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  1. 1. Character Name: Kahka Wishmaster 2. Character Backstory: Kahka was born and raised in the Warren of Wishmaster underneath a ruin of an old fort which was inhabited by an old race forgotten to time, he spent his early days of childhood being bossed around and tinkering with alchemical works for the glory of himself, making his workings tinkering poisons for the local fighters and hunters that scurry underground, later in his life he grew impassioned and decided to move and wander the wastes of the lands, eventually making it onto a boat as a stowaway and travelled to and from the Old Worl
  2. Alexander would hear of the conflict first a day after as he was asleep on one of the tavern tables for the duration. "A dead pirate is a good pirate, but his death is still a waste of blood and bone." The Armusian would state before returning to plan the building of his own project in the city.
  3. MC Name(s): Jondead and Cervitaurs Your Age: 16 Timezone: UTC+1 Denmark Discord: Jondead#0753 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): Indeed I have. Define Metagaming: Using information from an out of character sauce, like in a call or discord for example. Define Powergaming: Doing inhuman feats of power that make you unbeatable Have you read and fully agree to the rules?: Aye aye capt'in What brings you to Lost Fables?: Boredom, and friends. How did you hear of Lost Fables? If someone, then who?: I hear
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