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  1. And so down from the throne came High King Freysteinn Forlavovich, his face marred with a grim scowl. In one hand clasped an axe, blazen with runes of fire that caused the horses to neigh in fear as they came alight. In the other clutched tight was that most hallowed Book. “Come then, Princelings! If you wish to play at being kings, you shall pay for your father’s crimes!” - The Age of the Dwarves, Chapter 14. ‘The Iron Crusade’ The Book of Grudges Ingrained within Drachev society is a sense of pride in one’s ancestry rivaled by few others. This is not alien to the world of men, in f
  2. MC Name(s): Fostrel Your Age: 19 Timezone: GMT-5 Discord: Fostrel#3750 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): Lotc, Gmod, D&D Define Metagaming: Metagaming is when you learn somthing oocly and use that knowledge with your rp character even when they logically would not know said information. Define Powergaming: Powergaming is when you roleplay aspects or abilities on a character that should not be able to do those things. i.e. using a magic you have not learned or pulling impossible feats of physical prowess Have
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