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  1. Evain Chieftain of Aq'sarniit would read the document which bestowed itself to his personal Aviary. With a grunt he would draft his own letter before sending his own personal snow owl to fly towards the Whitehall aviary in delivering the message. It reads. "I Evain, Chieftain of Aq'sarniit, protector of the Tundra and inhabitants reply to you Grom. During the heat of the battle a series of my tribesmen where injured and then injected with potions to ease to pain making them delirious, as you might imagine from someone with near-fatal wounds. As I did assess the situation when the
  2. Claimed by LT, please feel free to message me / expect a message from me to go over the lore before being submitted to the lore team in whole. My discord is: Severus__Snape#0001
  3. Settlement name : Aq'sarniit Settlement Cords [Main server] : 2579 72 2903 Your settlement is a Camp/Town/Settlment : Nation. Discord name: Severus__Snape#0001 Leader of settlement [MCNAME] : Evain, Lvain. Played by Severus__Snape and Samsan99
  4. Accepted! Hopefully you enjoy your time on the server playing this character and many various cooking adventures.
  5. Claimed, I'll be messaging you and work to get this lore up.
  6. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Frosty 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) A natural snow golem, frosty was formed on a ley-line crossing the Tundra by travelling Ie Il’ha children deciding to craft a snowman, surviving many moons through glacial winds the snowman would wait and rest until a moment that seemed Gaia would gift, a burst of magical energy from the ley-line grounded itself upon Frost. Just under an age would be passed until the snow around Frosty would simmer down into itself - a
  7. Frozen Vein Rarity: Rare. Type of Plant: Flash Frozen Rose. Primary Use: Alchemy Solutions. Region: Tundra. Features: The Frozen Vein flower is a rarity in the Tundra biome, not only does it have to sprout in one of the harshest environments it also requires sustenance for it to bloom. The flower cannot be differentiated from other tundra plants until it reaches the bloom stage, where it sprouts a vibrant blue rose. This is called the vein flower and holds no alchemic solutions, only when flash frozen through a blizzard or blizzard like environments to cause an instantaneous freez
  8. MC Name(s): Jenny_Bobbs Your Age: N/A Timezone: GMT+10 Discord: jenny_bobbs#0001 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): Yes. Define Metagaming: The use of outside information your character wouldn't know/understand and use that information within the game. Eg- Knowing that someone has magic in OOC but not IC. Define Powergaming: Overpowering your character where no other individual can participate/fight back in a fair play without any roleplay backing, eg- I am unstoppable your sword cannot cut me down, I dodge everything
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