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  1. ~= Thumbrin Saga =~ ((This is not common knowledge, Only Thumbrin and his ancestors know this and they are all dead including Thumbrin /except for the two dwarves that escaped if they survived/. Thurist only heard tales of Thumbrin's Saga up to "The Star in the Starless night".)) Hope rekindled Gorgi patrolling the camp borders There stood Thorbrin gazing upon his newborn child, The Tundra winds howled and whispered the name “Thumbrin” to the dwarven father and so he lifted his child roaring his name. “Born frum steel, Forged en Snow! Thu
  2. Character Lore Thurist of the Fallen Frost tribe Clan ((This is not common knowledge and the only people that know this are Thurist and those he tells.)) Greed Dorthumm gambling with the other elders A long time ago there was a Karmeny clan elder that gambled among other Drachev clan elders. His name was Dorthumm from the Iceborne clan of the snowing mountains. The mountains were long and spread far across the lands but were naturally cold unlike The Tundra. Dorthumm the foolish elder was a famous gambler among the dwarven elders, in this one sittin
  3. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Alexandros 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) Some may say it was a clash between light and dark, good and bad, which was which? The answers are different depending on who you ask, but to the army of the celestials there was only the Order.. Drakofrys on the field of war, lands painted in the blood of two different races, among these juggernauts were empyrean foot soldiers dispatched to each Drakofrys to command. Alexandros is one of these Drakofrys and th
  4. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: bEWm mEtALfINGerS 2. Character Backstory: The rat, cast out to nothing but the slums, the lowest of the sewers. Pushed away from society, into the harshest conditions where any rat will find themselves lost as if time meant nothing. Mercy the rat begged, "Forgive-Mercy please for Bewm". His once glorious fur reduced to patches on his rough skin, "Pain-Hunger consume-Eats Bewm, Food must-have" He said after starving for too long. Bones break and blood drips, the rat ate his own fingers. The rat was lost to the insanity, close to eating himself du
  5. 1. Character Name: Grogg 2. Character Backstory: The mountains stand tall and silent, forest spread across the lower surface. Life comes and goes on the mountain, but the land itself remains the same. Settlers, travelers, bandits and merchants pass by, live and die but the mountain stays the same. The forest dies and grows again while the mountain still stands tall touching the sky. There was no difference, no great changes to the mountain over the years until Gaia’s drums rumbled. The land fills with Gaia’s roar, energy coursing charging through. The mountain and forest shak
  6. MC Name(s): XxEnderking Age: 20 Timezone: UTC+4 GMT+4 Discord: ChumChum#8528 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): Yes Define Metagaming: Your character benefiting in roleplay from ooc information that you would not know in roleplay. Define Powergaming: Breaking lore, preforming an action without consequence and without giving anyone a chance. Have you read and fully agree to the rules?: Yes What brings you to Lost Fables?: I woke up here. How did you hear of Lost Fables? If someone, then who?: Here fr
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