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  1. [!] Oliver would read the letter before sighing deeply, he rests in his bed, his shoulder pieced painstakingly back together and begins to ponder himself over the situation, most of which he had unfortunately been facing the ground towards, due to the beasts relentless attacks. "This Is Why I simply give out the rewards and spoils, I care little for possessions of such especially when it comes to damned eyes" He chuckles to himself momentarily before humming "I do hope the Dwarves and elves fix their relations soon... far bigger threats loom over Anoma, And that battle.... by Lacerta it wil
  2. [!] Ser Oliver would read over the notes sighing lightly "Weird, I can't imagine anyone wanting to hurt this tree, or its residents, I wonder what's got the dwarves so worked up" The man would state simply to no one in particular, as he replaces the letter against the notice board, pinning it carefully before meandering off to continue his day
  3. [!] As the air around the Bastion of Myrefall is filled with the wails of Lady Katherine, as she successfully brings life into the world of Anoma, its almost as if a new sense of purpose fills those of the city, each person tense and eager to hear off the results of the heir. After a few painful moments of seemingly unbreakable silence, the louds screeches of a newly born child would fill the ears of the citizens, although ear rupturing in pitch it still was a appreciated noise. Suddenly the doors of the Balcony shoot open and the loud booming voice of the beloved Crier of Myrefall echo thr
  4. [!] Ser Oliver would nod as he reads slowly sighing, he begrudgingly takes a hold of his quill and ink, looking out of his window momentarily watching over the golden torches that illuminate the night sky of Myrefall, He looks back to his bed wishing he had just stayed there, as he is filled with an intense feeling that the world of Anoma was about to change forever, an uneasy feeling for sure. “To Pontiff Petyr, I thank you for your message, and humbly accept your invite, I will set off in the morn to meet you at the Castle, I hope you can meet me here, I am rather interested in what you hav
  5. [!] Ser Oliver would read upon the letter of his former right hand man "Hmm, Well Nyx told me to aid the man to repay my debt, I suppose it time the armies of Pendragon make a final march upon the crow" [!] He would then put out a missive to the men of Myrefall, and will await his next meeting with Dursow, to tell him of his intent to aid.
  6. [!] The Bustling city of Myrefall would be filled with joy and Excitement as the town's gossip all focus towards one new thread of information, the official announcement of Ser Oliver and Lady Katherine's wedding would generate an extensive buzz for the town. The lovable town Crier would stand upon the Bastion's balcony to once again exclaim the news to those around. "Come one come all! to the Wedding of Myrefall! Happening in once saints week, all are welcome to attend," {!} Hand written Notes on beautiful gilded parchment would be delivered to the known major Settlements, how
  7. Ser Oliver Pendragon Leader Of The House Pendragon Artist: Unknown Sketch of Ser Oliver After the Siege of Myrefall General Information: Age: 25. Gender: Male. Race: Gravican. Languages: Gravican, Common. Relationship Status: Engaged to Lady Katherine. Likes and Interests: Aspiration, Anoma, His house and people. Dislikes: Genocide, world threatening events. General Description: Standing at 6,2” and around 185 pounds the man is not easily threatened, his brown locks now starting to darken as his age begins to show, usually found wearing his Armor f
  8. [!] As the first few days of being open draw to a close, a loud horn would be heard from the Balcony of the Bastion, a colourful suited man would call out to those going about their days. "Good eve, people of Myrefall! it is with great pleasure Ser Oliver Pendragon has gifted me permission to announce that we are officially opening The Grand council for positions! we are looking for dedicated individuals, should you wish to apply do seek out and speak with his Fiancé Lady Katherine as she is the head of the council!." [!] The colourful speaker would then continue to read his scroll, listing
  9. [!] As the sound of hammers and tools draws to a close it would be replaced with a deep dragging of chains, appears the building work of Myrefall has come to completion, the large portcullises are drawn up inviting one and all within the safe walls of The House Pendragon, the new shops and courts offer all type of interesting conversation perhaps your story might be made here?. Posters would be found around the lands of Anoma, telling all of the new exciting times coming to Myrefall! "Calling all Craftsmen your skills are wanted! we are here to offer you gold for your services Check in with S
  10. Build Implementation Settlement name : Pendragon Settlement Cords [Main server] :x2708 z1579 Your settlement is a Camp/Town/Settlment : Town Discord name: SimonDemorteby#4951 Leader of settlement [MCNAME] : Sandman_plays
  11. Build Implementation Settlement name : 50x50 Outpost Settlement Cords [Main server] : X2954 y44 z2395 Your settlement is a Camp/Town/Settlement : Settlement/Outpost Discord name: SimonDemorteby#4951 Leader of settlement [MCNAME] : Sandman_Plays
  12. Sandman

    Jointed Report

    hello, so my post here is going to be rather lengthy as i address ALL concerns revolving around me my rp and CRP, I'd like to start however with the statement that all of my opinions and views on this topic are my own, i will not be addressing the concerns that have nothing to do with me as I don't believe i have all the facts in place to cast a judgement. so addressing the issue around Founder_Yuna, to clarify i in no way was trying to discredit her for having a mental health issue, as its one i share all the same. days come where i cant even leave my room due to just genuinely being anx
  13. MC Name(s): Sandman_plays Your Age: 19 Timezone: British Summer Time Discord: Simon Demorteby Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): only a little but im desperate to learn more and play an exciting story. Define Metagaming: This is when you use out of RP information to benefit your playing inside the RP a few examples of this are I can see her name tag but she hasn't told me her name "calls he by her name" I know she has a diamond in her inventory but she never told me I will steal it I saw some one die in chat as a guard I
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