amidst this document is a serious crime, and they are not to be nullified by new agreements in any case whatsoever. Feidh and Parsha are to support each other in the event of rival settlements or usurpers emerging. (Support for each other's settlements if they are contested, vouching for each other in a
  6. you missed adept. which i think is needed. Cause if you start by making cheap, id rather just make the plugin tools
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    You can give her a high five
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    "Odd that one, isolated for so long- sat amidst her thoughts and dealings for near sixty years. Who is she anyway? She has she chosen isolation like such? Alone in the midst of nowhere, in this earthen borrow, sleeping amidst the roots of her guardian trees?" A Fèidhian Ue would comment upon the arrival of a small hut beneath a giant tree- his eyes panning about the scene as he turned to face Maeryn, the leader of the approaching group. "A healer" Maeryn responded with "A good one at that, yet what she cannot heal is her own mind, so she isolates so far away with that of deer and a
  9. Minecraft Username(s): _TwiYour Age: 28Timezone: GMT/GMT+1Discord Tag: Twi#7018What brings you to the LF Event Team? What goals do you have, should you be accepted?: An eagerness to run my creativity for the server as a whole and unleash my storytelling capabilities. Being pent up as a player and looking at the ET from the outside has provided me with a list of things I'd like to do/achieve; Literally a careful person, prefer to get clarification before going gung-ho with things. Fully trained in nearly all of your plugins. I’m literally fully efficient in world edit too, which I u
  10. _Twi

    Jointed Report

    This report wasn't 'made' by everyone listed. The names listed on the front page are players involved, not credits for co-writing. As I stated; Please refrain from bringing up points about me that are not relating to the original issues in the topic if they are apart of an 'ongoing issue' being looked in to on a separate report. As I said. I didn't contribute anything to this. Thank you.
  11. _Twi

    Jointed Report

    I'd like to point out I didn't aid in the making of the report and I didn't contribute to its writing. Respectfully, I'd prefer to stay out of any possible drama. Thank you.
  12. Rubs hands and makes Luna noises.
  13. 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Galwynn 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) The corruption of a child in the womb is no joke, a serious crime some would say. Something inflicted by the scum of the world, a demonic being that cares little for life, so much so that they'd steal such an innocent soul of their life, so young, so pure- no longer. Galwynn was born to two spring elf parents, Alfwine The Wise and Aeflwulf The Carpenter, notable Ue Il’ha figures in their communities- at least until they gave birth to a pale child, so m
  14. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Kakarauri 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) Contact me over discord. 3. Character's Purpose: (This is what your character seeks to achieve!) To fool and trick those who would succumb to her rather hateful, deceitful little mind. The autumn elf is fairly treacherous with her words and will seek to trick those who hold standing and racial superiority. She will tell them what they want to hear, yet only what she wants to tell them. 4. Write a small scenario for
  15. "Tales of old forgotten and soled, plaguing the young- yet bold." Jotunn Prophecies, blessings or a curse. Jotuun blood children may find themselves succumbing to what is believed a blessing from Anomalous, though those educated know it may be something darker tugging on their innocence, something wanting to pry upon the world through their innocent eyes- accidentally passing it from child to child, through means of seeking untainted opinions to sow the seeds of chaos within their mind as they age- leading forth to issues such as madness. These prophecies come in flashes, or the
  16. 1. Character Name: Eliana, or simply El' 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) Created by the celestial conclave long ago, Eliana was of many who were to clash against the demon waves spewed by the world serpent all that time ago, in the great fight against the demon waves and the survival of the gaians- Eliana would earn her name, her long-forgotten title. Brother and sister- empyrean after empyrean fell as demons clashed with the waves of the demi celestials- Eliana among some of the first to clash. Light after light flashed out, demon after demon
  17. 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Vurgalza (V-your-gal-za) 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) A pest of the old word, descending from an unfortunate winter elf who came to copulate with a demon. Vurgalza was no easy birth, a crown of horn rest atop her head from the moment she was born, absolutely wounding what had given birth to her. It didn't take long to know it was a she, this.. kin was fairly disgusting to gaze upon. It boasted hooves and hideous wings, its skin was a light red. Its said that these demons don't last long, and such
  18. White-Rock Enter White-Rock into Anoma, a natural golem imbued with sentience amidst a mass of limestone resting as a protrusion in the wilds. The mass of limestone seemed to crack, part as.. a form emerged from its side, a core pulsing with energy seemingly encased by the white mass of stone standing at nine feet tall. The shaping of this golem was.. at first quite peculiar to take on the least, taking on the form of an animal - a large white deer-humanoid hybrid that seemed to hunch over to stumble and creep about. It was not until this white mass first witnessed a demi-celestial, an empy
  19. Glaciate Glaciate OverviewGlaciate is a mineral mass that forms from thawed out caves that were formerly home to glaciers and large bodies of ice. The mineral is said to hold a density similar to steel, and often can be shaped into blades and various sharp-edged weaponry. Due to it not being flexible, and having to have Glaciate shaped rather than forged by means of grinding it *cannot* be turned into armour. Rarity: Uncommon History/Backstory.First discovered when an expedition team into the tundra entered a cave that appeared to have recently given way to a large mass of ice. When
  20. MC Name(s): StopBullyingLiz, LadyOfAsh Your Age: 20+ Timezone: utc+1 Discord: Twi#7018 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): yes. yes to all. Define Metagaming: Gaining ooc knowledge and using it in roleplay as a basic explanation. A more detailed scenario would be using the ooc information given to you that your friend is being attacked and you gather some friends and head over to rescue them without knowing icly. Define Powergaming: Forcing your actions upon another individual with no time to react, i.e saying you outrig
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