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  1. Seems pretty alright at this point, but I think that third ability is now worse than it was before. Why would a person meant to fight demons on crazed, blood-slick battlefields be given such an ability?
  2. With those changes, this is an acceptable app. Accepted
  3. Seems good to me after those changes! Giving you a little leeway on grammar and syntax because you're all foreign and whatnot. After a discussion with Ender, His Breath Weapon is permanently disabled. Accepted
  4. After consideration of your update, I'm going to deny this application. Your backstory indicates that your character feels remorse for his previous actions in the war, something brightscales are not largely capable of. Later, in your RP example, despite this remorse you note, he breaks the arm of a thief needlessly, and then toss him a coin, like some sort of psychopath. Further, you note that the thief offers a bemused smile at receiving the piece of gold... after his arm has been snapped. I do not think that this app demonstrates the necessary RP capabilities to properly play a brightscale.
  5. This app looks pretty decent, but just keep the summoning the weapon ability. The heat ability makes it impossible for melee characters to come within range of you, so that's a no go, and the healing ability is too strong by a country mile. This is up for negotiation, if you'd like. Pending
  6. "Gautrucs (Or mostly called Panda-kin). Is a race who lives in a gorgeous land far from Anoma." Beastfolk are native to Anoma, this needs a changin' "The main goal of the Gautrucs was to dominate their continent, thus to eliminate any other race that was not like them (Humans, other beast-folk and such)." Beastfolk, being from anoma, are a new race, and thus have not encountered hoomans before. Only other thing I'd say are that you can only have a 10 block speed with the other racial boons you've got and it looks pretty okay, as long as the tattoos are cosmetic rath
  7. I want you to give this a read-through for grammar and syntax, and also, they are called drakofrys, not drakofry. Plural or singular, it is the same word, so do me a favor and change that in the multiple instances it shows up. Finally, remove the meme from the first paragraph. Perhaps between Alpha and Omega rather than Chad and Beta. Till these changes are made, this app is Pending
  8. This app needs some serious work. Grammar, spelling and syntax need to be fixed up. Your roleplay example needs to be fleshed out, and your backstory is rather anemic. Beyond that, it also seems to have a serious hole in it. Notably, if Eliana was on Anoma, how did she meet your character and convince him to come to anoma? For now this app is Pending
  9. Okily dokily artichokily. Looks good enough to me. Have fun in anoma! Approved
  10. Alright, after doin' some changes, this app is lookin' okay, with one more change. If they roll a straight 20 on the focused chaos roll, the enemy is stunned for the following round. Approved
  11. Heyyah Thomason! This one passes muster! Accepted I'll put a link in the giantblooded page to this at some point!
  12. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ABNd9TdiwNZdtUNZKqMF4V7HHXlCNmTvjqVqgBhtyvk/edit The changes in the above app have made this one acceptable. And thus, it is Accepted
  13. Heyyah, sorry to say, but this app is denied. PM me on discord for more info.
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